Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Cancer Full Moon Forecast Conjunct Black Moon Lilith: Moody...With a Chance of Switchblade

The Moon is currently growing full in home sweet home Cancer opposite the Capricorn Sun at 25 degrees. The Full Moon will be exact tomorrow night at 10:52 p.m. CST.

This Full Moon falls at lunar apogee, conjunct the astrological symbol Black Moon Lilith, indicating that this sweet and pillowy-soft Cancer Full Moon has a distinct edge about it. The lunar apogee is the point at which the Moon is furthest from Earth in its orbit, so suffice it to say, this Full Moon is way, way out there.

We're being pushed to the furthest reaches of our emotional comfort zones today and tomorrow - and maybe beyond.

Black Moon Lilith relates to the dark, denied feminine/female experience on Planet Earth, so expect some generally denied or avoided emotions of the pitch black variety to be rising to the surface here.

The highly charged influence of Black Moon Lilith makes this a bit of a trigger-happy Full Moon, too. Things could get a little snarly. Raw nerves could be touched without our intention. Give everyone lots of emotional breathing room - including yourself.

Forecast for the next two days: moody...with a chance of switchblade.

(Metaphorical only, of course. Let's not get silly about it.)

The feminine has just about had it, see? The way things are being done on this planet surpassed the insanity point long ago, with the masculine-heavy Pluto in Capricorn bulldozers still razing away, destroying all in their paths for the sake of that mass delusion called fiat currency.

This Full Moon shines a full and uncompromising light on the soul damage done by ambition, greed, and patriarchy-run-amok. Don't look away.

The Moon will conjunct Jupiter (wisdom, truth, knowledge) in Cancer (feminine, mother, emotion) at 11:06 p.m. tonight, drawing its energy into this emotional culmination point. The unheeded feminine perspective, the downplayed women's wisdom, and long-suppressed emotional truths are all wrapped up in this Full Moon, as our emotions are filled to the brim and then spill over.

There is a long lineage being drawn into this Full Moon of feminine resistance, women speaking the truth in the face of tyranny, and the quiet, brilliant knowledge of our mothers. This lineage cannot be broken. It lives in the wind and in the water and in the trees and in the fire. It lives inside us where it's safe. Where it will always be safe. Where no one can touch it, no matter what they try.

Feel the power and strength of this feminine lineage that has supported us all for thousands of years. It's always present, always there, even when it is forced into the shadows. 

Stand in your own emotional truth now, raw bits and all, and protect your position, but give people plenty of space to do the same. Getting too involved in someone else's emotional state is not a wise idea over the next few days, and with the Jupiter-Black Moon Lilith flavour of this Full Moon, it's definitely in our best interests to be wise about it all.

For more on Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith in Cancer from Willow's Web Astrology: Jupiter Enters Cancer at Lunar Apogee: The Wisdom of Our Pitch Blackest Emotional Experiences


Anonymous said...

Love your title: it aroused a knowing laugh. This mother of a moon cjs my Jupiter/Uranus and opposes my Chiron - ouch! With tr Pluto cj my Mars these days/months/years, I'm very careful with sharp objects. Say, today I didn't detach any digits as I took a hatchet to an old cedar fence rail for kindling. Must be doing something right.
As per usual, when I said to myself, I wonder if Willow's about, here you were - those good ol' Scorpy senses.
BTW you heard about the York U debacle, I expect. Me raging Lilith, whoa.

Anonymous said...

Willow, I really want to thank you for all your wisdom these past months. Your timing and advice has helped me navigate a sea of garbage.
If I might offer a noteworthy piece. A few years back, Rosy Bindi, President of the Democratic Party in Italy, responding to Silvio Berlisconi's comment that 'her input wasn't worthy of his attention, as he didn't consider her an attractive woman' was, "I am not a woman for your convenience." Pure brilliance in my book.
It's my mantra, and often invoked these past few weeks. I highly recommend it! )

Angelika Vetter said...

Hi willow,
When i read this, i thought, oh hope i can handle what comes. Its almost to much. No details, but a request: may i ASK You something?
One Orf two thoughts would ne helpful. Is transiting saturn conjunct South Node (at 22 degree 2nd House Scorpio) Working with/through (my?) carmic "dept"?

I would be very thankful for a Short answer. Thank you willow.

Willow said...

Meeting the consequences of past actions/direction would be one layer of the situation.

Scorpio = multiple layers

Angelika Vetter said...


Jason said...

Thanks for the heads up, this did activate for me but in a good way. My neighbors all mostly have substance abuse issues. Well this is mostly a substance abuse place of residence. And everyone must be HIV positive, not everyone has to believe they are as I am the only one here that lives like they are not. Flemister House is the name of the place I live if anyone wants to google. Im real and my situations are real. But I got here since I was a homeless youth.

And since alot of people here mix not only there own medication but self medicate. You get the craziest mood swings and accusations flying. One minute your known for being a non threat and the next people will zip the strangest comments your way, and are literally losing there minds. So I learned with the last person I worked with that had a stroke. That once the mind goes emotions are the only real communicator. These People have never seen me cry. But I did for them on this Full Moon. Because they begin to forget I am not a threat. And My feelings for them are real.

I do love everyone here (venus in Pisces) even if society does not. And I went to a few of my neighbors and cried in front of them saying that I wish I could find something to get them off. And they were so kind back even though they are not always in a clear space I found telepathically sending love and empathy there way really helped. Its like they sensed everything I could not get them to get logically. And in those moments my love grew for them even more.

But there was this intensity before, and I had to break to just cement us in truth and emotion for a moment to show them that Im far from there competition. Im just a guy with emotional problems rather than substance abuse. And this makes me no better, as good intention is good intention.

But I have been accused of the craziest things here, one woman said I was standing over her bed when I asked for the keys to the community kitchen as I had locked mine in. Im gay so obviously her recollection of events are quite skewed to the staff. I still liked her and tried to get her to meet her kids. But its just so complex, my life. But Im proud to get through it and share my Aquarius Leo Axis with people here Kinda be that rock, the guy that is a living example that you can be around substances without being consumed by them. And around auras that are not as stable without being consumed by there energy as well.

Anyway, I hope my post wasnt too long for this area, but it fit here. :)

Greg said...

Thanks for sharing, Jason.

I learned a lot about human frailties living in a similar situation as you. It is a good learning experience if you stay true to your values.