Saturday, April 20, 2013

Building on the Sun-Venus Exterior Conjunction with Jupiter Conjunct the Venus Transit Degree

At the time of the Aries New Moon and Aries stellium earlier this month, Venus was in the sign of its detriment (Aries), and Mars was in the sign of its domicile (also Aries). The females and the feminine (Venus) were in a tough spot, while the males and the masculine (Mars) were living a little easier.

Now, just 10 days later, the tables have turned. Venus is now in the sign of its domicile, Taurus, and Mars entered the sign of its detiment, also Taurus, this morning.

The Sun and Venus are still within range of a conjunction, now in Taurus, and this blesses us with some much-needed ease and congeniality as spring starts to dig in in the northern hemisphere. These bodies were exactly conjunct on March 28 at 8 degrees Aries.

From the Aries New Moon post:

"The exterior conjunction of the Sun and Venus on March 28 was the first conjuction between these two bodies since the interior conjunction on June 5, 2012. That interior conjuction, with Venus retrograde in Gemini, also marked the Venus Transit, an event that will not be experienced again for more than one hundred years.

From a previous post:

"The Venus Transit is an eclipse of the Sun by Venus during which we are able to observe Venus passing across the surface of the Sun as it orbits between the Sun and Earth. Astrologically, this event will be marked by a conjunction of the Sun and Venus retrograde at 15 degrees Gemini on June 5, 2012.

Venus Transits occur in pairs in the same sign, eight years apart (one Venus cycle), and they do not happen often. The last Venus Transit - the pair to this one - occurred June 8, 2004. The most recent Venus Transits prior to the 2004/2012 set occurred December 1874/1882 in Sagittarius. The next set will occur in December 2117 and 2125, also in Sagittarius.

Suffice it to say, it's a noteworthy event during our stay on planet Earth...

[T]his indicates a shift in relationship cycles - one closes, another begins. Because the June 5 Sun-Venus interior conjunction in Gemini is also a Venus Transit, this shift in relationship cycles is profound and far-reaching. The upcoming Venus Transit acts as an official relational backdrop change between astrological eras. As of this event, we're no longer one foot in, one foot out. We officially move beyond Piscean-era relationship ideals and constructs and are propelled into the early stages of a new relationship paradigm - relating within the astrological Aquarian era. New tracks emerge that were previously unavailable. Relationships and we within relationship are not the same coming out of this June."

The March 28 conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Aries indicated a new chapter in Aquarian-era relationship has been opened, fresh and new, stemming from the monumental Venus Transit."

This exterior conjunction of the Sun and Venus in cardinal, initiating Aries injected new life and new direction into relationships, value systems, and money matters, indicating that potent new territory had been reached following the Venus Transit.

Now, with Venus, the Sun, and Mars in fixed and sensual Taurus, we take the new directions and dig in. Taurus is the sign of the bull and the sign of the farmer, and it's our understanding of natural timing that advances the initial sparks of Aries now, particularly in relationship. We're building a relational foundation that will support future progress.

When it's time to cultivate, you cultivate. When it's time to fertilize, you fertilize. When it's time to sow, you sow. When it isn't time for those things, you don't do those things. There's an order and a timing that comes around naturally every year. This is the simple and lovely wisdom of Taurus. Slow and steady wins the race. This slow and steady farmer wisdom and the natural timing associated are applied to both relationships and money matters now, and it's the females and the feminine force most strongly setting the timing and the tone.

Attention to boundaries and personal comfort are important whenever Taurus is strong, and this is the case now, as the Taurus bodies oppose Saturn Rx in Scorpio, which is digging up many uncomfortable creepy crawlies from beneath many rugs.

Sexual and emotional challenges, blocks, and intensity are being stirred now by Saturn in Scorpio, and it's the Taurus energy that helps keep things on the rails, ensuring we don't give up our sexual, emotional, metaphysical, or healing skills too soon, too intensively, in the wrong ways, or to the wrong people.

Saturn is requiring that we dig deeply to determine "what time it really is" in newly organizing Aquarian-era relationships of all kinds. This way, we know when it's time to cultivate, when it's time to fertilize, and when it's time to sow. Listening to and heeding the intuitive voice on this front might be a bit of a drag, but any sticking points or delays coming up now are purposeful. Any gut feelings or little twinges or doubts are purposeful and must be addressed concretely. In general with a Saturn transit, it's best to deal with each obstacle or challenge as it comes up. Anything avoided will simply circle back again at a later time, especially in the sign of Scorpio.

As the Sun and Venus continue to move through the zodiac in their exterior conjunction, in effect into early May, Jupiter in Gemini is conjunct the degree of the Venus Transit at 15 Gemini. The conjunction of this degree is exact April 18-23.

Our greater benefic planet on this degree is yet another nice marker of our new era progress. Jupiter has had a somewhat rough transit in the sign of its detriment, Gemini, taking part in two Yod formations and a long-term square to Chiron in Pisces. But at this point, not only has Jupiter moved out of range of those tricky aspects, it's also moving out of its retrograde shadow April 24, leaving this angsty territory behind.

More good (Jupiter) news (Gemini): Jupiter will make no further tense aspects during its final two months in Gemini.

In fact, the major aspect Jupiter will make is an "ice cream sundae with a cherry on top" sort of aspect - a conjunction to Venus at 23 degrees Gemini on May 28, just after conjuncting Mercury in Gemini. This is the lesser benefic (Venus) and the greater benefic (Jupiter) joining forces, and this one is lovely. Our communications, our words, our networks, and our interactions with local society and siblings (or with those who feel like siblings) are blessed around this time with many beautiful and even miraculous connections and re-connections possible. Misunderstandings - even long-standing - can be lifted under this aspect. Any effort on our part to those ends will be rewarded.

Jupiter enters the sign of its exaltation, Cancer, on June 26 and heads into Grand Water Trine territory immediately after.

We've made it to a new, post-Venus Transit foundation for love, relationship, values, and money matters. Relax into it whenever you can under this Taurus stellium (Sun, Venus, Mars, and soon Mercury), and appreciate the hard work you (and they) have put in to get here.


Greg F said...

Gosh, Willow, it seems like you wrote this article just for me, as it touches on so many points in my life right now.

As you said, Venus and the Sun in Taurus now has calmed my Aries friend, plus the subdued Mars. Her natal 12th house Mars is in Pisces, so Taurus gets along better with the Fishes. Plus, my natal Jupiter is 1 degree from the May 10 eclipse point, which seems beneficial to my future too.

The May 28 Venus-Jupiter conjunction is even more good news, as they trine my Spica Moon at 23 Libra. Yay for May!

Thanks for the good news, Willow. Cheers!

Sofia said...

Hi Willow last year under venus retro somebody almost come back into my life we live apart 2 different state but because of my financial problems we couldnt meet when he agreed to drive down where i live other obstacles were in the way. Jupiter is a major player this year for me along with uranus and pluto my life is about to change so drasticly i have natal pluto in my 2nd in libra uranus is right next to it in scorpio is about to be triggered on the 25thFMLE uranus opposing natal pluto from the 8th and of course i was happen to born with jupiter on my mc in taurus pallas athena is a major player in both eclipses i am about to file a big law suit in L.A the guy i mentioned earlier is double taurus the may9 eclipse will be on hes sun cant wait to see him im accepting some funds to come in soon ill be signing up for the subscription plus purchase a reading my mars not gonna be in a detriment i was born with jupiter mars square mars is in my 9th during the to you soon

Carol said...

Dear Willow,
'An ice cream sundae with a cherry on top!'--is hereby energetically sent to you with every sweet wish the planets can pile onto the plate.

Those who would harsh our marshmellow would do well to change their ways: we'll be so hopped up on a sugar rush, there's no telling what could happen. ;-)

Illegitimi Non Carborundum. Keep well.