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Mars Square Chiron Marks the Seventh Anniversary of the (Ongoing) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Mars in Sagittarius is closing in on a square to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces (exact March 14) at 28 degrees of the signs. 

With Chiron in the late degrees of water sign Pisces, entering Aries April 17, 2018, the painful (Chiron) truth (Sagittarius) about the state of the world's oceans (Pisces) is coming to an acute point (Mars), and nowhere is our attention more urgently required than with the state of the Fukushima-contaminated Pacific Ocean.

The Mars-Chiron square occurs as a marker of the seventh anniversary of the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan on March 11. 

The initial explosions at the nuclear power plant in March 2011 released large quantities of radioactive isotopes and particles into the atmosphere and jet stream. Many different isotopes were aerosolized and released at that time, including but not limited to Cesium, Strontium, Iodine, Uranium, Xenon, and Plutonium. The half-lives of the isotopes vary: Cesium 134 has a half-life of two years. Cesium 137 has a half-life of 30 years. Strontium 90 has a half-life of 28.8 years. Many Plutonium isotopes have half-lives in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. 

The radioactive isotopes and particles came down in precipitation all over North America and are most likely still coming down. Even with extremely spotty and under-funded testing, Fukushima-signature isotopes Cesium 134 and 137, along with others, have been found in fish, seaweed, water, sand, and produce along the West Coast of Canada and the United States since 2011 and continuing to recent times

Radioactive isotopes/particles are poisonous to ingest, in addition to releasing radiation. They bio-accumulate in the body, so contamination levels may seem relatively low, but continual ingestion over time accumulates into much bigger doses. In a process called bio-magnification, tiny fish are eaten by small fish; small fish are eaten by medium fish; medium fish are eaten by large fish; large fish are eaten by us, and at each stage, the radioactive contamination is magnified.

Despite what the nuclear industry and profiteering governments/scientists would like you to believe, there is no safe level of man-made radiation exposure.

Continual exposure to even low-dose radiation can cause catastrophic health damage. 

Being continually irradiated internally by ingested man-made radioactive isotopes is very different from the limited external radiation exposure that comes from things like X-Rays or airplane rides.

Naturally-occurring radioactivity in things like bananas and potatoes is also very different from man-made radioactive isotopes, which bombard the body in combinations and concentrations and with a constancy of exposure that we would not come into contact with naturally.

In addition to the releases into the jet stream, radioactively-contaminated water has been flowing into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima site on a continual basis. 

The whereabouts of the nuclear cores from three of the reactor units is unknown, and it is assumed that they have melted through their containments and into the ground (and groundwater) below.

Radioactively-contaminated water has been leaking from containment vessels on site that are holding wastewater originally used to (temporarily) cool the nuclear cores. The displacement of water from these leaks is pushing the contaminated groundwater beneath Fukushima out to sea. The official numbers (which certainly can't be trusted to tell the whole story) estimate that 400 tons of contaminated water is being released into the Pacific every day and has been since 2012. Other sources claim that 1,000 tons of radioactively contaminated groundwater is being diverted by Tokyo Electric Power Company out to sea each day.

Measured radiation spikes on site, the appearance of smoke and flashes on camera footage, as well as the detection of new fission products Xenon, Krypton-85, Tellurium-132, and Iodine-131 indicate that criticalities are still taking place sporadically, which would mean that radioactive isotopes are still being produced and released.

Update: unfortunately, three of the four links on the fission products are now dead links (to now-defunct and blog Optimal Prediction.) Here are some other links to information on the ongoing fission products:


Fukushima Update - Xenon detected, partial fission feared

"The detection of xenon, which is associated with nuclear fission, was confirmed today by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the country's atomic regulator said.

"Given the signs, it's certain that fission is occurring," Junichi Matsumoto, a general manager at Tepco who regularly talks to the media, told reporters in Tokyo today.

Fission taking place in the reactor can lead to increases in radiation emissions and raises concerns about further leaks after another radioactive hot spot was discovered in Tokyo on Oct. 29. It's possible there are similar reactions occurring in the No. 1 and No. 3 reactors, the other cores damaged at the station, Matsumoto said.

"Melted fuel in the No. 2 reactor may have undergone a sustained process of nuclear fission or re-criticality," Tetsuo Ito, the head of Kinki University's Atomic Energy Research Institute, said by phone.""


Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 to suggest on-going nuclear fission in reactor1

"Tepco suddenly reported they examined the density of krypton-85 and hydrogen gas. This was the first time for them to announce Krypton-85 was increasing in reactor1.

Their Japanese version of report states the density of Krypton-85 was 948Bq/cm3 at maximum.

Krypton-85 is produced from nuclear fission most of the cases. It suggests the possibility of on-going nuclear fission in reactor1." 


Time has come for an honourable retreat from Tokyo 2020 over Fukushima

"In December 2014, both radioactive iodine and Tellurium-132 were reported as having been detected in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture [130 miles SW of Fukushima Daiichi]. Given the short half-lives of these radioactive particles, their presence could not be the result of the original meltdowns at Fukushima."


Compilation of sources: Iodine-131 detected in Europe, source unknown; U.S. Air Force deploys nuclear sniffer aircraft 

This has been covered in The Aviationist, among others:

"Along with monitoring nuke testing, the WC-135 is used to track radioactive activity as happened after the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in the Soviet Union in 1986 and Fukushima incident back in 2011...

Iodine-131 (131I), a radionuclide of anthropogenic origin, has recently been detected in tiny amounts in the ground-level atmosphere in Europe. The preliminary report states it was first found during week 2 of January 2017 in northern Norway. Iodine-131 was also detected in Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain, until the end of January.

However, no one seems to know the reason behind the released Iodine-131. Along with nuclear power plants, the isotope is also widely used in medicine and its presence in the air could be the effect of several different incidents."

No governments or establishment scientists are doing any ongoing, comprehensive testing of food, drinking water, or milk for radioactive contamination. 

The health - and lack thereof - of the Pacific Ocean must come into stronger collective focus under this late-degree square of Mars in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces, and we must take action (Mars) based on what we know (Sagittarius). 

What we know, however, is continually being clouded, confused, and downplayed by the propaganda and misinformation spread by a paid army of mainstream media, establishment gatekeepers, and online trolls.

(Seriously, is someone paying these fool trolls, or are they providing their idiocy free-of-charge? I recently had one try to get me to watch someone eating Plutonium in a YouTube video to prove that Fukushima fallout is not of concern. Wow.) 

A common theme throughout the Fukushima nuclear disaster - again, ongoing with no real containment or remediation solutions in sight - has been the blaming of Fukushima-related effects on that big, bad, beast "climate change."

Now, the climate change issue is very thorny, very inflammatory, and very divisive. One particular take on climate change has been embedded in the educational system, teaching a generation of children to vehemently take up this issue while, unfortunately, maintaining blinders with other critically-pertinent issues. 

I don't believe the Fukushima nuclear disaster is being taught or covered in any meaningful way in the educational curricula of the day, certainly to nowhere near the extent that climate change is. So this Mars in Sagittarius square to Chiron in Pisces also highlights gaping holes, blind spots (Pisces), and even the intentional obscuring (Pisces) of truth (Sagittarius) within the educational system (Sagittarius).

A recent story from the BBC is a perfect example of the "climate change as blanket demon" theme:

February 1, 2018: "Polar bears are 'running out of food,'"  by Victoria Gill

The story outlines the truly heart-wrenching plight of polar bears, many in the process of starving.

As usual, the devastation being caused by Fukushima fallout is the pink elephant in the room. Most people choose to ignore or downplay this pink elephant, and "climate change" becomes the easy patsy...

We're told by the mainstream media: polar bears can't find enough seals to eat because the polar ice is melting due to climate change, making it harder for them to find food.

But back to that pink elephant (pink polar bear?):

Polar bears eat seals.

Seals eat fish.

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began in 2011, there has been a dramatic and documented decline in both fish and seal populations in the Pacific Ocean (as well as thousands of other species). This goes so far as to link many of the deaths and diseases to Fukushima fallout:

From December 2011: Reuters: Radiation tests underway on dead and diseased seals in Alaska — Suffering bleeding lesions, hair loss

From January 2014: Scientists present links between unusual Alaska seal deaths and Fukushima fallout — Skin lesions, hair loss, lethargy — ‘Pulsed release’ when built-up radionuclides were set free as ice melted — “Wildlife health implications” due to radiation exposure discussed

From February 2014: Former Japan Prime Minister: Seals, polar bears dying after Fukushima radiation exposure

From May 2014: "Over 50 dead seals, sea lions, whales, walrus recently stranded in Alaska — Dozens of seals suffering from baldness, skin sores — Experts: “Marine transported Fukushima radionuclides… may represent a new stressor to ecosystem”"

From February 2014: Expect 'hairless seals' this spring

From May 2014: Investigation into walrus disease closes with no culprit identified

From December 2014: Scientists seek cause of patchy baldness in some Beaufort Sea polar bears

From August 2015: US Gov’t: “We don’t know what’s going on” in Pacific — Many ill baby seals being abandoned; Dozens of walruses found dead; Dying whales, birds, fish — “Unprecedented things happening” — Experts: “It’s been a very unusual marine mammal year… I’m really worried, very concerned”

From September 2015: “Countless” dead birds reported in Pacific off US coast, nothing will eat the bodies — “There are no seals present” — Expert: “The fish are not there… all of them are starving” — Animals “acting weird, sick and weak, too weak to fly, too weak to run” — Resident: We want to know if it’s from Fukushima

From November 2016:
Kachemak Bay has seen massive die-offs of sea stars and other species. What’s going on?

From April 2017: These fish are starving at sea and no one knows why

From June 2018: Unusual Mortality Events Following Fukushima - 46 dead whales in Alaska and British Columbia from April 2015 to April 2016; Hundreds of Deaths of Ringed and Spotted Seals in Russia, Japan, and Canada with Skin Lesions, Hair Loss, and Abnormal Behaviour

Similar to this, Japanese salmon fisheries have also been experiencing a collapse in recent years. Their figures are currently at their lowest level in 28 years, with the salmon that are caught being in a scrawny condition, suggesting that the fish are starving at sea.

Read More:

Similar to this, Japanese salmon fisheries have also been experiencing a collapse in recent years. Their figures are currently at their lowest level in 28 years, with the salmon that are caught being in a scrawny condition, suggesting that the fish are starving at sea.

Read More:

Similar to this, Japanese salmon fisheries have also been experiencing a collapse in recent years. Their figures are currently at their lowest level in 28 years, with the salmon that are caught being in a scrawny condition, suggesting that the fish are starving at sea.

Read More:

From June 2019: Dozens of seals washed up on the coast of Alaska

From June 2019: Unusual Mortality Events continue on the West Coast, this time over 70 gray whales

From 2020: Unusual Mortality Event for Seals in Alaska - 2018 to 2020

So the pink elephant is this: there's quite overwhelming evidence that sea life, including seals and many species of fish, has declined dramatically - and is suffering dramatically - since Fukushima fallout began contaminating the Pacific Ocean in 2011. 

There were certainly well-documented problems with ocean pollution before Fukushima, but the problems have accelerated since March 2011.

The earthquake and tsunami that set off the Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011 were timed to coincide with transiting Uranus moving from the 29th degree of Pisces to the zero degree of Aries. Chiron was in the early stages of its transit of Pisces at the time at 2 degrees. The North Node of the Moon had just entered truth-telling Sagittarius and was at 28 degrees when the disaster began. This 28th degree is now being activated by transiting Mars in Sagittarius and the square to Chiron in Pisces.   

The astrology of the Fukushima nuclear disaster - March 11, 2011
Click chart to enlarge

In 2018, we have two major shifts - Chiron enters Aries on April 17 (retrograding back into late Pisces from September 26, 2018 to February 17, 2019), and Uranus enters Taurus on May 15 (retrograding back into Aries November 6, 2018 to March 6, 2019).

These ingresses indicate new chapters opening with a push to move on, to move forward, to leave the problems of the past behind us. 

These urgings toward new energy and new themes create a climate where it is unfortunately easy to push unresolved issues to the back of our minds. It's easy to get caught up in "what's next?" without grasping fully how an unresolved issue the size of Fukushima will continue to cause problems in whatever new chapters are unfolding.

If transiting Chiron in Pisces taught us one thing, it's this: what affects one will eventually affect all. Due to the shared energy field that life exists within on this planet, we cannot separate ourselves from the collective problems faced by humanity. Attempting to do so simply means a greater karmic wallop later on. If that karmic wallop doesn't come in the current generation, it is passed on to the next. Those who choose to bury their heads in the (radioactive) sand now will see the consequences of their willful ignorance visited on those who come after them.

This sounds ominous, but it's the reality of the situation. The karmic come-around of late Pisces is no joke. A sick or dying Pacific Ocean does not exist in a vacuum. It has effects and repercussions for all life on this planet.

Transiting Mars is about to cross 28 degrees Sagittarius, very close to the Galactic Centre, which is, again, the point where the North Node of the Moon (successful, soul-driven path forward) was located at the time that the Fukushima nuclear disaster began on March 11, 2011. 

This point - and its corresponding drive for truth - is being stirred up, inflamed, and activated by transiting Mars in Sagittarius, and the square aspect to Chiron at 28 degrees Pisces keeps the focus (uncomfortably) on collective issues like Fukushima. Under these aspects, we're dealing with painful situations and symptoms that have (potentially invisible) roots to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. We're dealing with an invisibility factor (Pisces), as well as the intentional confusion, diversion, and misinformation generated by an establishment effort to keep people from the truth.

Under these conditions, we have to fight (Mars) to get to the truth (Sagittarius) and to stay there. This doesn't only relate to Fukushima, of course - there's a system of mind control operating through entertainment and media that is diverting people from many of the critical issues faced by humanity at this time. 

It's just that this system of mind control and gatekeeperly-diversion is oh-so-obvious when you look at the worldwide media blackout and downplaying of Fukushima!

The personal planets are currently transiting ethereal Pisces as the Mars-Chiron square tightens, and this is an indicator of more pressure on these issues. As transiting Mercury and Venus activate the Mars-Chiron square, we're working for greater collective understanding of the invisible threads, the obscured roots, and the clouded reasons for the problems we are experiencing.

Elements of foggy mind control, illusion, and diversion may be particularly prevalent with communication/media planet Mercury transiting the sign of its fall, Pisces, until March 5.

Mercury and Venus form a beautiful and potentially-healing conjunction at 26 degrees Pisces on March 4 (10:05 a.m. PST), which is the same degree as the New Moon in Pisces (conjunct Chiron) that we will experience on March 17.

This is followed by a powerhouse Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction at 27 degrees Pisces later that day, before Mercury and Venus enter Aries on March 5/6. Mercury and Venus will be activating the symbolic "end of the zodiac" 29th degree of Pisces and "beginning of the zodiac" zero degree of Aries. Again, this is the area of the zodiac where Uranus (uranium/upheaval/shocks/sudden events) was located when the Fukushima nuclear disaster began. 

Wounded healer Chiron will activate this area of the zodiac in April 2018, as it ingresses Aries.

Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction at 27 degrees Pisces - March 4, 2018
Click chart to enlarge

The Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction at 27 degrees Pisces on March 4 indicates a pinnacle moment as the wounded healer comes to the end of the sign of the fishes.

In many respects, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is the primary symbol of the Chiron in Pisces transit. 

The Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction is an indicator of beautiful, healing support from the divine amidst these difficult Earthly conditions. We may uncover some invisible threads, some previously-obscured information, or some form of connection to others that heals us at the heart. Greater understanding is possible under these skies, as necessary puzzle pieces of information fall into place, and with that understanding comes a greater sense of communion and peace, a stronger sense of continuity, flow, and grace, even during these quite disjointed times.

Though Fukushima has been a highly-obscured and messed-with issue from the get-go, though most people on Earth are still looking to the establishment to provide information and guidance, there are many, many people around the world who know the real score. They know the real score because they feel it, and no amount of manipulation will change that. This goes for Fukushima but also for many obscured, suppressed, and hidden issues we're dealing with on Earth.

As we mark the seventh anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, transiting Jupiter is stationing retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio (March 8), the sign of the researcher. Our intuition, our inner knowing, our instincts, and our guts provide the wisdom we need to successfully navigate this dark and murky territory.

We're making the healing connections, connecting the necessary dots, and we're doing it together.

Though it can be very isolating to understand things that the mainstream of society does not, we may get a stronger sense under this Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction that we are not alone with any of it. We never really were. 

The themes are continued with a 26-degree Pisces New Moon on March 17 that falls tightly conjunct Chiron. This indicates a highly-sensitized lunar month (March 17 to April 15) characterized by wounding/healing themes. These themes have a particular emphasis on the interplay between personal and collective issues. 

There is a very karmic lunar cycle ahead of us with that intense, late-Pisces come-around that was previously mentioned. The following lunar month draws attention to those who are being energetically/emotionally/psychically shredded by "the way things are" and by "the things left unsaid." (That's pretty much everyone who is a non-oligarch at this point, but the sensitives are particularly affected, as are animals.) 

During this Chirotic lunar cycle, we are provided with a level of divine guidance, protection, and insulation from harm as we battle to find (or to free) the solutions to our problems, both personal and collective.

Our bodies are mostly made of water. Water is crucial for life. And the sad state of our industry-polluted water on Earth cannot help but affect us emotionally, psychically, and physically.

There is no escaping (Pisces) from this truth (Sagittarius).

Ex-diver and Fukushima researcher/citizen journalist Dana Durnford first uncovered widespread death and collapse in the Pacific Ocean ecosystem in exploratory voyages along the British Columbia coast in 2014 and 2015.

You can see the Before and After photos at Dana's website (scroll down on the first page) which show rich, healthy marine life before well as the desolation after Fukushima: The Nuclear Proctologist 

As we (mind-bogglingly) mark the seventh anniversary of this ongoing global disaster, Dana is preparing for a follow-up voyage to determine whether any of the missing species have recovered in the past few years since the first explorations and documentation. 

There is a button to donate to this voyage, if you have extra cash for such things. I'm not soliciting donations by any means, but Dana is one of the people doing the work that should be being done by elected leaders, by establishment science, and by mainstream media, but that is not being done by any of those institutions.

We all have to pick up the slack for the sham leadership of Planet Earth, currently driving us to extinction with anti-human policies. Not an easy task! But we can't let up. The wonderful sea creatures are counting on us, and so is every living thing on Earth, present and future. 

Thanks so much for sticking with it.  

It's always about the love, even while we're battling...

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Bel said...

Thank you Willow - powerful stuff xx

Anonymous said...

Everyone on Spaceship Earth should be following this story.

This IS the big picture.

Willow said...

Thank-you, I agree! The things that have been uncovered, bit-by-bit, at the very least warrant being on people's radar, but that really isn't the case for the most part.

The fact that mainstream media is so mum on this disaster...and is reporting on things that are YEARS old and that have been known about for years...that should twig people that something's up.

Also, I will say, the level of online harassment and trolling that occurs when you post something like this article is another indicator that this issue is being highly manipulated.

Dana Durnford is being attacked HARD these days, and whatever you think about Dana's (sometimes rough) ways, he is the only person going out there on the ocean to document this stuff...and then posting it raw, no bullshit, for the public to see.

Willow said...

And in 2023, fish are being caught near Fukushima with 14 times the allowable limit of radioactivity:

"Japan has ordered the suspension of shipments of black rockfish caught off Fukushima prefecture after tests on a haul late last month showed radiation levels above the legal limit for human consumption.

The ministry of health on Tuesday confirmed that a catch from south of the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that was brought ashore on January 26 contained 1,400 becquerels of radiation per kg, far higher than the national standard of 100 becquerels per kg set by the government as safe...

Environmental groups have expressed concern that high levels of radioactivity have been detected in fish caught off the prefecture nearly 11 years after the disaster and are calling on the government to cancel its plan to release around 1 million tonnes of radioactive water presently stored at the plant into the Pacific Ocean."