Monday, January 20, 2014

The Sun Enters Aquarius and Black Moon Lilith Opposes in Leo

Photo: Willow

The Sun entered icy cool Aquarius, the sign of its detriment, on January 19, providing us all with some much-needed  s  p  a  c  e.

The Aquarius Sun is squaring the nodal axis, which completes the transit of Scorpio/Taurus on February 18. At the end of this transit, this is a pretty hot and overloaded little axis.

With the North Node of the Moon in early Scorpio and Saturn in late Scorpio, we're focused very intently and very intensely on some deep-down drama and intrigue - personally, on a planetary level, or both. We're not sure how much longer we can hold this intensity, this X-Ray vision making us aware of every last hidden angle, every last suppressed raw point that could trip us up over the long run.

It's all a bit much.

So we get this objective and coolly-detached Aquarian infusion just in time. The Sun will spend the next month in Aquarius (also until February 18), and we will also experience a Mercury retrograde in the sign of the water-bearer.

The space, distance, and emotional detachment of Aquarius come into sharp contrast with the intensity, intimacy, and dog-on-bone conviction we find with Scorpio. You may recall that our last Mercury retrograde period - highly challenging - occurred in Scorpio (October 21 to November 10, 2013) with Mercury making a series of conjunctions to tough cookie Saturn. During the upcoming Mercury retrograde in early Pisces/Aquarius (February 6 to 28, 2014), Mercury will form a series of tense and dynamic square aspects to Saturn in Scorpio. Over the next couple months, we will have the opportunity - whether we like it or not - to employ an extreme level of mental and emotional detachment with a wide-ranging bird's eye view of the very intense proceedings before us now.

This breezy Aquarian infusion is even more important for "even keel" maintenance now, as the wild and raw true calculation of Black Moon Lilith has just started dipping into Leo.

Black Moon Lilith (BML), the astrological symbol representing the lunar apogee, spends about nine months in each of the signs of the zodiac. There are two calculations for Black Moon Lilith - a true calculation and a mean calculation, which is an averaged daily calculation of the movement of the lunar apogee. Both true and mean points can be used in astrological analysis.

The true Black Moon Lilith point is considered the more raw point, the more erratic, unpredictable, and volatile point, moving quickly back and forth, back and forth in the zodiac. It is this true Black Moon Lilith calculation that has now started dipping into Leo, and this is going to start to bring the diva in a big way.

The mean (averaged) calculation of Black Moon Lilith is currently finishing its transit of Cancer and will enter Leo on March 6 for a transit that lasts until December 3, 2014.

The influence of BML in Leo will be felt into March 2015.

So for most of 2014, dark feminine Black Moon Lilith will be transiting Leo, the sign of artistry, creativity, presence, drama, fun, play, children, personality, ego, celebrity, and star power. 

Transiting Black Moon Lilith in Leo does bring the potential for some diva antics (in males and in females), and those diva antics can have a real edge to them, especially if people feel they have not been allowed to shine fully. People who feel passed over or as if they do not receive the full attention and appreciation their talents warrant will be feeling this one acutely, as will anyone with strong Leo natally or in the progressed chart.

Everyone is going to have to watch the ego antics in 2014, as well as any unconscious or underhanded ploys for attention.

Black Moon Lilith relates to the feminine experience that is generally denied, suppressed, marginalized, or otherwise not given its due.

With Black Moon Lilith in Leo, it is the people who do not generally get their full play that will be in the most powerful - yet volatile - positions now. This is empowerment for the people who are digging into the dark stuff, the suppressed stuff, the stuff that makes the mainstream most uncomfortable. This isn't about going for the easy attention, the easy laugh, the easy ego hit. This isn't about mainstream popularity, either.

This is some hard-core, deep-down, shouting it from the margins creative power, busting some shit wide open that desperately needs to be busted open.

With transiting Black Moon Lilith in Leo, we all need plenty of space to let our star power shine this year. If we come into contact with other Big Personalities in the wrong ways, we are certainly going to know it. Sparks! Sizzle! Snarl! This is not the year to crowd anyone on an ego, personality, or creative level. This is not the year to steal anyone else's sunshine.

In particular, Black Moon Lilith in Leo will have the suppressed female ego, female creativity, female personality, and female star power breaking out of some of the old confines.

This could get ugly if we aren't careful.

Some BML in Leo themes include: the toxic nature of celebrity, the alchemical arts, dark ploys of the ego, broken hearts, living from the depths of the heart, difficult and powerful personalities, stars in meltdown mode, inherent and radiating star power, triggers related to being or feeling special, seen, and appreciated, Queen (and King) Bee attitudes run amok, personality clashes, suppressed creativity coming to the surface in explosive and provocative ways, anarchist art, feminist art, art from the margins, art that makes the mainstream uncomfortable, the lineage of arts and crafts made by women, dark truths about children and childhood, coat-tail riding, attempts to undermine the artistry or star power of another, stealing another's thunder, being painfully passed over despite superiour skills and talent, popularity, raw nerves and extreme sensitivity related to our heartfelt creative output, including children.

This is not a placement that enjoys being head-patted in any way, shape, or form. Fair warning.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo has earned her star power. She knows who she is. And Goddess help anyone who steps on her starshine.  

The sometimes-painful Black Moon Lilith in Leo desires for recognition, praise, and attention could be especially stirred during Aquarius season. Leo is a sign ruled by the Sun - a big, bold, radiating presence. But the currently transiting Sun is in detriment in Aquarius, in a sign opposite the one it naturally rules, and this means it can be difficult to achieve the praise, attention, and "specialness" the Sun so craves.

An Aquarius Sun has a presence that is focused on the big picture, on concepts and ideas, on a future vision, on friendship, on the community as a whole, and on being a presence that is of benefit to that community. As a result, the orientation of the self-expression is often conceptual, group-focused, "beyond" the standard interpersonal relations and concerns, and this Sun placement can have difficulty shining fully as an individual at times.

This difficulty could be exacerbated with dispositor Uranus in competitive Aries, increasing the rebellious need for individuality, independence, and a strong sense of self.

The Sun in Aquarius and the extended stay of Mercury in Aquarius will certainly be a help with the intense and potentially volatile energies afoot over the next while, however.

Any fiery Black Moon Lilith in Leo diva action will be kept in check by these transits through Aquarius. After all, Aquarius thinks you're just as special as the next guy!


Lea said...

Thanks for this great "heads up." I have the dates marked. Sounds like the season to speak up and out is arriving. We can do this in style-acknowledging everyone's gifts, talents and insights 9NOT JUST SPOT-LIGHT GRABBING FOR OUR OWN) is a good start from the AquaRian point of view.

Willow said...

We can grab the spotlight...but it has to be for the greater good! haha

Lea said...

Ok. The greater good. Did not intend the caps. I also need to wotk on m65y proofreafing in this next cycle!;)

Lea said...


Willow said...

heehee @ Lea

Anonymous said...

As I read this I was smiling because all of this sound exactly like what I am going through! Or more like, the opportunities for these traits/thoughts to manifest in my personality are suddenly plentiful. In a rather big way!

The more I read though I realized that all of this was hitting a bit too close to home: these are the type of issues I've been trying to figure out all my life. Secretly I am a bit of a megalomaniac and my hunger for recognition is immense, but I've always felt guilty about it. I don't want to be a tyrant. It's just not a very attractive personality trait, so I learned early that the only way to be able to balance that out is to genuinely care about people and treat them with respect and kindness, and wanting to have my talents and abilities put to good use. To not exist or shine just for my own benefit, you know? I want an amazing reputation and to be admired, but I want to truly deserve it by doing good.

So I checked my chart for Lilith and of course she was in Leo, joining my Leo stellium in the 11th house! Guilty as charged!

Lol sorry for the long post. I guess I want to thank you for the insight you've provided me with, as well as the warnings :) I guess I'll be feeling this influence acutely, maybe more so than others, so any additional advice would be greatly appreciated!

Greg F said...

BML in Leo... why it's all about me!

I was born with Black Moon Lilith conjunct Pluto in Leo (17' apart), so maybe this is my year to shine. I'm working on several screenwriting projects this year, so that is in line with Leo the entertainer.

Thanks for another great article, Willow!

Greg F said...

It is so interesting...

Osculating Lilith (true Lilith) is conjunct my natal OL right now in Leo. Synchronicity strikes again.

Josie said...

So this is why I finally, after months of BS, I confronted this nasty hypocritical lying bastard last night, in front of a group of people, to tell him exactly how I felt.

The Leo diva came out strong and loud. Leo Sun here, LOL.

But after someone publicly accuses a good friend of stealing (on Facebook nonetheless), and goes behind their backs to ruin their business and start nasty rumors. And then has the balls to pretend to their face that none of it happened, one reaches a breaking point.

N more fake hugs or smiles. No more pretend.
Thanks for the heads up for the rest of the month, but the head exploded last night. I did find a great dance party to go to to work out any left over angst on the dance floor. :)

Anonymous said...

Great article, Willow. Can't help thinking about how this relates to the Winter Olympics/Vladimir Putin/fear surrounding safety of those at Sochi due to terrorist threats/human rights violations specifically tied to LGBT rights and Pussy Riot.
Should be an interesting, perhaps explosive period with Mercury retro at the start of the games.
Lots of fear mongering in the west about the safety of not just the athletes, but their families. How will this play out for Putin who is the epitome, imo, of the Leo diva? Will this year finally see him toppled from his throne?

On another note, I see Monsanto is introducing the first GMO apple. As I understand it, this GMO apple has nothing to do with producing more fruit to feed more people - it is solely to retard browning of the apple after it is cut - a totally cosmetic gene splicing. The apple - a bogus western symbol of the evil of women if there ever was one. Let's not forget that Adam had Lilith kicked out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to be below him. Adam whined to God about Lilith, got her banished and cursed and whined some more and got Eve.
I can't help but think the symbol of gene splicing the apple will contribute to big upheavels this year.
Then again, transiting Uranus has been sitting on my natal Eris what seems like forever - that's definitely coloring my perceptions.
Thanks for all you do, Willow. Love your writings.

Willow said...

Josie, I would say it's the BML in Leo influence combined with Mercury in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio. No more b.s. tolerance, that's for sure!

Anon, yes, the non-browning apple. Ugh. It has been protested in British Columbia (prime Canadian apple growing territory) for a little while now. Another terrible idea, Monsanto! Congratulations!

Willow said...

Oh, not to mention Venus Rx conjunct Pluto...on the zero b.s. tolerance front.

Greg F said...

As you posted, Willow: "Oh, not to mention Venus Rx conjunct Pluto... on the zero b.s. tolerance front."

I was born with Venus square Pluto, about a 1-2 degree orb, and my B.S. detector works very well after I stopped being overly trustful (Libra sun and moon). I am a bit of a Pollyanna, but...

I still love humanity despite its warts and all, yet I can be snide these days, y'know...

...and I love my anarchist astro-prognosticator friend from Saskatchewan. Be well, Willow!


Anonymous said...

when lilith was in cancer ww were more coward and with leo we will be more couregous in the suppressed areas as I it?

MajMoon said...

Geez my BML is conj my Venus @ 22deg Leo 2nd house..when Saturn hit this point in May if 2007 I lost my husband to suicide, then when my prog Sun hit this point in 2010 I was reborn in love again,10mths later was exiled cause I fell pregnant and refused to abort, was homeless alone and somewhat widowed again..gave birth 4mths later wn tr Lilith was on my it will be my BML return soon and Im dreading it.Im scared..I am very much aware of her energy and am watching her transits/aspects to natal very closely.However on the positive side she did bring me to learn and love astrology