Saturday, January 4, 2014

Juno in Pisces and the Soul Mate Flow

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Soul mate asteroid Juno entered Pisces on January 1 after spending more than nine months transiting Aquarius, including a retrograde period. Juno will now transit the sign of the fishies until March 4.

Juno is currently forming a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, exact January 8, which adds a bit of a soft-lit, dreamy (and potentially spacey) vibe to the start of our new year. The Moon enters Pisces today at 10:58 a.m. CST, forming conjunctions to both Juno and Neptune, and this increases the "ethereal Piscean glow" effect for the next couple days.

With relationship planet Venus Rx in Capricorn currently restructuring our relationships into top "new era" form, Juno transiting Pisces is giving us a few hot tips on how to move on from the old Piscean-era traps, foibles, mirages, and energy drains.

Juno will conjunct wounded healer Chiron in Pisces on January 25, and we have to be willing to move out of reach of the end-of-Piscean-era siren songs. These lead nowhere. Or nowhere good.

Juno is showing us what we can count on, what we can draw on, and what we can accept into our hearts as the unchanging and unalterable love from the universe. But it's also showing us the ways in which we have been too naïve, too soft, too trusting, too open, too impressionable, too pie-in-sky, too denial-ridden, too giving, or too forgiving.

Over the next two months, Juno is attempting to bring it all back into the loved-up fold.

It is showing us the difference between "good energy" Neptune and Pisces and deceptive, illusory, disappointing, and painful Neptune and Pisces, working only to set us up for a fall.

Juno will form a potent and productive sextile to Venus in Capricorn just as Venus stations direct (January 29 - 31), and these two feminine forces are really getting the job done. One is focusing on the nuts and bolts, advancing through the concrete social and relational reality via earth sign Capricorn. The other is gleaning insight and impressions from the unseen realms in water sign Pisces in order to guide our steps.

In relationships and with money matters, we are either placing our feet on something solid, something that will sustain our long-term advancement, or we are trying to take a step out into thin air.

Spirit is guiding us in immediate ways now, but it is also testing us to determine real from fake.

The merger of Neptune with Juno in Pisces over the next couple weeks indicates that our connections and interactions have a bit of a fated and otherworldly flavour. The people we cross paths with are purposeful, and the universe is speaking through some seemingly chance encounters.

Psychic connections are strong during this transit.

The universe is giving us a gentle nudge, tapping us on the shoulder, and speaking to us through our interactions with others (our soul mates) - even in the smallest of exchanges. Bits of conversation we overhear can provide needed guidance and insight. Dreams are rich with hints about the way forward from here, as well as the meaningful players involved. Songs on the radio can give us clues as far as the relational adjustments and changes required - including moving beyond the pining and maudlin end-of-Pisces influence on romance and love relationships.

For the next two months, we have to read these otherworldly clues, follow the meandering etheric breadcrumb trail, and make the necessary adjustments.

You know what? If things didn't go as you had hoped and dreamed with that last guy or gal, there's a very good reason for that. Those hopes and dreams belong to an era now past, and it's time to rejuvenate, re-invigorate, and rev yourself up for a whole new ball of wax.

In order to understand the complexity of Juno as an astrological symbol, we can delve into the mythology. Juno is associated with Hera, Queen Goddess and wife of philandering Zeus, King of the Gods.

From a previous post:

"What Juno knows is this: Soul mates are not often like the Hollywood or New Age versions. They're actually very hard work. Challenging from many angles. Being connected to someone at a soul level is not always pleasant. And in fact, if the person you're connected to isn't responsible with the power of the position, it can be a straight-up nightmare.

Juno knows this one first hand.

If Zeus was the King of the Gods, Hera was the Queen of the Goddesses - until, that is, she got roped into "little wifey" territory as Zeus' long-suffering bride. Hera was raped and tricked by Zeus into marrying him and was then dragged through the muck and mire as her loyal husband screwed and philandered and stuck it in anything in a skirt."

Juno relates to marriage, bonds, and soul mate relationships but also to the difficult emotional experiences and power dynamics those types of commitments can bring with them.

The "invisible" influence of these difficult, soul-bonded dynamics is particularly a theme as Juno transits Pisces. Being dragged along, being drained, being ignored, being sacrificed in this type of union.

Juno's placement in the birth chart relates to an area where there is a soul-level commitment. It is an area to which we are "married." However, contrary to what most people believe, soul mate relationships are not necessarily meant to be romantic, sexual, or long-term.

In other words, "soul mate" is not synonymous with "blissful true love/lifelong mate."

As I interpret it, the term soul mate refers broadly to a person brought into our lives in order to catalyze or further some type of soul-level work that could not be completed on our own. There is a soul contract there related to something you (and the individual) wish to achieve on a deep level, and it could last a minute, a month, a year, or a lifetime.

Pisces is considered one of the most karmic signs, and this Juno transit through Pisces with Venus retrograde in Capricorn indicates that our soul mate connections are helping us to "finish up" in certain ways, putting old cycles behind us, particularly as they relate to love, social life, and money.

With Juno in Pisces, we are also working with "soul mates" where the connection we have is almost entirely unseen, etheric, and non-tangible. These are individuals we feel some connection to (desired or not) that cannot be fully explained logically. Juno is a complex and often frictional symbol, and this indicates we are working our way out of energetic entanglements we have with people that are almost purely psychic or etheric.

Simultaneously, we are finding sometimes surprising moments of communion as we see evidence of the unbreakable love of the universe, and our spirits are shored up. As relationship planet Venus retrogrades in the sign of structure, we are building spirit right into our relational foundations, and we're doing it the right way.

This January and February, the people we come into contact with - especially spontaneously - have a spiritual connection to us of some sort. Likely, we are working on similar themes, being drawn into each other's orbits to catalyze further progress and insight.

Juno in Pisces forms a lovely trine to Saturn in Scorpio on February 18, providing some water magic for those who have listened and learned all along the way.

Allow the mystery of the Juno in Pisces soul mate connections to unfold on its own without attempting to control the course. View the people coming into your orbit now as soul mates bringing you guidance from spirit - even in the simplest and smallest of interactions. See the connections that draw you into the whole, despite feelings of isolation. And allow the universe to play you a new song for this new year.

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Victoria said...

" But it's also showing us the ways in which we have been too naïve, too soft, too trusting, too open, too impressionable, too pie-in-sky, too denial-ridden, too giving, or too forgiving. "

This so much. Thank you, good info in this article. Funny my dreams lately haven't been about relationships but... alcohol, which I have never cards for but suddenly crave it so much I dream about mojitos and Coke and rum lol. Valentines Day will be interesting for us single folk, I think. New year, new song... love it!

I liked the picture as well.

Thanks Willow!

Victoria said...

"...which I have never cards for..."

Should have been cared for. Friggin Autocorrect thinks it knows what I'm trying to say more than I do.

Greg F said...

Juno is very important in my life too, Willow, and you did an outstanding job here in explaining its current role in Pisces, IMO.

I love the energy I'm getting with this New Moon bump beginning January 1. Juno might be helping too.

Thanks for another great article!

Jessiemo said...

Wow. I am a Capricorn, have been both touched and repeatedly dicked around by a Pisces for a year. Have been deceived and disillusioned but he feels like a soul mate when we're together. I've learnt a lot. Really resonant article.

Jason said...

" Allow the universe to play you a new song for this new year".

Beautifully spoken, even as a DJ... I sometimes forget the mundane is as much song as the ones I play.

Daniel said...

Thanks Willow, a really lovely and nourishing article. Happy New Year!

Leslie R said...

This article gave me chills. You nailed some of the major issues passing through my life, and it has given me a lot of confirmation and hope as I'm looking forward to new creative opportunities. Thank you!