Monday, April 15, 2013

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog faithfully, but there's roughly similar information free all over the web. I agree with your GMO stuff, but it's not worth a full subscription. I wonder if others feel similarly. If you're feeling an energy drain, you could ask what's off with the tone of the blog. Why is it not inviting more traffic & more private clients or more community? This has a lot to do with the Pluto Saturn mutual reception at the moment--I personally feel we all have to watch our tendency to lose the wisdom potential here if we give in to being Aries Uranus firebrands, freakin' people out. In the end, it's always about building & deepening relationships while giving up need for absolute control -- this is the secret recipe for Cap-Scorp happiness.

Willow said...

Oh, wow. You seriously need to fuck off.

People like you are EXACTLY the reason I don't like having this blog free to the idiot public.

If you don't think this blog is worth $2.50 per month - the cost of half a Starbucks - you have absolutely no right to be "faithfully" reading here. I don't need your kind of faithful readership.

You're no longer welcome to read this blog. You do so against my will from this point on.

Why don't you try signing you name to that asshole comment, there, Anon?

Willow said...

Charlottesville, Virginia?

Yeah, I see you. You're labelled on my Stat Counter as 'Cheap Ridiculous Cunt.'

Seriously - fuck off if you know what's good for you.

Willow said...

And the energy drain?

It's complete fucks like you who "faithfully" soak up what this blog has to offer without offering anything in return...except for this completely bullshitty and eroding comment.

You think you can get this same astrological and sociopolitical analysis elsewhere on the web?

Then have it. Go there.

You are not welcome here, and people with your attitude are not welcome here.

Marie said...

Oh man, this is great!

Anonymous, honey, I didn't read anything in this post about Willow asking to be told "how to do it right" (aka "stop freaking everybody out!").

And damn, if this entire comment isn't a perfect lesson in how NOT to "build and deepen relationships while giving up the need for absolute control," I don't know what is. Way to go with that Cap-Scorp secret recipe, anon.

Ah well, just another anonymous evangelical "Namaste Nazi" hard at work.

Cleo said...

It's definitely interesting to watch the dynamics going on here.
Thanks for your free posts, Willow, and thanks for the comment, Anonymous.

Willow said...

There's nothing free on this Earth. Someone is paying for it...

I'm really NOT thanking Anonymous for the comment. There's no reason to leave that comment aside from being a straight-up hater.

Willow said...

I'd also like to point out, following in Marie's direction, that I'm not talking about readings or "a community" in this post. This is strictly about the blog and subscriptions to the blog.

There's not a thing wrong with "the tone" of this blog. It's exactly how I want it to be...except for the fucks like Anonymous here.

I pare my readership down to get rid of idiots, not add to it.

Because, as you might now be understanding, I don't want people like Anonymous around, and I certainly don't want to "build and deepen" any relationships with people like this.

But thanks for the sage business advice, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had a similar exchange, via text message, someone I had never met telling me how unprofessional I was , blah, blah, blah. I texted her back, saying how happy I was to have found out early what type of person she was because I didn't want another pain in the ass client.
By the way, I'm a holistic vet and the majority of my work is helping animals die. I guess us Scorpionic energy workers are finally standing up to the bullshit!
You go sister!

Willow said...

Anon 9:11:

"I texted her back, saying how happy I was to have found out early what type of person she was because I didn't want another pain in the ass client."

Exactly my feelings! I don't WANT these people around. I don't want to do readings for them. I'd be happy if they cleared out entirely.

And I'm so very thankful that what we do goes beyond the standard b.s. business model. I'm not sure why "being professional" means having to put up with crap from overly entitled, ridiculous asshats. It doesn't in my world!

So you go, too, my Scorpionic sistah!

Willow said...

And I'm also sending out some props to Marie for introducing me to this perfect, perfect term:

Namaste Nazi

So appropos since New Age is the spirtual arm of fascism and Hitler was a big fan of Blavatsky. ha.

I hope you don't mind if I use this from time to time!

Marie said...

LoL... I knew you'd grok with that term! You hope I don't mind if you use it? Oh, girl, I'd be thrilled to see you rock that term! Go for it ;)

And just for posterity's sake, a little story on how that term came to be:

I once rented office space (where I did astrological readings) from a woman who ran a yoga/spirituality center (which was actually her personal palace where she, the yoga superstar wannabe, held court).

One day she knocked on my door to inform me, with great spiritual wisdom and kindness and forbearance, that she was "releasing me" from my lease and that I had 10 days to get out.

When I, surprised as shit, asked why, she said... wait for it... because I drank coffee AND I laughed too much with my clients before and after my readings as we were standing in the hall next to the yoga studio (the laughing disturbed her students).

Yes. Laughing was disturbing her students. But even more worrisome to her was the fact that the coffee I was drinking in the building was causing disturbances in the energetic bodies of her yoga students.

She could handle that type of disturbance, of course, because she had "done the work" to make herself superior to the influence of caffeine. But her poor students were suffering and their practices were being stunted by the fact that I was unthinkingly bringing the evil of caffeine into a sacred space.

She could forgive me for my being unenlightened, and even for being a "laughing person," but the coffee... oh, the horror. So, she simply had to take action to remove me in order to protect her students.

So, of course, I said, "Um, okay. But we both know that there's nothing in the lease that says I can't drink coffee in my office. Right?"

To which she responded, with an indulgent sigh: "Our earthly leases are always superseded by our spiritual one."


OH-H-H! I didn't KNOW that, says I(since, of course, I'm so unenlightened and giddy with caffeine-induced hysteria).

Wow, says I, thank you for letting me know this is how the world works!

As in, thank you so much for giving us the secret recipe for Cap-Scorp happiness... for telling us that it's always about building and deepening relationships while giving up the need for absolute control... for telling us to quit freaking people out... for asking us to watch our tendency to lose the wisdom potential... etc, etc, ET-freakin-CETERA.

ANY way...

A few more pleasantries later, our business concluded, she put her hands together, bowed ever so correctly and said, Namaste.

So, I put my hands together, bowed ever so correctly and said, You Freakin' Nazi.


I packed up and left the office space, laughing all the way. I also continued to drink coffee and therefore, have managed (thankfully) to remain quite unenlightened.

She has moved into a much bigger downward dog palace, after having become somewhat yogafabulously famous (which is where I'm going to stop in order to protect myself from liable.

And we all lived happily ever after.

So, yeah. "Namaste Nazi."

To Willow and all her readers: Give it a place in your arsenal of words. Use it often. Use it well.


I have absolutely nothing against the practice of yoga. I just can't stand assholes who practice yoga.

I do apologize for writing such a long comment. I don't know what came over me. Must have been the coffee...

Willow said...


OMG, Marie, thanks for sharing that. That story is gold. Pure. Solid. Gold.

Marie said...

Just here to help...