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Chiron Retrograde in Aries/Pisces: Pulling Our Heads Out of the Radioactive Sand...or Bust!

 The back of my zine, The Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Collapse of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem, compiled for the six-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2017 and unfortunately still just as relevant today...

Wounded healer Chiron turned retrograde yesterday and will now backtrack after planting a flag on new ground in Aries. 

Chiron stationed retrograde in early Aries (2 degrees), a very potent birth point in the astrological zodiac. A fresh new chapter is upon us, but first we must revisit some old ghosts to officially release them from our orbit.

The transit of Chiron through Aries (2018 - 2027) indicates a period of time when we must fight - and fight hard - to break ourselves out of old, wounding dynamics and illusions. This will require some specialized skills over the next year or so as we carve our way out of the potent backwash of the astrological Piscean era once and for all. 

Chiron in Aries, this fiery symbol of healing, indicates that we are willing to put up this fight because there is really just no tolerable alternative. People are willing to take new routes, to try new things, and to stand up for themselves and for life on this planet in more vigilant and active ways. 

Our healing path officially adopts a "take no prisoners" energy as we step out of the orchestrated downward spirals.  We aren't going down with this ship. We aren't going down the Piscean-era drain. And Chiron planting its flag in early Aries since April 17, 2018 indicates that we've set our course. 

Chiron will be retrograde in Aries until entering late Pisces again on Sept. 16, 2018. It will remain in late Pisces until February 17, 2019 when it re-enters Aries. The Chiron direct station occurs at 27 degrees Pisces on December 8, 2018.

This indicates the potential for layer-upon-layer of healing and resolution, healing and resolution that have been generations in the making. We can release many wounding dynamics and many karmic loops over the next months, but it will require the skill, the heart, and the steely resolve of the warrior (Aries). 

The transition from the astrological Piscean era to the astrological Aquarian era has not been an easy one. Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and the end of the astrological Piscean era has coincided with the intentional collapse of the Pacific Ocean ecosystem via covert nuclear warfare against all life on this planet - the orchestrated (and ongoing) nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, radioactively contaminating Japan, North America, and the rest of the globe.


Diver-turned-citizen-journalist Dana Durnford is currently on a follow-up voyage along the coast of British Columbia, Canada, to document the state of the sea life, post-Fukushima. This is work that, of course, our government, establishment scientists, and mainstream media would be doing if these groups were in any way legitimate. But they aren't. And so Dana is forced to nickel and dime it and put himself at risk to document this ongoing collapse for the public.

Dana's initial voyages in 2013/14 uncovered thousands of missing species in tide pools along the B.C. coast. His sobering photographic evidence can be seen at his website: The Nuclear Proctologist

You can also see some of his photographs in this recent YouTube video, beginning at 21:32.

New, independent radioactivity data has also been publicized by Fukushima activist Kevin Blanch from a woman and mother named Rachel who was living in Japan at the time that the nuclear disaster began. Again, she collected this data on her own and at her own expense - work that the government, establishment scientists, and mainstream media should have been doing if they had any legitimacy at all.

You can see Rachel's wonderful reporting in multiple videos on Kevin Blanch's YouTube channel, including:

Fukushima news; Historic never seen before Radiation data, June 6 2018

Fukushima news; Fukushima cover up exposed, Kevin D. Blanch Ph.D. The Great Pacific Genocide

I can't verify his complete legitimacy (especially after mentioning his personal connection to Illuminati puppet Lady Gaga), but Kevin definitely has some goods. A post-Fukushima cancer survivor, he has been reporting for months on the fact that the numbers of Chinook salmon are at 5 - 20% of the 10-year mean in the Columbia and Copper Rivers this year. This is yet more evidence of what we already know - the Pacific Ocean, becoming more radioactively contaminated every day from Fukushima, is experiencing an ecosystem collapse. Thousands of species of plant and animal life are being affected, and this echoes all the way up the food chain to starving polar bears in the Arctic and sick human beings around the globe.

I did an article on the astrology of the seven-year anniversary of Fukushima in March 2018. The astrology featured a Mars in Sagittarius square to Chiron in Pisces at 28 degrees of the signs. The article reported on the fact that mainstream media and establishment scientists are using "climate change" as a cover for effects that are actually being caused by Fukushima fallout:

From March 1, 2018: Mars Square Chiron Marks the Seventh Anniversary of the (Ongoing) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

The astrology of that seven-year anniversary indicated quite clearly (and devastatingly) the intense difficulty we have in getting to the truth and in getting that truth circulating amidst a mainstream media blackout, along with paid online trolls,  gatekeepers, and controlled opposition agents.

From December 31, 2013: New Moon in Capricorn: Fukushima, Gatekeepers, and the Big Responsibility of Thinking For Yourself

I've come into contact with many of these paid trolls in my own reporting and activism on Fukushima, and I've seen the public figures shilling their watered-down commentary all over the mainstream media and internet.

But it doesn't stop there!

We have a whole raft of people promoting themselves as serious critics of the current global fascist regime but who are actually paid agents of that regime. 

These people, often with huge public platforms and many starry-eyed followers, are controlling the information that gets out to the public, ensuring that people do not use their own minds and research skills and that they do not get to the real roots or real truth of the situations facing us on Planet Earth. 

These paid gatekeepers and controlled opposition agents use mind control techniques, mesmerizing people into handing over their own brains, their own will, and their own creative power while falsely believing that these phonies "have it covered" and are "on the case."

They do not, and they are not. End the acolyte-ism!

Many of these gatekeepers and controlled opposition agents subscribe to the sick and perverted occult belief system of the global elite, which includes New Age ideology as a primary mechanism of spiritual and mind control

Penetrating, deconstructing, and nullifying this ideology in all its insidious forms is certainly required as we open a new healing chapter with Chiron transiting Aries.

One primary trick is for people who are part of the New Age machine to promote themselves as New Age critics, as "renegades" or "rebels" who broke from the herd. From their (often mind-boggling large) public platforms, they proceed to make watered-down and ineffectual "critiques" of this machine while still firmly within its folds, reaping the rewards that membership provides.

I've been parasitized and ripped off by many of these New Age tools since the beginning of my astrological career (including most recently by this fool). These people aren't original. They don't have anything of real importance to say. They never get down to the true roots or reality of the matter. They're schlepping old, stale, mind control techniques wrapped up in a trendy new bow, and you know what? It all stinks to high heaven. 

"There is hardly any mental misery worse than that of having our own serious phrases, our own rooted beliefs, caricatured by a charlatan or a hireling."

- George Eliot/Mary Anne Evans

As Chiron stations retrograde, communication planet Mercury is in Leo (fame, celebrity) in a square aspect to Jupiter (truth) in Scorpio (exposing illegitimate power).

Cutting ourselves loose from these highly-popular and often-intelligent masters of deception is a strong theme of this Chiron retrograde, as Chiron retrogrades back into late Pisces, the most illusory and potentially deceptive of all signs.

Cosmic Spotlight planet Jupiter is stationing direct on Lucky 13 degrees Scorpio at this time (July 10), and its concentrated energy and themes (within the square to Mercury in Leo) are strongly infusing the Chiron retrograde period. This helps us a lot. These throwback charlatans - working with superficial layers rather than going to the roots - can be exposed and dethroned under this energy.  

The penetration of the last layers of Piscean-era maya is at hand - but it's the last layers that are the strongest, that people will cling to with the greatest tenacity.

On one hand, we have an ongoing collapse of sea life in the Pacific Ocean ecosystem that has been accelerating since 2011. Thousands of species are experiencing mass die-offs. Thousands of species are sick, dying, mutated. 

And yet, we have people swimming in the ocean on a daily or weekly basis without a care in the world.

We have people hitting up that trendy sushi restaurant on a regular basis without a thought about the safety of what they're eating.

We have people paying exorbitant amounts for property along the North American West Coast for the privilege of living beside a radioactive and increasingly-deadly sea.

We have a global power elite that is using the astrological energies and astrological symbolism to plan its nefarious deeds, including timed war attacks. 

The 29 Pisces/zero Aries point - the ending and the beginning of the zodiac - was used to set off the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011 on the very day that Uranus moved from 29 Pisces to zero Aries.

As wounded healer Chiron recently crossed this point, in mid-April 2018, a bombing attack on Syria was orchestrated and executed by the United States.

Chiron will cross this symbolically-loaded point two more times - in mid-September 2018 and in mid-February 2019.

This will be followed by the re-entry of Uranus into Taurus on March 6, 2019. Uranus ingresses around March equinox have been used as time points for major war offensives in the past, which I've outlined here:

From April 15, 2018: False Flags, the Friday the 13th Bombing of Syria, and Timed War Attacks with Chiron at 29 Pisces/Zero Aries

From May 15, 2018: Uranus Ingresses and Timed War Attacks 

There is certainly an element of surreality that must be navigated, particularly involving the gaping chasm between the truth and how people are actually living en masse, and Chiron crossing zero Aries and moving back into late Pisces will be highlighting this... 

Chiron Rx is going back for some sacred cows, friends. We have to get all of it - all the bullshit, all the manipulation, all the diversion, all the lies, all the illusions, all the phonies, all the falsity. We have to peel away anything that is keeping us from being as effective and as potent and as righteous as we need to be during these times, and it goes right down to the soul.

I provide this information not to scare you. I provide it to empower you.

This is our fight. We we born for it. Over a long enough timeline, good always prevails. 

The new chapter has been initiated. We aren't going back to the same darkness. Chiron in Aries has lit a torch that illuminates this new territory for us, as we are urged onward. 

Thank-you for your bravery, for your soulfulness, and for your fight. You are so needed and so appreciated. 

Let's rock this transit. We're in it to win it. Freedom for Planet Earth...or bust!

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Willow said...

And in 2023, fish are being caught near Fukushima with 14 times the allowable limit of radioactivity:

"Japan has ordered the suspension of shipments of black rockfish caught off Fukushima prefecture after tests on a haul late last month showed radiation levels above the legal limit for human consumption.

The ministry of health on Tuesday confirmed that a catch from south of the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that was brought ashore on January 26 contained 1,400 becquerels of radiation per kg, far higher than the national standard of 100 becquerels per kg set by the government as safe...

Environmental groups have expressed concern that high levels of radioactivity have been detected in fish caught off the prefecture nearly 11 years after the disaster and are calling on the government to cancel its plan to release around 1 million tonnes of radioactive water presently stored at the plant into the Pacific Ocean."