Friday, April 12, 2013

Pluto Rx and the Requirement To Go Deeper

Pluto goes retrograde today at 11 degrees Capricorn (2:35 p.m. CST), requiring that we go deeper and stealthier in our Plutonic unearthing processes.

Pluto is direct for about six months of the year and retrograde for about six months of the year. It will go back over territory it's already covered in the sign of business, government, structure, and hierarchy until September 20, 2013. Until then, the process of structural metamorphosis goes further underground, with a stronger focus on inner landscapes. (I generally prefer Pluto Rx to Pluto direct, as it seems to be a more natural movement for Pluto.)

In order to be truly effective now, we have to be working with roots, and we have to be making the potent connections.

People aren't interested unless it affects them. All this affects them, but the meaningful connections are being kept purposefully obscured and buried. The full Plutonic context, and their full Plutonic context, are being kept from people.

Our job, as Pluto backs into its third of seven squares to Uranus in Aries May 20, is to keep uncovering, unearthing, and examining the full reality of the situation, warts and all. To keep exposing it to the light of day, as uncomfortable as that process may be.


Ceres, the dwarf planet related to agriculture, grains, and the fertility of the Earth, is back in Cancer, forming a cardinal t-square with Uranus and Pluto. This t-square will be exact May 5 - 7, 2013 and will still be strongly in effect during the third Uranus-Pluto square.

Food and agriculture issues are crucially important at this time - though most are completely unaware of the epic battles playing out.

Cancer Sun nations Canada and the United States are the potent, primary battlegrounds on issues related to the genetic modification of our food. These are the litmus test nations now, with Ceres conjunct their Cancer Suns.

Genetically modified alfalfa, scheduled to be unleashed in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, as early as this spring, has the ability to genetically contaminate most of our food supply. GM alfalfa has been grown in the United States for the past two growing seasons and already makes up to 70% of the crop in some states.

Anti-GM alfalfa rallies were held across Canada on April 9, spearheaded by the National Farmers Union and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

These rallies got the issue of GM alfalfa on the public map to a certain extent, but only for a split second. Only for a minute-long news story or via a weak, poorly-researched newspaper article.

The cross-Canada rallies were a failure as far as making GM alfalfa an issue for all citizens, rather than strictly a "farm issue." They were a failure as far as catalyzing new leadership and providing a platform for new voices and new information within the anti-GMO movement.

The issue of genetic modification of our food is being funneled, in Canada, through an establishment-template communications framework called CBAN or the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

Under this framework, information is carefully controlled to include only the least incendiary and most widely-palatable bits. Instead of a diverse group of well-educated people speaking out on this issue across the country, media are directed to a single communications person or a small handful of carefully-vetted farmers whose livelihoods are directly affected.

With Jupiter transiting Gemini, we need many voices, many perspectives being heard publicly through media. Making the issue broader, hitting people at the fridge and at the fork, is a necessity.

But what we have is a single lobbyist and a handful of farmers sending the same messages over and over again through media. These messages do not make the leap. They don't make the necessary connections among alfalfa, hay, animals, fertilizer, soil, farmers, food, supermarkets, and citizens cooking and eating their daily meals. They do not facilitate the cross-over we need as far as catalyzing the entire eating public on this issue.

And so we see the friction in this cardinal t-square. We need leadership and bold, immediate, new direction in the fight against genetic contamination of our food supply, but much of this is coming from the same templates and structures we are attempting to change. Much of it plays by the rules of establishment structures.

The old protest techniques and the standard channels for protest aren't going to get the job done now. We need to go beyond them, to complement them, as well as revamp and reinvigorate them.

The vast majority of people on this planet opposes the insidious genetic modification that is going on with our food, but those voices are not gaining the traction they need. We're butting up against politically-charged and often tongue-tied communications structures - outdated, corporate, and hierarchical.

This will not do, and it will not get the job done.

We need every voice raised on this issue in an immediate, undeniable, irrefutable global cacophony, and we need to keep these voices raised. We don't need public relations flaks controlling the flow of information or watering down the messages sent to the public. We don't need figureheads - farmer or otherwise - to legitimize this issue.

We need raw, messy, real, potent, effective, and undeniable.

We need to dig and dig and dig some more, repeatedly offering our findings on a silver platter to the consuming public.

And that's not what we get from a cleansed communications network following the template of establishment communications.

We get communications figureheads controlling who can say what and when. We get "official spokespeople" who keep the issue far too narrow to be truly effective. We get people jockeying for position politically within the protest movement, with paid lobbyists motivated, above all else, to keep their jobs.

You can see the complexity of these times and the challenges with which we're faced.

All hierarchical structures are failing us, and this includes hierarchical structures within protest movements. All established structures have poisonous power dynamics inherent within them that can keep us from reaching mutual goals. Most of our established structures are about control, and this includes established communications structures.

We need to bust out of this follow-the-leader Pluto in Capricorn template, but we have to understand how far and how deep the icy fingers of the control structures really go in order to do that.

No one controls my voice. No one controls your voice. And anyone who tries is working from a pitifully outdated set of rules...

Mercury enters Aries tomorrow evening, conjunct Uranus April 20 and square Pluto April 21, and the "new voices/old structures" themes are right in our faces.

Pluto goes direct September 20 at 8 degrees Capricorn within a smoking-potent sextile to Saturn, Venus, and the North Node at 8 degrees Scorpio.


Anonymous said...

I have Pluto transiting my 2nd house Capricorn where in lies my natal Jupiter at 23 degrees. Is this a values and financial death, transformation and re-birth ?

wotching said...

"But what we have is a single lobbyist and a handful of farmers sending the same messages over and over again through media. These messages do not make the leap. They don't make the necessary connections among alfalfa, hay, animals, fertilizer, soil, farmers, food, supermarkets, and citizens cooking and eating their daily meals. They do not facilitate the cross-over we need as far as catalyzing the entire eating public on this issue."

Whoa, way to lift me out of my despair.

A terrific rallying cry here to all that urgently needs addressing re. our food system. It's a time like no other for us to connect the dots, educate ourselves and each other by speaking out and catalyzing our need to taking a stand against GMO foods and making the kind of difference that matters.

Thank you, Willow, for your brilliance -- once again.

Lea said...

Thank you for the heads - up about the Plutonic-Ceres situation that is The Real Issue right now. No one else sees it as you do, if at all.
Personally, with all the stuff demanding my time and attention at this phase of the cosmic wheel, I have had to pay a lot of attention to how I am spending my time (and money). Healthcare /nationalized healthcare in the US was my prime concern and training ground since 2005. That was what re-started the "activist fire" that has always been in my soul.
Nuclear energy, gun control, peace vs war, FRACKING, human slavery---such big topics that are worthy and compelling and that I have links to energetically and through other activists have all had my attention and concern for several years. along with the GMO travesty.
However, your speaking up and out,and my listening to you,(becasue I so trust what you see and how you see it) has caused me to search my soul (with Ceres in my 9th House having a lot, no doubt, to do with what I found).
The health and safety of this planet Herself, the very source and sustain-er of our very physical bodies and therefore, our lives, is clearly, at least for me and my inner reality,the One, the Top, the Crucial issue demanding I set everything else into second place for the foreseeable future, and with the small amount of time and energy that I have---to devote myself to the GMO debacle and to supporting the organic movement to help people understand their way into safety and out of the feeling of helplessness that corporate take-over can threaten one with.

Here is a link to the article I posted this morning on my blog that is short and sweet and others can pass on:
Smiles to you, Willow

Anonymous said...

It's true that people don't much care unless something affects them directly. In the case of GMO's & other toxic operations, what I encounter when I try to talk with people is often some version of "oh, they wouldn't do (or allow) that if it wasn't safe..." I've heard that one when I try to talk about chemtrails, too. Or else, perhaps convinced of their helplessness, they shrug & say "what're you going to do?" & accept it.
At that point, all I can do is remind them that they can refuse to grow or consume GMO products, that almost anyone can grow some kind of garden for good, clean food.
Fear has a lot to do with the farming end of the GMO/agri-biz, as farmers are afraid they won't make enough to pay the bankers unless they grow the latest "competitive" crop being promoted by suppliers & depts. of agriculture. So in goes the GMO canola, & the chemical soup that supports it, & the game goes on.
But we must keep speaking up, leading first by example.

Locus Beatus said...

I keep banging on endlessly about all this stuff, and have converted a few people who are now taking these issues seriously, who were ignorant of them before. I first became aware in the late 60s, so have a long experience of research in this area - also of how difficult it is to wean even educated people off their acceptance of the status quo.

Will, the best work in Ceres-related issues is being done on Facebook, primarily by pages such as Occupy Monsanto and pesticideposse. They and pages or their ilk are reaching more and more people daily. Almost all the people I've educated have been on my eponymous astro page there.

I do wish you too would have a presence there on FB, not least so we can link more people to articles and blog posts such as this one. You would reach a lot more people that way, whatever reservations you may have for FB. And your voice, your so clear and well-informed voice on this issue, needs to be heard!

Locus Beatus said...

Scary though these are, it's important such matters get publicised and discussed:

Control of the seed supply:

and poisoning by heavy metals and pesticides:

Firehorse said...

Just passed on a post about Whole Foods making deal with Monsanto. We may need to invest in flamethrowers to burn the crops. Is everybody blind and deaf? I would like to link your articles on social media. People in US need to know situation in Canada as well.

Victor said...

This is cool!