Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mercury Enters Aries, and We're Giddy With Relief

Communication and intelligence planet Mercury concludes its extended stay in the sign of its fall, Pisces, in the late evening of April 13 (CST). Mercury entering Aries marks the conclusion of one very long and often taxing Mercury transit and retrograde through the sign of the fishies. Mercury has been in Pisces since February 5 with a retrograde period between February 23 and March 17. It will now transit Aries until May 1.

As Monday rolls around and the work week begins, Mercury is firmly in Aries, and we have a much-needed fresh outlook, along with new perspective thanks to the retrograde. The last lingering ghosts and points of end-of-era desolation are released from our over-stressed minds, and we start to get charged up by what's ahead. Mentally, we're in new territory, and after the soggy, foggy, confusing, meandering, and often painful Mercury transit through Pisces, this could not be more welcome news. (Maybe we can get rid of our snow now?)

From a previous post:

"We started 2013 with a heavy, pressurized, and sometimes beastly Pluto-infused stellium in Capricorn. Then we had the highly-stressed Jupiter in Gemini station within two challenging Yod formations and a square to Chiron in Pisces. That morphed into a massive stellium in Pisces, coloured strongly by the pain and dysfunction of Chiron in Pisces. And as if that weren't arduous enough, we also had the three-week Mercury retrograde in the sign of its fall, Pisces.

The Mercury retrograde period has brought us through the mental and verbal dregs with Mercury moving backward in a sign in which it is not the most effective, touching wounded healer Chiron and stirring many ouchy issues.

We've been experiencing an often uninspiring mental and verbal backwash during this retrograde in Pisces, but that now comes to an end."

Continuing the alleviation of mental and psychic stress, Jupiter in Gemini has now pushed its way out of the double Yod formations, as well as the square to Chiron in Pisces, though there are lingering effects into late April. Those aspects were all harsh angles and awkward exchanges and headaches and mind fog this winter, but they also did some very big things and got some very important points across.

The Yods and the Jupiter-Chiron square were prominent during the seven-body Pisces stellium of February/March 2013, and they were epic, to say the least. Extremely stressful at times, but also catalyzing huge progress and movement, especially via communication, information, and local neighbourhood goings-on. If we navigated the harshness successfully, conversations were had and connections were made that will have long-term beneficial effects. We busted some things loose that needed to be busted loose. We got things moving in ways they needed to get moving. Things were said and understood that needed to be said and understood.

Jupiter leaves its retrograde shadow and enters fresh degrees of Gemini on April 25. It will blast through the second half of the sign, entering Cancer June 26. Jupiter has some fresh blessings to bestow via communication, networking, writing, speaking, messages, information, transportation, local society, siblings and people who feel like siblings. Be on the lookout for new opportunities and inspiration along these lines, with an especially potent good luck/good vibes time around May 28 as Venus and Jupiter, both benefic planets, form a conjuction at 23 degrees Gemini, along with Mercury and Black Moon Lilith. Conversations and communcations are blessed.

Mercury is the last personal planet to leave Pisces after the seven-body stellium. Now, only Chiron and Neptune remain. As Mercury enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the sign of new life, we officially put the winter of 2013 behind us. We shake off the last of the mental hauntings from the very tough opening to this post-End Times year, and we look ahead. This is a big ingress, but we'll likely be too busy and too in-the-moment to notice. Just how Aries likes it.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries April 20, triggering bold and radical new ideas and the dissemination of information that leads in new directions. Mercury squares Pluto in Capricorn on April 21, giving us new perspective on the inky, corporate-governmental machine we're working with - challenges and cautions, as well as the best ways to get our messages and information across moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Giddy with relief is right, says this Virgo rising with Mercury in Gemini. Nightmare transit.

Your posts about the tricky yods and all the Pisces have really helped me, Willow. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the end of the heavy Pisces stuff! I'm a Sagg with Uranus in Gemini opposing my sun/Mercury, & this has been a rough many weeks. Got thumped by the messenger known as illness ('flu+) - realized I'd let my life become too small & narrow, among other things. Chiron & Neptune in Pisces I can work with, I think - look forward to Jupiter's summer transit, across my north node & ascendant. That's always been a positive time for me.
Wish I knew how to do "weather astrology",as I too sit contemplating February snowbanks/cold in April.
Thank-you for your insightful work, Willow. I've been working with astrology for about 40 years, & I believe it's in good hands with our young astrologers, of whom you're one of the very best.