Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two New Moons in Gemini and a Venus Transit Sandwiched Between: Entering a Whole New Context

The Sun and Moon form a conjunction in earliest Gemini on May 20, marking a zero degree Gemini New Moon. This is the first of two New Moons in the sign (the second falls at 28 degrees Gemini on June 19), putting a major focus on the sign of the twins over the next two months.

Venus has also just gone retrograde in Gemini (May 15). The Sun will move out of this New Moon and into an interior conjunction with Venus Rx on June 5. Venus will be at perigee at the time of this conjunction - at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. If you've gotten into all that SuperMoon hoopla, this would be like SuperVenus. Not only that, but we also experience a major astronomical/astrological event at that time referred to as the Venus Transit. SuperDuperVenus.

The Venus Transit is, in basic terms, an eclipse of the Sun by Venus during which we on Earth will be able to see Venus moving across the face of the Sun.

Venus Transits happen in pairs - the last one occurred in June 2004 - but it will take more than 100 years for this alignment of the Sun, Venus, and Earth to form again.

Wherever Gemini falls in your natal chart is an area that is absolutely ripe for new experiences, connections, and opportunities. There is a major backdrop change going on there, and in this area of life, in particular, you will be opening into an entirely new intellectual framework.

Gemini relates to: talking! It is a sign that strives, above all, to connect. It is the sign of gathering and passing on information, networking, socializing, telephoning, instant messaging, gossiping, and generally keeping society buzzing and humming. Coming out of this May and June, we're looking for new avenues for all those things.

Communication skills are increasingly prominent, as is interacting with people with whom you share a mutual understanding and intellectual rapport.

Booty-shaking compatibility might have been enough during the Venus in Scorpio relationship cycle (now being discharged), but it's not going to cut it under Venus in Gemini.

The double dose of New Moon energy in Gemini combined with the Venus retrograde and Venus Transit in Gemini indicate the making of powerful new connections this spring and summer, connections from the soul. Gemini is a sign that enjoys intellectual stimulation and rapport, and forming new relationships, as well as enhancing existing relationships, along these lines will be increasingly important. The isolation that has been so prominent for so many during the past years starts to be alleviated with all the Gemini emphasis.

Gemini is a sign related to context and the understanding of one's own context. It can be very challenging to keep up on this considering the times of exponential change through which we are living. With these New Moons and the Venus Transit sandwiched between, we burst forward into a new understanding of our own daily context and relevance. The connections being made and the information and perspectives cross-pollinating help to enhance this understanding, particularly of how we fit within local societies and neighborhoods.

New networks will be actively formed as we enter a vast new relationship cycle infused with the potency of the Venus Transit. Conditions are right for new connections, new societies, and new associations to get off the ground, though there is a focus on the immediate, the informal, and the less structured. In addition, with the influence of Uranus in Aries, it is only while being true to ourselves and our own perspectives right down to the last, rough edge that the society we keep will feel right. There is a strong and continuing requirement to determine karass from false karass.

Coming out of these New Moons, new mental circuitry finds connection points and starts to hum, old communication patterns are shed, and there is some natural social regrouping and re-organization as we move into new intellectual and societal frequencies. New society forms according to these frequencies and what hits our ears as exactly correct for the times.

This Gemini New Moon also kicks into high gear the major influx of mutable energy in the zodiac. As of May 20, we have officially entered two months of Mutable Madness when many of the personal planets, as well as Chiron and Neptune, are in mutable signs.

From a previous post:

"“Mutable” basically means “transitional,” and stakes are being pulled up on a number of fronts as we move through major transition this spring and early summer.

A predominance of mutable energy can create chaos, ineffectiveness, and confusion, and Mars will have its work cut out for it keeping things in some semblance of practical Virgoan order. Everyone will have to keep a close eye on anxiety and stress levels within this state of flux.

With this much mutable energy at play, the goals are to stay loose, stay fluid, stay adaptable, and keep making practical progress wherever and whenever you can. Things might not go as planned, but acting and reacting keenly to subtle changes from moment-to-moment keeps us in the game."

Falling between the two Gemini New Moons (on May 20 and June 19) is an equally potent Full Moon partial lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that happens June 4, just one day prior to the beginning of the Venus Transit.

At the time of the June 4 Full Moon eclipse, the Sun will be conjunct Venus Rx in Gemini, and both bodies will oppose the Moon in Sagittarius. Mars in Virgo will form a tight t-square with these bodies. Mercury will be in Gemini. The North Node will be in Sagittarius, and the South Node will be in Gemini. Chiron and Neptune will be in Pisces. This Full Moon brings the mutable, anything-can-happen energy to a fevered pitch, as every personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) will be in mutable signs, along with Chiron and Neptune.

The second Gemini New Moon June 19 is also blisteringly potent, falling just before the summer solstice when the Sun entering Cancer will form a cardinal t-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Coming out of this second Gemini New Moon, we experience the solstice June 20, the first of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares June 24, Saturn direct at 22 degrees Libra June 25, and Venus direct at 7 degrees Gemini June 27.

I don't think we could have a dull and uninteresting time over the next two months if we tried.


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The isolation that has been so prominent for so many during the past years starts to be alleviated with all the Gemini emphasis.

Thank God!! :)

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Ha. Love it.

Edi said...

Right about now, "dull and uninteresting" wld be such a welcomed relief!!! Whew....