Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Deep, Dark Feminine Makes its Presence Known at the Scorpio Full Moon

The Moon is full and at perigee at 16 degrees Scorpio this Saturday night (May 5), opposing both the Sun and Black Moon Lilith in exact conjunction in Taurus.

The opposition to Black Moon Lilith (the lunar apogee) takes the emotional depth of the already depths-divining Scorpio Full Moon to its furthest, pitch black extremes in order to get to the fullness, the richness, the outer boundaries. In order to get to what’s real.

This isn't a light moon. It's an alchemical soup mixing and boiling moon.
This one is bloody, dripping, birth and death and everything in between. It's the wise woman metaphysical midwife telling us it's time, drawing the etheric into the physical, weaving in and out of the curtain that divides. This is a roots moon, a pagan moon, a running on pure, ancestral intuition and rhythm moon. It buzzes with magic and symbol and meaning, bursts at the seams with the awe-inducing wonder of this life on this planet.
Buddha reached enlightenment under this Full Moon.
But Black Moon Lilith already knew the score. She’s here to represent.
This is a deeply feminine moon. A deep and dark feminine moon. A wise women's moon at the end of the astrological Piscean era - an era in which male-dominated religion, figureheads, ideology, and spiritual constructs have ruled.
Yes, this moon is one that certainly knows the score.
Jupiter in Taurus is on its way to a conjunction to Sedna (May 8 – 12) and will be joined there by the Taurus Sun next weekend. Sedna is the Inuit goddess pinned under the weight of deepest betrayal and suppression at the bottom of the ocean. She’s sending up her reports from this furthest vantage point to those who have the internal sonar to hear her. The Gulf of Mexico is still full of oil and Corexit. Parts of the Pacific are still radioactive. Sedna’s sea creatures are poisoned, full of lesions and mutations. Jupiter and the Sun join forces to shine a spotlight on some things most would prefer to overlook: things have not improved.
When you dust off the history, it’s the same story over and over again. The story of power misused and abused. The story of a boot in the face and of life, energy, and magic debased, manipulated, taken advantage of.
The Scorpio Full Moon is a strange one in that emotional comfort can only be found in the full acceptance of our emotional discomfort - ground zero, brass tacks reality, the uncovering of the tortured and hidden, the sharp edges, the fear, the dark corners. 
This Moon at its fullest point in Scorpio comforts us with the presence of the unvoiced, too ground down to fully put into words what has happened here.

But that’s the beauty of Scorpio: you don’t have to explain it; we can feel it. We know it without the superlatives. The layered mix of intuitive understanding coming from every corner of the globe, coming from within our own bodies, becomes our Full Moon lullaby. Drawing on the strength of that which remains suppressed, of that which remains betrayed, of that which remains unaddressed - the continued liberation of this is our emotional sustenance.
This moon is salt from the earth, from emotional quick. A deeply meditative moon requiring our very best Zen to honour, work with, and move through the roiling, raw energy of life betrayed and suppressed on this planet. It's the lead in our guts that tells us all is not, in actuality, well on the Western front. Or the Eastern front. Or on any front at all, really.

And it’s knowing the whole of it, keeping it safe and undenied within us, that keeps us free, powerful, at our most potent, catalytic point.
This Full Moon’s a beauty. If you have clear skies, enjoy it.


Debs said...

Weather out here has been very "Scorpio". Misty, cool, haunting almost. Creepy with a couple of thunderstorms that have rolled in over the past two nights. Feels like October. L-O-V-E it... except for any resulting flooding which tends to suck.

Powerful (truly powerful) women unite! Time to kick ass.

:) Deb

Anonymous said...

'When you dust off the history, it’s the same story over and over again. The story of power misused and abused. The story of a boot in the face and of life, energy, and magic debased, manipulated, taken advantage of.' Time to kick ass is right!

Willow said...

A little ass kicky, name takey?

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Here in Kauai,after a week of good weather,the military planes flew in and then out,covering the skies with their death dumps,so we can't see this beautiful event now.But I feel it strongly.An expectant stillness in the air.

Willow said...

Yes, we've had that usual grey cloud cover, though it cleared overnight, and I woke up to see the Moon out the bedroom window. I thought it was dawn, but it was just the slightly brighter than usual Moon. One bird thought so too - it was singing in the middle of the night.

I refuse to use the term SuperMoon for a Moon at perigee, though. Refuse. That seems to be a straight-up meme at this point.