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New Moon in Capricorn: Fukushima, Gatekeepers, and the Big Responsibility of Thinking For Yourself

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We open into 2014 with a Plutonic-Mercurial New Moon in Capricorn on January 1.
The Sun and Moon come together in New Moon conjunction at 10 degrees Capricorn at 5:14 a.m. CST, taking us on a trip through the deep, dark, thorny underworld as we start the new year.

This New Moon falls closely conjunct both Mercury (mind, communication, information) and Pluto (hidden, power, poison), indicating that a major theme for the new year involves breaking the hold of mainstream media and its "official sources" in order to get to a clearer understanding of our reality on the planet.
As we start the new year, information (Mercury) is power (Pluto), and we have to take a much closer look at the power dynamics hidden amongst the messages coming to the populace through media and corporate communications. 
With the planet in its current state of ongoing orchestrated collapse, many people are looking to "authority figures" to tell them what to think. A good, old, strong and stern and responsible Daddy Dearest to tell them what to do and what to pay attention to.
And this practice could not be more dangerous to the future of life on this planet.
The problem is, the "authority figures" are playing the game within rotten-to-the-core Pluto in Capricorn hierarchies. The "official sources" are mostly bought and paid for at this point, looking to cover their own asses and protect their own  positions within the rotten power hierarchies. These authority figures are passing bad information around on heavy rotation, looking to further their own interests while manipulating and placating the public. 
This practice is deadly (Pluto), make no bones about it, and nowhere is this more so the case than with the information, analysis, and discourse surrounding the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster
In Canada, we have a go-to scientist for the masses by the name of David Suzuki. Suzuki travels around Canada and the world via carbon-spewing airplane to paid speaking gigs (usually on climate change) where he pockets up to $40,000 a pop.

You'll see him in a photo to the left (Holger Motzkau 2010, Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons) accepting his "Right Livelihood Award" in 2009. (barf) In 2004, a poll taken by the state broadcaster here named him the Greatest Living Canadian. (barf again)
I noticed some previously uninterested ears started perking up in late 2013 when Suzuki released information on Fukushima. All of a sudden, with David Suzuki weighing in, people started to take a bit of notice.
Suzuki really got people's attention when he said that we could potentially be facing the evacuation of the West Coast of Canada and the United States due to the radioactive fallout from the Daiichi nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan.
The problem there is that we've known what Suzuki was stating - and much more - for almost three years now. He was not producing any new information or analysis (though it may have been news to most of the mainstream public). He was not producing any crucial research of his own - though he has the means and resources to produce it.

Instead, he was using an "old news," sensationalized angle on Fukushima to get the public's attention - and to hold it.
And here we have an illustration of the "gatekeeper" effect. 

People start looking to Suzuki as "the authority figure" on this issue. They look to him for information, analysis, and guidance. They look to what he is saying in order to determine what to think about the situation themselves. They put their trust in this nationally-known scientist who has been given a large public platform via his long-term role with the state broadcaster (Canadian Broadcast Corporation or CBC).
Suzuki is paid by the state broadcaster, has been made a "science star" by the state broadcaster, in a country that is the number two exporter of uranium worldwide. He is the national, mainstream scientific voice in a country that exports Candu nuclear reactors around the globe.

He is not going to threaten that position.
The information this gatekeeper is releasing is partial, watered-down, incorrect, manipulative, dangerous, and deadly.
From the beginning, Suzuki has downplayed the severe threat the radioactive fallout from Fukushima poses to life on this planet.
In a written column released in October 2013 (way past the point when he should know better), Suzuki makes various false claims that are also being spread by other "official sources" through the mainstream media. His column reads like a propaganda press release from the federal government or United Nations. (Link: http://www.straight.com/news/499616/david-suzuki-despite-fukushima-scientists-say-eating-west-coast-fish-safe)
- Suzuki declares Pacific Ocean seafood safe to eat. The arrogance of this statement alone is astonishing, considering we are experiencing an unprecedented nuclear disaster involving the ongoing contamination of the Pacific Ocean. Suzuki makes this declaration despite thousands of reports over the past three years of heightened radioactivity in foods along the West Coast - produce and seafood. California prunes and almonds have been found to contain Cesium-134, a signature of the Fukushima disaster. Cesium was found in topsoil along the West Coast. Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California was tested and all samples tested showed radioactive Cesium present. Reports of starfish being wiped out, turning to mush, all along the West Coast don't bother Suzuki. Reports of sea life crowding around the shores along the coast in ways no one has ever seen before don't bother Suzuki. There are unprecedented declines in king salmon in Alaska this year (also referred to as Chinook salmon). Unlike other varieties of salmon, these fish like cold, deep waters and will travel further into the ocean to find them. They also eat other fish. These characteristics make this breed of salmon more likely to come into contact with radioactive fallout from the Daiichi nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan. But none of this impresses Suzuki.

- Suzuki, like many other scientists, claims the ocean has "diluted" much of the radioactivity released (and still being released day-and-night) by the spewing Daiichi nuclear reactors. The truth is: it's impossible to dilute radioactively-charged isotopes. The ocean is simply spreading them around, not diluting them. This is an unprecedented situation, and scientists simply do not know how the ocean will distribute the radioactivity. There is no decrease in the overall level of radioactivity by spreading the particles around. Radioactively contaminated water is being released into the Pacific Ocean regularly and has been since the disaster began.
- Suzuki likens the radioactive risk from eating Pacific Ocean seafood to the amount of radioactivity you would be exposed to in an airplane ride or two. This is false. The major threat now is with ingestible radioactive particles. These particles can register a relatively low background radiation level, but ingesting even one particle could be deadly. These radioactive particles attach to the human body, especially to the lungs, irradiating the tissues surrounding them. Background radiation levels have very little to do with it.
- Suzuki doesn't once mention the Plutonium that was released from the explosion at the Unit 3 reactor or any of the other radioactive isotopes released. Like most nuclear shills, he focuses on Cesium-134 - a radioactive isotope that decays fairly rapidly - so as to assuage public concerns.
You will see this tactic yet again in a Scientific American article on radioactivity found in kelp off the coast of California in March 2011. The article focuses on the elevated levels of radioactive iodine that were found in kelp after the initial nuclear disaster, in some cases, 250 times the usual levels. 
But again, the article downplays the radioactive threat by focusing on something that will quickly be removed from the environment (radioactive iodine). Additional tests would have to have been done for each radioactive isotope (Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium, Cesium, etc.) in order to determine contamination by them. Instead, the scientists tested only for radioactive iodine.
The Scientific American article falsely claims there is no public health threat from the radioactivity from Fukushima. It also downplays Fukushima, claiming that Chernobyl was worse (wrong again). And again, just like with Suzuki, we have meaningless comparisons to "natural" background radiation that exists in the ocean so as to assure us that everything is just hunky dory.
Nowhere do Suzuki or the Scientific American article mention the other isotopes such as Uranium-234, Uranium-235, or Plutonium-239 which have half-lives in the thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of years. All these isotopes and more have been released - are still being released - from the Daiichi reactors. The fuel from the reactors has been aerosolized by the explosions and is now circling the globe in the atmosphere, coming down via precipitation. The isotopes are contaminating the Pacific Ocean, more every day, producing radioactivity levels that cannot sustain life.
- Suzuki touts the World Health Organization and the United Nations as reliable sources - yet more illegitimate "authorities" on the subject. The WHO claims radioactive particles that make their way to North America’s waters will have a limited effect on human health. It also predicts concentrations to be below its own declared safety levels. Again, there is absolutely no way the World Health Organization can make such outlandish claims with an unprecedented disaster like this.
- Suzuki also mentions radioactivity testing of food by Health Canada, which has been criminally lax since the disaster occurred. Health Canada, like most of the world governments, is not testing food, milk, or water for radioactive contamination in any meaningful or ongoing way. In May 2011, Health Canada reluctantly tested 24 samples of milk from British Columbia. It did not release the levels it was using as "allowable amounts," and it also did not release the exact amounts of radioactivity found, making the tests almost meaningless. Despite the fact that radioactive Strontium 90 was found in small amounts in nine of the milk samples, Canada's milk was declared completely safe and within normal range by Health Canada in 2011.
Independent tests ordered and paid for by private citizens ($400 per milk sample) were required to uncover the Strontium contamination. (This independent testing of milk also ripped the lid off Strontium contamination in Canadian milk that has been present since United States nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s.)

The "official sources" claim the people of Japan are safe from radioactivity. But we have private citizens taking their own Geiger counter readings in Tokyo that are twice the level at which Chernobyl was evacuated.
We have a "state secrets" law forced through Japanese Parliament designed to criminalize journalists, activists, doctors, scientists, and citizens speaking out about the effects of the nuclear disaster. Any health effects or deaths related to the disaster will be swiftly covered up and hushed up.
The "official sources" claim that the West Coast of Canada and the United States is safe from radioactive fallout. But we have private citizens taking Geiger counter readings on the beach outside San Francisco, California that are reaching alert levels multiple times without even touching the sand. 
Medical officials are stumped when it comes to a jump in babies being born with anencephaly in Washington state.
Anencephaly is a terrible birth defect affecting the brain and skull where babies are born blind, deaf, and unable to feel pain. The prognosis for these babies is death.
The usual rate of anencephaly is 1 or 2 per 10,000 births. In three Washington counties, Yakima, Benton, and Franklin, the rate for anencephaly is now 8 in 10,000 births.
Not one "official" can seem to pinpoint a cause. But A Green Road blog pointed us in the right direction.
Benton county in Washington state is the home of the Hanford nuclear site, declared the most contaminated nuclear site in America. Residents of Hanford, Washington were given 30-day eviction notices in 1943 so that the area could be set up as part of the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project brought together some of the brightest scientific minds with the intention of developing the atomic bomb for its abilities of mass destruction.
Hanford was a plutonium-producing site, producing the most deadly substance on Earth.
Nuclear waste products from the Hanford site were disposed of by burial in the surrounding desert. Leaks from the containment vessels have been a problem for decades.
With radioactive fallout now coming from Fukushima, blanketing the West Coast of the U.S. and Canada as well as the entire northern hemisphere, we are reaching radioactive tipping points where the layered contamination is too much for biological organisms such as ourselves to withstand, and symptoms and birth defects are starting to show.

A study released in 2013 found a 28% increase in infant hyperthyroidism in babies born in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska in the months following Fukushima. Around 40% of children examined in the Fukushima area were found to have thyroid abnormalities. Thyroid problems are associated with exposure to radioactive iodine following a nuclear release.
Yet, nary an "official" can come up with any of these connections.

Gatekeepers like Suzuki are complicit in mass murder. Harsh words, but these are harsh times.

Japanese-Canadian Suzuki is also complicit in the mass murder of his own countrymen and women. He's complicit in the mass murder and destruction of the children of his home country, all while soaking up the awards and accolades in this country, shilling for the propaganda-pushers at the state broadcaster, funded by the federal government, which is funded in part by massive worldwide uranium and nuclear reactor sales.  
Place the responsibility for this complicity firmly with the scientists, the journalists, the government officials, the financiers, and the nuclear industry who are lying to the public, who are diverting the public, who are keeping crucially necessary information and education from the public.
Coyote tracks
This Plutonic-Mercurial New Moon opening the year is a prime and shining portal into: thinking for yourself. Doing your own research. Putting two and two together on your own. Making the connections that are intentionally being hidden from you. Proving the case to yourself in an irrefutable way. Debunking the puffed-up authorities and official sources who are diverting and manipulating and lying. Using your whip-smart intuition to tell you the real story, to help you read between the official lines.
Pluto involves a process of unceremoniously ripping off the blinders. With Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, we're penetrating the influence on our minds and on consensus reality of illegitimate and fibbing "official sources."
One very potent layer of ongoing information warfare involves the use of gatekeepers. And one very potent layer of this New Moon in Capricorn involves bringing our personal minds out from under the influence of these gatekeepers and of the corporate communications agenda, in general.
The term gatekeeper refers to an "official source" who works to control the information and public discourse on a particular issue. Gatekeepers are often insiders of sorts and, as a result, have insider information at their disposal that is not readily available to the public. Gatekeepers carefully craft, shape, and release this information according to an overall message conducive to the official line coming from the establishment. A tone is set via the gatekeeper.
Often this tone involves a "carry on, no big deal, nothing to see here" theme. This would be the case with Mr. Suzuki.
Other times, the gatekeeper is releasing information that would be damaging to the establishment if it were allowed to spread freely through the populace. When the informational levy will no longer hold, so to speak, and the public is catching on in a big way (as is the case with Fukushima), these individuals are put in place to mind the gate and to shape the public discourse.
Gatekeepers release information at strategic times in order to hold and mould the public's attention on a certain issue. Because the information released is often insider information, it can be very provocative to the public.
Gatekeepers always have some real information to work with, some insider information, and this keeps people on the hook, feeling that the individual has to be legitimate. ("If he's telling us about x, y, and z, he MUST be for real.")
The problem here isn't necessarily that the information is false (though it certainly can be). The problem is with the gatekeeper dynamic itself. This dynamic keeps people looking to a gatekeeper for information and guidance as the "authority" rather than thinking for themselves and doing their own research.
Information released by a gatekeeper is often important to include in our research, but it does not tell the whole story. This is also the case with the stories coming out of mainstream media.
People need to be digging, researching, following leads, and sourcing information on their own, sussing out the real deal sources from the manipulations and joining with others who are doing the same. But the gatekeeper framework keeps people in passive "following" mode, looking to be spoon fed information rather than getting anywhere on their own.
Gatekeepers will never get to the roots. They will never go as deeply as they need to go. They will never finger the parties truly responsible. To do so would be to threaten their own positions, and this is particularly the case for anyone who has been allowed a large public platform from which to operate. 
Arnie Gundersen is (in my mind) a nuclear gatekeeper of the latter variety speaking out on Fukushima and consistently pointing the finger at the Tokyo Electric Power Company. His information is good, but again, he is controlling the public discourse.

What about the entire worldwide nuclear scam? This goes far beyond Tepco, far beyond Japan as a nation. What about the nuclear programme the government of his country, the U.S.A., has participated in and furthered for decades? What about the continued use of depleted uranium munitions by his country's military? What about the store of atomic weapons in the United States, also allowed to its allies? What about the governmental officials and nuclear industry proponents that have made Canada the number two exporter of uranium worldwide? What about the glut of uranium mines held by the Queen of England? What about all the people benefitting financially from the nuclear industry via stock markets? What about the journalists, media, and public relations firms lying to people, omitting crucial information, and perpetrating the massive media blackout?
Tepco is the tip of the nuclear criminal iceberg! But you will rarely see someone like Arnie Gundersen getting any deeper, touching any of the real threads.

You have to be able to sense what these gatekeepers aren't telling you because it's generally more important than what they are telling you.

You have to be willing to go the extra mile yourself - none of the so-called official sources is going to take you.
Gatekeepers will not go to the roots, and this is, in fact, what they are designed for - to keep people away from the real Plutonic roots, the real power structures that are doing damage on this planet. It's a smoke and mirrors show that uses real information to divert from the bigger picture. It diverts from the extent of the problem, from the extent of the responsibility, and from the extent of the criminality.
If you really unravel Fukushima and follow the threads right down to the roots, the entire power structure of this planet is proven corrupt - governments, industry, financiers, media, everything. But gatekeepers don't encourage the public to unravel those threads. They don't encourage people to hold responsible the parties who are truly responsible.
The false claim that "humanity brought this on itself" is also making the rounds regarding Fukushima. The truth is, it's a very small group of people that has put nuclear in place, that has allowed it to take root. We hold them responsible. Most people on this planet don't want nuclear energy or nuclear weapons, and they never did.
In order to get to the real story, we have to dig through information, find sources, and pour through bits and pieces in order to scrap together an irrefutable case. We have to be proving things to ourselves and doing the independent, critical thinking required, rather than blindly accepting the analysis of official sources. 
It is private, independent citizens who are doing the real work, who are creating the real resistance to the worldwide media blackouts.

And it is we who hold the real power.

From the beginning, we have had every official source lying to us, manipulating information, omitting information, and making outlandishly false claims from positions on high.

And from the very beginning, we have spit that back in their faces.

People, we are truly awesome! The power of loving, thinking, feeling human beings coming together in a common cause is awesome. The power of truth and legitimacy always towers over lies and illegitimacy, no matter how much firepower and might they may have. Don't lose sight of that.

It's members of the public - private citizens with no special training - who have been on top of this event since the beginning, who are still covering this event, who are educating people about this event, who are hitting the tipping points.

We knew every step of the way what was really going on. Every false angle was debunked, chewed up, spat back as garbage. We knew we were being lied to. We know we are still being lied to. And we refuse to swallow the false, watered-down information being produced and spread about by these "official sources."

Understand that we are the most powerful substance on this planet - more powerful that Plutonium because we have Pluto on our side. It's the people still willing to think who have the power with this one. It's the people still willing to trust their intuitive hunches and to follow those intuitive hunches to the sources.

And if you are reading this blog, this is you.

It's very easy to debunk the official lines. It's very easy to prove the official sources liars or, at best, ignorant, misguided, and manipulative. I could discredit Mr. Suzuki's bland pablum columns on Fukushima in my sleep.

What it's not easy to debunk is the truth, the reality being scrapped together, bit-by-bit, by thinking, feeling, loving human beings who do not wish to see the continuation of the current course on this planet.

Understand the power we hold now. Understand the power of the freely operating human mind, coming to its own conclusions, making it's own connections, compiling its own valid sources.

Release the jumble of confusing, contradicting "official information" at this Capricorn New Moon and come up with something better. Liberate your mind into its full power this January 1. We need you.

Some Things You Can Do to Avoid Radiation:

- eliminate foods from the Pacific Ocean - or from any ocean if you want to be very careful
- eliminate foods imported from Japan
- limit dairy and meat intake, where radioactivity bio-accumulates
- eat foods from greenhouses
- eliminate or limit West Coast produce, if possible
- stay out of the rain, snow, and dirt whenever possible, as fallout is coming down in precipitation
- buy a personal Geiger counter to monitor background levels. Stay indoors when levels are high. Keep in mind that radioactive particles can still be harmful even when background levels are low.
- look into air filtration systems for your home
- have "outside clothes" and "inside clothes." Don't bring outside clothes or shoes into your home. Leave them in a porch, mudroom, or in a sealed plastic bag.
- take baths in water with baking soda
- bentonite clay and activated charcoal have been suggested as de-toxifiers
- boost your immune system naturally with things like turmeric, garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, dandelion, curry powder, vitamins and minerals. Raw honey, oil of oregano, and colloidal silver all have natural antibiotic properties. Research natural remedies first and use your intuition, as they are not "one size fits all" and can cause unwanted side effects. Use a variety of immune system boosters.
- Vitamin C has been found to reverse damage from radiation exposure, with liposomal Vitamin C being particularly effective (though expensive).
- eat a clean diet - no GMOs, additives, chemicals, preservatives, or processed food. This helps your immune system, as there is less crap to process.
- eat more raw vegetables and fruits
- eliminate or limit sugar, which feeds cancer cells
- alkalize your system to protect against cancer. Eat more alkalizing foods (veggies & some fruits) & less acidic ones (bread, flour, meat, dairy, sugar).
- research the use of baking soda to alkalize your body.
- drink lots of clean, non-chemically treated water. Add a squeeze of lemon juice.
- remember that many recommended remedies for radiation exposure come from the sea (kelp, seaweed, etc.). Go to the sources before purchase. Certain mushroom varieties are said to be protective for radiation, but mushrooms also soak radioactivity up like crazy. Some definite Catch-22s.

For information and analysis on Fukushima:

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Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful gift to all of us, thanks, Willow! As I read your article, for some reason a book by Gen. Smedley Butler popped into my head, 'War is a Racket'. All the big media flash and sizzle, all the fake sincerity of politicians, and all the shallow earnestness of pretender academics: all of it, all of it is a racket.

Yet I do feel that when we all think for ourselves, and do our best to see through the fog to know things as they really are, there's hope. Because then we can take action. Give 'em hell, Willow. Wishing you a new year filled with pure light!

Yeshe said...

Thank you for putting this out there. I posted many of your links on Facebook. I talk to people about this and the most common reaction is a head shake and not really wanting to hear about it. I was demonstrating against nuclear power and armaments in the 80s in high school. Whatever happened to all the NONUKES bumper stickers I used to see? It's really unbelievable how far this has gone! And the Japanese are planning on the Olympics? Will the stand be filled with fans vomiting from radiation sickness? Oh, and new report from. Iraq showing deformed monster babies from the uranium laden US weapons. Thank you again, I don't feel like I'm the only one with my eyes wide open. Happy New Year to you!

Greg F said...

Thanks for a wonderfully written, if scary, article on Fukushima's continuing 'gift' to mankind. I live in Olympia, Washington, on the Pacific coast, so I am on the front line here. (Maybe we should be neighbors in Saskatchewan soon?)

I have been highly energized with the celestial train wreck in Capricorn this week with its accompanying T-square. I've been writing on my screenplay and lots of blogs. Maybe I'll write a letter to the editors here at my home newspaper and see if I can stir up some interest in this topic among my local officials. There sure is a dearth of information on the danger presently.

I love your posts, my Plutonic little friend. Have a happy new year. We'll keep the wolves at bay the best we can. Thanks for caring!

Greg F said...

Oh, I forgot to mention another terrible twist to this story. Japan is hiring homeless people to go clean up the reactor. That's even worse than one sick politician here in the US wanting poor kids to sweep the floors to pay for their school lunches.

Maybe we should ask the US Congress to volunteer in the clean up of Fukushima instead of the homeless people, since they aren't doing anything important to help us here. It would kill two "wacko birds" with one stone.

Have a better tomorrow, Willow!

Victoria said...

Many thanks for your articles that teach us so much about how power and energy *really* work on this here planet. I started reading your articles this past April and am happy I came across your blog, its provided true sustenance for me during these painful times we are in. My sincerest thank you.

Here's hoping you have a rewarding 2014 Willow, you so deserve it!

Willow said...

It is all a racket, Anon 1:09! All of it. Absolutely agree. With Mr. Suzuki, the lying scientist academic, being hailed as the Greatest Living Canadian? Pretty much says it all.

Yeshe, I know! The no nukes movement was so strong at one point. We need a resurgence. I don't know how it got this far, either. I think by wearing us down on many, many fronts over the course of decades.

"Will the stand be filled with fans vomiting from radiation sickness?"

Brilliant image.

Greg F., after reading your comment I've had this song in my head on heavy rotation:


Happy New Year, Victoria! I'm glad the blog has provided some sustenance.

And Happy New Year to everyone!

I actually think this year is going to kick some ass. We're on the edge, so there isn't much else to do but GO BALLS OUT! :-D

Willow said...

heehee...thanks, Tasha!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all of us on beautiful Mothership Earth! The only planet we have. And the only planet who will have us. ;)

Our promise for 2014:


Willow said...


Hell no, we WON'T glow!

whowanstoCknOW said...

I'm more likely to listen to some random person with nothing but a geiger counter and a geocities page than a government sanctioned type but that's just me.

Willow said...

Oh, shit yeah. You and me both, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Willow. Thank you so much for being such an eye-opener and helping us persevere. We know exactly what you are talking about, having experienced in our teens the dysaster (yes, "dys-"; see our latest post) of Chernobyl which lead to an unprecedented outbreak of cancer during the following 10 to 15 years, especially among farmers and people making their living off the land. As time went by, the extent of that tragedy was gradually downplayed until it disappeared from the media altogether. "Out of sight, out of mind", they say, and boy is it working again!

Keep it up folks! We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014!

Greg F said...

Thanks for the link to Courtney Love's 'Olympia' song. It is hard to stop it from replaying in your head, isn't it?

I'm with you - 2014 will kick ass in many ways. We're taking names right now!

Happy New Year everybody!

Jason said...

Nice spot on the Pluto Mercury In Capricorn Conjunction,I have the Trine No wonder I have
always been fairly like this. Hopefully this means we will all have more Pluto powers this whole year.

A big thanks for teaching me more and more about gatekeepers. And for mentioning stock market holders. Thats always seemed like a way people try to be involved with something nefarious, thinking they hold no karmic responsibility.

Also enjoyed the stay on the path pictures.. They really fit the article.

Anonymous said...

Willow, thank you so much for articulating so brilliantly what many of us know already. You said it all. You've made me aware of what David Suzuki has been saying, and it is sickening. One thing you didn't mention (and you mentioned almost everything!) is that Japan started burning radioactive garbage about a year after 3/11...Chris Busby on you tube said, this has to be "sinister". this has to be about avoiding lawsuits down the line, by giving everyone Cancer. Also, that the U.S. and Canada have raised the "allowable levels" of radiation in our food and water by a large amount, so that it's very much higher than Japan! That's very telling. Thanks, fellow warrior. So glad you are so eloquent and on our Team. PS. I'm an astrologer so I love your insights into Pluto and so on.

Willow said...

Yes, the allowable limits! That's a big piece of the puzzle. Thanks for mentioning. Also, did not know about the garbage burning!

Anonymous said...

A bit more about the allowable limits issue: there are many online sources to find out more about it, but this one caught my eye, because it was published in 2011 on Berkeley's Dept.of Nuclear Engineering site: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/2162

"The EPA is at it again, they now want to change the "safe" limits of exposure to humans. The EPA wants to raise 'Protective Action Guides' (PAG's) to levels vastly higher than those at which they are currently set allowing for more radioactive contamination of the environment and the general public....This is very disturbing and I wanted the readers of this amazing forum to know this info. Remember, these are the same people who said the air was safe to breathe on 9/11."

There are many fascinating topics raised there. Apparently the forum was closed down in September 2013. The rather ominous header states:

"This forum was hosted by the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department from March 2011 until September 2013. It was an open, anonymous forum where all views were allowed to be expressed. The University in no way endorses the accuracy of the contents nor the views expressed therein. Please read at your own risk."

angelika said...

keep an eye on your dog.
my mother (born 1935) mentioned, that the dog we had 12 years, bite two people in the following weeks after tschernobyl. (we live in austria 1200 km / 745 miles from there). she is not interested in politics or in critizise the establishment and thats why her view is very interesting to me, because its pure observation from what is different and strange or uncommon.
normal or down-to-earth-people sometimes have good information, which resonates with my guts-feeling.
wishes for 2014: "keep barking (and biting the postman/gatekeeper) baby!"
and "enjoy our journeys" to everybody! (even if the road is bumpy sometimes)

Willow said...

Yes, there has been a spike in shark attacks, also.

I was bitten by a dog in town this past summer, and the owner said it was out of character for the dog. Though, the owner WOULD say that so she didn't have to put the dog down.

I personally think any dog that bites people should be put down, but you can't force dog owners to do that, unfortunately.

You can't even force dog owners to keep their dogs tied up/away from public spaces in this town! These huge dogs are just running wild. Yeesh. There's a bylaw, assholes!

Willow said...

Apparently, the radioactive debris from the USS Ronald Reagen was also sent to Hanford, Washington.


"The Reagan sailed around for weeks before they could find a friendly port to land in. By that time the people on board were pretty well toast. And the Reagan itself became contaminated. After that the Reagan spent a year and half in Bremerton, Washington for what they considered to be routine maintenance, but it was anything but routine. They decontaminated the vessel as best they could, and they shipped the contaminated debris over to Hanford."

So there's your spike in anencephalic babies. :-(

kathleen said...

the truth is, it's not david Suzuki not doing the oceanic research Willow, nobody is. I read an article on it the other day. The only stats anyone has are from 2011. Stop trashing people's reputation. The CBC does a lot of good investigative reports or don't you hear those?
Kathleen zinck, writer, editor

Willow said...

So David Suzuki is not responsible for the information he is putting out into the mainstream media?

David Suzuki has both the means to do his own radiation testing AND a public platform from which to call out the government for not doing its own testing. He is doing neither of those things.

So give me a fucking BREAK, Kathleen!

No one is doing the research? False. Independent citizens, scientists, and universities are doing the research. There is PLENTY of information on radiation that has been detected with the Fukushima signature in Canada and the U.S., and I include some of it in the article! Read enenews.com and do some research on your own so that you aren't just furthering the b.s. official lines.

David Suzuki does more than enough to tarnish his own reputation. I'm just pointing it out.

I've worked for the CBC and let me tell you, it is dropping the ball almost across the board on what is really going on on this planet. You can expect that from reporters who are almost all over-privileged, insulated urbanites with cushy government-funded jobs they want to keep nice and secure.

Stop reading Willow's Web Astrology, Kathleen. I'm not interested in your (very weak) commentary.