Monday, May 7, 2012

Jupiter Returns to the Point of the Last Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter is on its way to the 22nd degree of Taurus (May 8 - 12), which marks not only a conjunction to Sedna but also a return to the position of the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 2000.

Jupiter and Saturn interact in 20-year cycles. Jupiter makes one pass through the zodiac every 12 years. Saturn makes one pass through the zodiac every 29 years. Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the zodiac and form a conjunction, opening a new cycle that takes 20 years to reach completion.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle that opens is related to a broad expansion and vision, particularly in areas pertaining to the house in which the conjunction falls in the natal chart, but an expansion and vision that take 20 years to be fully realized. This cycle involves the interplay between expansion and restriction, risk-taking and caution, buoyant, forward-thinking and sometimes sobering realities.

Jupiter is the bringer of big ideas and grand plans while Saturn works with the difficulties of making those grand plans a concrete reality. Jupiter is the ideas man. Saturn sets the course to get there and then makes sure that course is committed to and followed with no skipped steps.

The exciting and inspirational broadening of horizons initiated with the opening of the cycle must be brought about gradually, responsibly, over the course of time. This always takes longer than Jupiter would like. The Saturnine nature of the expansion is so gradual, in fact, that we can often lose sight of the bigger picture. This week, we get a reminder of where we are, reinforced by the Sun in Taurus crossing this point and conjuncting Jupiter May 13.  

On May 28, 2000, Jupiter and Saturn formed a conjunction at 22 Taurus, an area of the zodiac related to the master builder. Whatever was initiated at that time - at the turn of the millenium - was a grand work, something that required the development of true craftsmanship to bring into reality. In part, this cycle involves the building of a solid link between the astrological Piscean and Aquarian eras. That link must be built correctly, from earliest foundation all the way to the finish line, and this cycle requires patience, endurance, and stubborn perseverance as we navigate the often difficult transition between eras.

Jupiter has now made one full pass through the zodiac since the conjunction – 12 years – and returns to 22 Taurus this week. This provides a boost for the big Jupiter-Saturn project going on in our lives, a further expansion and also a progress report related to the direction that was initiated in 2000. 

The movement of Jupiter across this degree comes with further benefit as the final Grand Earth Trine involving Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn forms along with Mercury in Taurus May 13 - 16.

The remaining eight years of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle coincide with the new eight-year Venus in Gemini cycle, involving the Venus Transit June 5/6, that we are now entering. This indicates big movement, many new connections, and some often magical happenings over the next eight years. Venus goes retrograde at 23 Gemini May 15.

The current cycle comes to a point of completion with the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020 at 0 degrees Aquarius. At that point, if we've followed the course responsibly and to the end, we have cemented a solid foundation for the astrological Aquarian era and the shift into a full Aquarian energetic overlay.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions 1900-2100:

November 28, 1901 – 13 degrees Capricorn

September 10, 1921 – 26 degrees Virgo

August 7, 1940 – 14 degrees Taurus

February 18, 1961 – 25 degrees Capricorn

December 31, 1980 – 9 degrees Libra

May 28, 2000 – 22 degrees Taurus

December 21, 2020 - 0 degrees Aquarius

October 31, 2040 – 17 degrees Libra

April 7, 2060 - 0 degrees Gemini

March 14, 2080 - 11 degrees Aquarius


Willow said...

Honestly, this is just too much earth energy for the likes of me...

Deb said...

Ha, yeah. It's a bit sobering but sometimes humorous... Hang in there.

:) Deb

Lea said...

Amazing. Very helpful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

lovely bigness

Edi said...

Super sobering....

Edi said...

Don't know whether it's appropriate share here as a comment, but this post is ringing so true for me Willow..

Feeling the depth of frustration the last week..... coming to a full inner fireworksy angst display today of discontent and dissatisfaction with not only the status quo (external) but also 'where I am' (internal).

Seemingly knowing/intuiting what yet remains to be accomplished in the next umpteen years as a life goal/purpose (Jupiter) and absolutely feeling the reigns holding me riiiight back (Saturn).

Is anyone else seeing everything with too much clarity that it hurts? And simultaneously bombarded by your own disillusions and monkey mind....?

Willow said...

Sounds like the super dose of earth we're getting, Edi, especially with Pluto in Cap and Mars in Virgo involved.

It's a bit much at times.

Things start to shift (rapidly) by next Sunday as the Grand Earth Trine loosens, the Sun moves into Gemini, and we experience the zero degree Gemini New Moon.

Just hunker down and let this earth stuff have its way with you until then! It's positioning us accurately, but it's kind of "guh" as it happens.

Willow said...

Oh, and Chiron in Pisces is also involved strongly here, so yeah - tail-end astrological Piscean illusions falling, and it's cutting deeply.

Edi said...

Hey Willow, just relistened to the reading we did in early Feb. You touched on this time being a killer. Hate that you were right.

Good thing you are a Via Combusta warrior illuminating us on Super Duper Venuses and the lot. Still smiling on that one ;) Ta for your dedication.