Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sun in Gemini Heads to a Conjunction with the South Node: Lay Off the Mental Junk Food

The Sun is heading to a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and the South Node of the Moon at 5 degrees Gemini (exact May 25 and strongly in effect into early June). This forms a square to Neptune in Pisces, and the combination of energies has a very odd and highly-charged effect on mental function, conversation, writing, and general communications.

It's hard to know what thoughts to express and what ones to let slip off into the ethers. Should I write it or shouldn't I write it? Should I say something or should I keep it zipped? There is a feeling of being mentally pulled in two or more directions, and this is taxing. Unwanted, invasive thoughts are a possibility with the Sun-Black Moon Lilith-South Node in Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces, and fending them off can be a drain.

All the mental stress can cause momentary blank-outs, so make the effort to keep yourself in the here and now, particulary while driving. As long as you're safe, you're free to ride the waves...

The Gemini Sun is also sextile Uranus in Aries (exact May 28), and this creates a sometimes overbearing manic charge with thoughts popping around in our brains like popcorn kernels, seeking an outlet.

Mercury is holding things somewhat steady at the tail-end of earthy Taurus, but the messenger planet moves into Gemini May 24, squaring Neptune, conjuncting the Sun, South Node, and Black Moon Lilith, and sextiling Uranus in Aries, and we're going to be fighting to maintain any sort of mental stability and calm. Keeping our thoughts from running us will be a challenge.

We've had a major influx of new Gemini energy - related to talking, thinking, writing, connecting, interacting, networking, zipping around in our local societies - with the New Moon eclipse on May 20, and that just gets more amped up with the Venus Transit June 5/6 and a second New Moon in the sign June 19.

With the influence of the South Node conjunct Black Moon Lilith, there are major pitfalls related to certain expressions of the sign of Gemini - in those very same arenas of talking, thinking, writing, connecting, interacting, bopping around in our neighbourhoods. We're impelled to make daily connections and to keep things mixing and moving with all the Gemini influence, but certain conversations are bound for unpleasant results, and certain connections should be skipped or discontinued altogether. Determining which is which will keep even the most Geminian soul busy these days.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct the South Node is almost overwhelmingly powerful into early June. People are itching for a tongue wag. There are conversations that need to be had and air that needs to be cleared, but words are highly charged, and letting slip momentarily with a pitch black piece of perspective or information - no matter how satisfying in the moment - can create huge, long-term ripple effects. We're no shrinking violets with all this BML, but it's wise to watch our tongues very carefully.

The internet, in particular, is a Gemini South Node quagmire. There are plenty of potential diversions and misdirections of mental/verbal energy that can come back on us in angsty, irritating, or draining ways.

The frenetic, constant communication, sound-bite versions of Gemini have been tamed to a certain extent by the North Node in Sagittarius/South Node in Gemini (March 3, 2011 - August 29, 2012). The huge glut of constantly updating information has been stemmed somewhat - or people have at least taken their leave of a lot of it. But there are still plenty of hot spot South Node draws in this arena. There are many places on the worldwide web we should just stay away from, many sources of information, entertainment, and perspective that are not good for us to be around - and for some, this blog may be one of them! But the South Node is like moth to flame, and it will be difficult to refuse old draws, old connections, old gossip, old society, old mental pathways.

A lot of the information out there is the equivalent of mental or verbal junk food, and with all the mental stress going on, we'll be tempted to gorge ourselves. There's nothing wrong with eating a bag of kettle chips once in a while - but this South Node is going to be tempting us to do it daily, and then add a Big Mac, fries, and milkshake to it.

This is the differentiation between information that nourishes and satisfies and the kind that leaves us empty, craving, looking for repeated fixes.

Being aware of mental addictions and information habits and managing them wisely keeps the balance with this nodal axis. Avoid conversations that go nowhere, and avoid the types of charged connections that lead to the magnetic quagmire zone.


david5379 said...

really good to know, I have gemini moon and south node(not conjunct), so I am already prone to the worst of this as it is, oh boy

Anonymous said...

That was great Willow! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

me, too. black moon in gemini conjunct the 4th house cusp, mercury in aquarius in the 12th.

Deb said...

One thing that hit me while reading this brilliant post is that the Internet is also a place where we garner (or give) attention, and very very easily (no effort). Conversation, notes, texts, letters, e-mails-- they mean attention. Thoughtful attention even though not much (if any) thought is really being put into these modes of social interaction.

Is it attention that is craved? Social attention? And if so, is it because the kind many have been getting so far has left a void?

It's times like these I'm glad I've a good amount of Scorpio in my chart. It all makes for a good quality "sniffer".

I'm also glad that you wrote a while back about self-love. A lot of us are gonna need it.

Wonderful post. Got me thinking for sure!

Willow said...

Very good point! The constant attention gets to be a habit really easily (not to mention using hype/dramz to kick up that attention). It's not doing many favours for real life social interactions, that's for sure.

(Off topic: I have to say, Deb, that you referring to woodticks as shameless is still making me laugh every time I think of it. They totally are!)

Ruth said...

My god are a soothsayer. Every word of this is coming true in my life right now. If only I could keep my goddamn mouth shut and my typing fingers still! (Uranus rising in Libra don't help me much there :))

As an example of what can go wrong, folks: do not reply to an email from a head honcho in your organisation giving far too much personal information eg about your current mental health issues, while copying in the entire staff email list...

And you have explained to me why I'm zoning out and dissociating all the time. As a mega verbal person with a lot of house 3 involvement, I am just losing it big time atm. I seek (and provide) constant verbal input, but as Deb has already said, when that's all your getting, it just sinks into the void eventually. And you start to feel like you're going a bit insane...

Thanks for pointing the way out of this...