Monday, January 27, 2014

Pouring the Coal to It with the North Node in Earliest Scorpio

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We're currently in the Dark of the Moon period ahead of the Aquarius New Moon on January 30 (3:39 p.m. CST), when the Moon will conjunct the Sun at 10 degrees Aquarius.

The Aquarius New Moon draws to a close a very challenging and tiring lunar cycle which began at the beginning of the year with the New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and Pluto. That one went deep, and it hasn't let go yet.

As January ends and February begins, we have some complex and potentially-challenging manoeuvres to make, especially involving money, relationships, and career advancement. These manoeuvres are going to require all the emotional and psychological sophistication we can muster, as well as all the "stiff upper lip" grit and restraint.

As we move through the Aquarius New Moon portal, we are stepping into a whole new atmosphere for relationships - personal and professional. The current Venus retrograde in Capricorn - the first Venus retrograde following the historic Venus Transit in Gemini in spring 2012 - has structured and re-structured our relationships according to new era rules. We have drawn some new relational lines in the sand. We've set some new standards. We've held out for full respect. We've determined to partner only with those who can and will meet us half way. We've determined to partner only with those who bring as much to the table as we do, who can bring about mutual advancement and success through association.

We are no longer content to live on potential, promise, hope, wishes, or fantasy. We are no longer content to support and feed and prop up partners and relationships that our rational mind tells us will not get us where we wish to go over the long term.

Although Mercury stationing retrograde conjunct Neptune in Pisces (February 6) could be tempting us with some pretty-sounding siren songs and some pretty-looking karmic loops, in Capricorn, we're only interested in real deal, concrete, and "show me the money upfront, honey."

As we move through the Aquarius New Moon into this new relating reality, Venus is stationing direct at 13 degrees Capricorn (January 31 at 2:48 p.m. CST) in a close conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn and opposition to Jupiter Rx in Cancer.

This Venus direct station spins off the last of the relational detritus, the last of the old relating patterns that need to go as we move forward into new personal and professional relationship frameworks. This could create some relational friction, meltdowns, power struggles, or abrupt endings during the last week of January and first half of February – but generally, only if this has been in the works for a while and only if people are still relating according to old rules.

Venus will station within a degree of Pluto in Capricorn, but it will not form an exact conjunction. There's a slow burn underway but no excessive flames.

If the Venus station does kick up some relational angst or air-clearing exchanges in your life, stand back, let it happen, and let it go.

The themes related to the house where Venus is stationing in your natal chart will likely be a strong focus now, if not an obsession. Break that focus, and divert the energy into other channels whenever you can.

Old relationships could appear to be mighty tantalizing territory right about now, as well. Use the energy of this Venus station conjunct Pluto to reinforce to yourself why those relationships broke down in the first place.

We could be tempted (Pluto) to go down some dark and unsuccessful avenues by this station, goaded by our lesser qualities. Don't allow the influence of these lesser qualities to gain traction. Don't succumb to moth-to-flame.

As Venus stations direct conjunct Pluto and opposite Jupiter, readying itself to move onward and upward, we need to make some intuitively-guided moves related to social positioning while holding fast to our own emotional truth.

We have a fabulous opportunity to clear our slates here. This Venus station can have a clean sweep effect, clearing relationships or relationship dynamics that have outlived their usefulness.

Again, though, this is going to require some concentration and some nose-to-grindstone from us at a time when we are just about spent!

We are currently in the process of completing the North Node transit of Scorpio and the South Node transit of Taurus. In February, the North Node will traverse 1 and 0 degrees Scorpio after having spent a year-and-a-half in the sign of all things deep, dark, buried, and difficult. The nodes will shift signs - to Libra/Aries - on February 18. So we're on the home stretch with this Scorpio North Node/Taurus South Node, but the home stretch is also where we get tired. So very tired. We've been pouring the coal to it in Scorpio for a year-and-a-half now, not to mention navigating Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012, and we're starting to wonder how much longer we can keep it up.

With the South Node in the last gasp of Taurus (detrimental focus on money and security), many are feeling financial tightness and fear that are overblown. Things are tight, but in most cases, they aren't that tight. Money fears are triggered yet again with Venus (money) stationing direct conjunct Pluto (terror, hell, worst fears). And Saturn stationing retrograde in Scorpio (March 2) only intensifies the emotional and psychological pressure. This financial strain and anxiety can tempt us to make the wrong moves at the wrong times, and this must be guarded against now.

All this said, don't let up now! Chase down every last twisted gnarl in your life and make it right. Don't soften on the new standards and rules for the people in your life for even a second. Be a hard ass now, setting your relationships straight as Venus goes direct, and you'll thank yourself for it later.

Our new relational positions are in the process of being alchemically set. There are a few more steps to take, a few more adjustments to make, as Venus changes direction, and we will find ourselves being placed and secured into position throughout the month of February. We will also see others coming into new social position and authority. All this will be anchored into place by the final Venus in Capricorn sextile to Saturn in Scorpio on February 24, just after the nodes shift signs.

This is an excerpt from the article "Pouring the Coal to It with the North Node in Earliest Scorpio." The full article is available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons


Willow said...

This Aquarius New Moon is also a Black Moon, the second New Moon in a calendar month. Just in case anyone wanted to know!

Liz said...

Thank you for this amazing piece, dear Willow - it covers absolutely everything for me. Yes - I'm really exhausted, but I'm satisfied too.

Jason said...

glad were almost through, I got Venus Retro Cabin Fever. Am I really gonna be 34 in a few days? lol

Willow said...

Glad to hear it, Liz!

Happy Almost Birthday, Jason!

Jessiemo said...

thanks Willow

Greg F said...

It will be interesting to see what changes this year when the nodes move into Libra/Aries territory. I got my present home when they moved into Scorpio/Taurus in September 2012. (I signed the lease on 9/11!)

The NN will be transiting my Sun/Moon/Neptune/Saturn stellium in Libra this year, and Saturn moves into my Sagittarius 1st House later this year too. It sucks in the 12th.

I feel very positive about 2014. January has been a good one for me so far.

Thanks, Willow!

Cloudia said...

Thanks, Willow for the meaningful insights that do resonate with me.

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
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Victoria said...

I'm so tired and frazzled I dont know what to think anymore. As always, your article was timely and spot-on with relevant helpful advice. Much appreciation for your hard work.

Willow said...

I wrote about the North Node moving into Libra in the second half of the article. Available to patrons.

Donna F. said...

Excellent article, as always. I'm still processing it, and wondering if the lessons I've learned and the actions I've taken were the right (in a karmic sense) ones. My outlook on so many things has changed so drastically in the last three years, and a lot of things that used to seem so important...aren't, anymore. Lots to think about, and I'll be returning to that article many times! Thanks for your hard work and excellent insight, Willow!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Willow, you are so helpful! I am very grateful for your wisdom and wit. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you also, Willow, for tweeting about Philip Seymour Hoffman. RIP to a sweet, talented person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Willow. You are spot on with what has been happening for me. So Glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel-I am an Aires and these last 6 years have been brutal. I so enjoy your blog!