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Full Moon in Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse: Celebrating Our "Weirdness" and Eccentric Fabulousity!

 A groovy-electric Aquarius Full Moon ahead, baby!

The Moon is now growing full, pushing its way to a powerhouse Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse on July 27 (1:20 p.m. PDT) within a tight fixed T-square configuration and a loose Fixed Grand Cross.

This Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius is the longest eclipse we will experience in the 21st century with a 103-minute totality, and this gives it some extra kick. 

In the icy air sign of Aquarius, also conjunct lunar apogee Black Moon Lilith in late Capricorn, this is a Full Moon eclipse that celebrates the weird and the wonderful. It celebrates the people who don't fit in, who can't go along with the standard protocols, and who lead in order to advance the scene for humanity, even when it means sacrificing personal comfort, professional standing, social acceptance, or financial security. 

This includes people working from outside the system and also people working from within. It's the shared vision for a better future for all on this planet and the willingness to work, always, toward that vision that create the common bond. This common bond and common drive connect us from our often-disparate social positions.

This is a Full Moon that celebrates the fabulousness of being exactly who we are and letting the chips fall where they may.
So here's to all the square pegs in round holes out there! 

We've arrived! 

We've achieved! 

We've overcome! 

And damnnnnnn, we're fabulous.

I know it's trendy these days to call yourself "weird." It's become a sort of status symbol to take on an image of carefully-curated eccentricity. 

But to actually be considered one of the "weirdos" of society (even when you don't consider yourself to be weird) is often not a very pleasant thing. The conjunction of this Full Moon to Black Moon Lilith brings in some of these harsher elements. Being considered a "weirdo" or an "ill-fit" by mainstream or pseudo-alternative societies often involves isolation, ostracism, vilification, opposition, and straight-up attacks. It often requires one to forego the comforts and rewards of fitting in - socially, professionally, financially, with family.

This isn't the type of "weird" that involves eating brunch off a shovel, learning to play the ukelele, or wearing ironically outdated eyeglasses.

This is the type of weird that is often dangerous to one's personal well-being.

This isn't carefully-curated eccentricity. 

It's one's natural way of being coming into frictional, sometimes explosive, contact with "the way things are" and with the people who are mostly doing just fine with the way things are.


To be a person leading toward a vision of improved conditions for living things on this planet often means being highly opposed by people who pretty much like things the way they are, thank-you-very-much. It means being highly opposed by the people rising through the ranks of the illegitimate structures as they currently exist, by the people who are benefiting from the illegitimate power dynamics.

When you get right down to it, the people who are comfy-cozy in the current structures (including the pseudo-alternative structures) do not want to change things all that much, other than a few reforms around the edges.

But Aquarius is the revolutionary, the radical, the person willing to give his or her all to get to a better way. If the system is fucking some people over in order to benefit other people (and yup, it certainly is), this is a system that is ultimately inadequate for the true needs of the people. It's a system that is not fair, and it is a system that should not stand in its current form.

The influence of Black Moon Lilith on this Full Moon eclipse indicates that we must become more aware of the ways in which the current systems are harming some while benefiting others. The inverse relationship there. We must become more active in addressing the ways that people are being shut out. Those who are left on the outside looking in are also required to stand up and make themselves more visible and more heard in a world that would prefer they remain obscured, at a distance, in the shadows.

Those living a soul-connected life cannot in good conscience just go along with things in injurious systems such as these. 

Aquarius is a sign unafraid of breaking protocols when those protocols are inadequate, unadaptive, and stifling, when those protocols only work for some of the people involved, not all of the people involved. Aquarius, at its best, is a sign that works for universality, not exclusivity. It works for the common good, not for the (relatively) privileged few.

I've always been considered "weird" by the more mainstream society, and no, I don't say that as any sort of status symbol or hipster-ish horn-tooting. Being considered "weird," someone who did not fit in with anyone, anywhere, was something that hurt me terribly as a younger person.

I never considered myself weird. I still don't. I think I'm one of the most common sensical and salt-of-the-earth bitches you'll ever meet. 

Telling the truth, following my conscience, and standing up for what I feel is right have caused me to be booted out of more jobs and social settings than I care to count. This modus operandi has caused me to lose social and professional opportunities, friends, boyfriends, financial security, the support of my family. I couldn't dumb myself down and go along with what I saw happening in the mainstream media, and I can't water myself down and go along with what I see happening in the astrological establishment, either.

Most recently, I was forced to leave a once-a-month job demonstrating products at a health food store after being reprimanded by the store owner for talking to customers about the difference between organic and non-organic products. I was also reprimanded for communicating customer concerns about increasing corporate ownership of health products. I was told I was only to speak about the so-called "positive" aspects of the products. In other words, I was required to lie by omission in order to make sales, in order to keep things New Agey happy-happy by glossing over the true reality of the situation.

(And the true reality of the situation is that there are 36,000 registered natural health products on the market and only a measly 8% are organic and non-GMO. Put that in your pipe and smoke it the next time you're swallowing your daily vitamins and supplements or downing your morning protein shake...)

The point of this is not to try to make anyone feel sorry for me. Pity the fools who are enforcing these insane and manipulative societal standards and rules! Not the people unwilling to play along. I'm the least deserving of your pity in these scenarios.

The point is: what one person defines as "weird" or "controversial" is actually completely natural and normal to another person. To me, what and whom mainstream society deems "weird" have always paled in comparison to the weirdness of mainstream standards and the commonly-held understandings of normalcy and the socially acceptable.

If you have to lie, fake, gloss over, manipulate, dumb yourself down, and conform to insanity in order to be considered socially acceptable, the socially acceptable of the world can have it! It's a sham. It's garbage.

It is only by being a square peg in the round societal holes, by being true to myself come what may, by never fully fitting in anywhere, that I came to belong in the only group where I will ever truly feel at home - with the fellow square pegs! With the other people who don't fully fit in. With the other people willing to be true to themselves no matter what the situation. With the other people who see through it all.

We're the last of our kind - and this makes us fit together. This provides the common ground. The hard edges and rough angles and awareness of how disjointed our place in the world really can be - this is what tells us we're home!

And with this Moon (home) growing full in a powerhouse total lunar eclipse in Aquarius (difficult individuality), we're officially home. 

We've crossed the threshold into the astrological Aquarian era, shattering the false "oneness" ideals of the now-gone astrological Piscean era. 

We've carved out our places, places that allow us to be exactly who and how we are. People and situations that want us to be exactly who and how we are, that wouldn't want us painfully constricting ourselves to fit roles and rules and social mores that simply do not fit, that simply do not make sense. 

This Aquarius Full Moon provides a beautiful (if slightly messy and hard-edged) culmination point as far as our rightful places in the community, and this includes the community of people who don't belong, who have to clear their own eccentric orbits in order to stand in their rightful places on Planet Earth.

With this Full Moon at the furthest possible distance from Earth in its orbit, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, we're going all the way with it. We're reaching out as far as we possibly can, stretching as far as our emotional landscapes will allow, clearing as far-reaching a path as we can from our personal orbits.

The difficulty of this eccentric orbit-clearing is palpable this week as the Moon grows full. 

The Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius, conjunct Mars Rx in Aquarius and opposite the Leo Sun, falls tightly along the Leo/Aquarius nodal axis, in a tight square aspect to Uranus in Taurus and in a loose square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio.

This creates a tight fixed T-square configuration (Uranus in Taurus, Sun-North Node in Leo, and Moon-South Node-Mars Rx in Aquarius). When you add Jupiter at 13 degrees Scorpio, this fixed T-square becomes a Fixed Grand Cross - four squares or two oppositions in the fixed signs.

Squares are probably the most frictional aspects in astrology, and we have a heaping helping of them in the skies at the moment, extending into the first half of August. But they are also probably the most dynamic and growth-spurring aspects, as well. They are, ultimately, some of the most progressive and strengthening and perfecting aspects. Purposeful challenges.

The friction of being who we are in a world that most often demands conformity,  homogeneity, and adherence to hierarchy is very apparent under these skies. It's tough. But the progress we're making - oh, the progress. It's epic, friends. If we can stand our ground within our circumstances now - as frictional and frustrating and near-intolerable as that may prove to be at times - there's no stopping us. They literally can't stop it. They can't hold it back.

The lunar eclipse madness begins in earnest on July 25 as the Sun in Leo forms a square to Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees while communication planet Mercury stations retrograde at 23 degrees Leo (10:02 p.m. PDT).

This is followed by a Sun in Leo opposition to Mars Rx in Aquarius at 4 degrees on July 26, marking the half-way point of the Mars retrograde of 2018

With all this fixed sign action, things are getting a little tight - and they stay a little tight as we ride the wave up to the Full Moon crescendo point on July 27.

The Aquarius Moon will square Uranus in Taurus and conjunct Mars Rx in Aquarius on July 27 before forming the opposition to the Leo Sun that marks the Full Moon total lunar eclipse. 

The Moon in Aquarius will continue to a square to Jupiter in Scorpio on July 28.

In the denouement of this Full Moon, Mars Rx in Aquarius will form a square to Uranus in Taurus on August 1. This is followed by the Sun in Leo forming a square to Jupiter in Scorpio on August 6 before forming the Sun-Mercury interior conjunction with Mercury Rx at 16 degrees Leo on August 8.

Mercury Rx in Leo forms a second square to Jupiter in Scorpio on August 10 at 14 degrees, just ahead of our third and final eclipse of this triple eclipse season - a New Moon partial solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11.

Clash! Bang! Clang! These Uranus-fueled fixed squares are a little energetically noisy, to be certain. We're being held in place now - in potentially frustrating ways - in order to carve out the last bit of positioning, the last bit of needed space to fully unfurl into our gorgeous and eccentric Aquarian-era orbits.

Plant your feet, plant your flag, and take every last bit of the space you need.

Eclipses indicate backdrop changes, and this extra-long and extra-potent Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse indicates a complete, era-shifting backdrop change.

We're stepping into an Aquarian-era world where to not go along with the insanity and corruption and violence of the current systems, structures, and schemes does not make us a weirdo, a freak, an oddball, an outcast. Just the opposite, actually.

We're stepping into a world where we are honoured, rather than vilified, for following our consciences and for being who we are, hard angles, rough edges, and all. We're stepping into a world that needs us to be exactly who and how we are.

We're making this better world, one frictional exchange at a time, one push-back at a time, and we're making it together. Let's help each other when we can in these clutch positions. The whole world depends on us standing our ground and on supporting others who are fighting the good fight every day.

Happy Full Moon-ing, WWA readers! Thank-you for having the courage to be real, to be soulful, and to be authentically yourselves, come what may, in these increasingly shallow and artificial times. You make my Moon go 'round!

 Aquarius Full Moon total lunar eclipse - July 27, 2018
Click to enlarge. 

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Beautiful Willow,thanks for the encouragement!!!

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Thank-you, Vera, and you are welcome!

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This right here is the power-writing that you wield as a master talent. From one triggerer to another,Salud!

I can't properly express my admiration, (you wouldn't have it, anyway)

You're fucking Awesome.

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Thank-you so much, fellow triggerer! I appreciate that very much.

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Very fine writing as always! Thank you for the plum encouragement.
Let's get into that drive shifting mode of the squares. Lots of love!

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Willow said...

I've had an encounter with this man where he used his power and public platform as an astrologer in a shady way (which was a common practise for him on his site, at least at the time), so this is not surprising to me:

Now that I think back on it (it was 2011), he also unexpectedly took things to a creepy sexual level within what was supposed to be a professional exchange, so yes...not surprised.

This is an article I wrote during that time: