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Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius Conjunct the North Node: Farmers, Food, Money, Health, and Eclipse-Triggered Agendas

Flooding of farmland near Estevan, Saskatchewan. - Photos used with permission. -

Only one-third of farm land has been seeded in southeastern Saskatchewan this spring, and those looking for a pay-off in agriculture derivatives are licking their chops.

The Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Sagittarius June 15 happens conjunct the North Node at 23 degrees.

This Full Moon eclipse happens in tropical Sagittarius, which is sidereal Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, and we all remember that dude from earlier this year.

An interesting aspect of this male symbol associated with healing bearing "the serpent" is that, according to astrologer and mythologist Demetra George, the dark feminine and women embodying that energy were traditionally represented by snakes. As the healing abilities, power, knowledge and sexuality of women and this "dark feminine" began to be feared by increasingly patriarchal societies, snakes and serpents became considered things of evil that needed to be banished and controlled. Here we have a masculine symbol, Ophiuchus, representing a male healer who is holding a staff entwined with a snake, literally holding and harnessing that energy. It's under his control, at his disposal.

From January 16, 2011: Jupiter at Tail-End Pisces, the Deluge Myths and the Implanting of the Serpent.

We can look at events from previous eclipses along the same polarity or near the same degrees to see what agendas are being advanced using their energy. You may recall that the last eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity was a very potent 29th degree Gemini Full Moon total lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice, 2010.

Within the span of one week last December, legislation was passed in both Canada (Bill C-36) and the United States (Bill S.510) attacking non-industrialized food and health products. From December 21, 2010: Lock-step Legislation: Bill S.510 in the United States and Bill C-36 in Canada Are Snuck Through Senate

In fact, a special meeting on a Sunday night was convened in the United States Senate to pass Bill S.510 to coincide with the unfolding of the anaretic Gemini Full Moon eclipse.

In Canada, similar legislation cracking down on natural health (and legislating the right to raid natural health businesses and practitioners at gunpoint, seizing their records, property and vehicles) was passed as Mercury Rx, Mars and Pluto all came together at 4 degrees Capricorn on December 13, 2010. This was the same degree of Capricorn as the hugely potent June 1, 2010 Capricorn Full Moon partial lunar eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto. That energy and those Plutonic eclipse trigger points were used to make big progress, legislating the agenda of corporatized health care and agriculture.

Less than a month after these events, the huge story being blown up in the news and through social media like Facebook was the "new zodiac sign" Ophiuchus (in tropical Sagittarius) that supposedly changed everyone's signs. From January 14, 2011: Has My Sun Sign Really Changed? Nah, the Siderealists Are Just Acting Up Again

This trumped-up story was a timely and symbolic implanting to me representing the attempted domination of masculine Big Pharma and Big Agriculture over natural food and health kept in the hands of the people, and especially in the hands of women.

Now we have the Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius/sidereal Ophiuchus just in time for the growing season in the northern hemisphere - such as it is - and we see control of the food supply and fertility of the Earth (Ceres domain) through weather modification and widespread flooding. Their deluge myths coming true.

Natural health products are under attack with many being squeezed off the market at a time when people need them most in order to withstand multi-layered attacks on our physical systems.

The Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse is disposited by Jupiter newly in Taurus (June 4, 2011 - June 11, 2012) and also has a theme relating to cultural belief systems around money and value, with big shifts and changes expected in foreign/global currencies as we head into the two-month Cardinal Grand Cross.

At the time of the Full Moon/eclipse, the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct the South Node in late Gemini along with Venus (money) in the early part of the sign. Big cracks start to form in the mass psychology around fiat currency - the money being created by privately-owned financial institutions that has no inherent value other than the value assigned to it, which is then propped up by the mass psychological acceptance of its value. The difference between the reality of the current financial situation and what the media (Gemini) is telling people becomes so large that it moves into pure make-believe - rather, people en masse start to realize it. It's been make-believe for a while.

The current attempts at propping up the U.S. dollar - while continuing the rotten-to-the-core financial policies that brought about the financial collapse in the first place - hit a high water mark with this eclipse, and we can expect one level of rhetoric and insanity on this front to reach a peak as the gears shift into another.

I'm no financial astrologer, but I would say it's possible the U.S. dollar could be fully "eclipsed" this summer by other currencies on the world stage. (Depends what those Bilderbergers were up to in Switzerland last weekend as Saturn stationed direct.) The push toward One World Currency (or the next step beyond the Euro - the Amero?) could also be advanced, with the excuse being the purposefully crumbling currencies and money systems around the globe.

The ingress of Jupiter into Taurus indicates a strong shift into people putting faith in things that are stable and solid, out of pure "speculation bubble" territory. Unfortunately, finding areas that are truly stable and solid is quite tricky in this highly manipulated climate.

The speculation bubble has been moved to an arena that has traditionally been more stable, solid and real value-laden - food. Here, we have the big pay-off in agriculture derivatives - people betting on the price of food rising with conditions artificially created to make them rise. The market has been primed for a pillaging by the financial predators, as food prices in Canada and the U.S. have been kept artificially low for decades.

This isn't a case of farmers and ranchers making millions from the rise in food prices - it's stock market suits and their clients who have not dirtied a fingernail, who could probably not tell you where potatoes come from, who are living in a world of theoretical numbers being moved around computer screens.

After the purposefully-created 2008 mortgage crash in the U.S., the big financial players were looking for something secure to put their money in. Enter agriculture.

After two years of heavy weather modification and flooding of breadbaskets across the planet, manufactured food shortages and the inflation of food prices are well underway - sparking the riots in the Middle East in the winter and spring of 2011.

Southeastern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba - prime Canadian agricultural land - have been hammered again this year, doused with insane amounts of rain, and it just keeps coming. The water table is so high that additional rain just sits on the surface of the ground with nowhere to go. Every storm system that goes by dumps another inch or two of rain.

Only one-third of land has been seeded in southeastern Saskatchewan due to the flooding. This is devastating. In neighbouring Manitoba, newspaper headlines call it the "Flood of 350 Years." At the same time, up-to-date information on exactly how farmers are being affected is very hard to come by in the city papers.

For the first time ever, my father has not been able to put feed in for his cattle due to water-saturated fields. The hay ground is also under water. If anyone had told me, after going through the droughts and pest infestations of the 1980s, that we'd be cursing rain clouds, I would have found it hard to believe.

The U.S. states Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee have also seen massive flooding in some of the most fertile areas in the country. The damages to agriculture have been estimated at $2 billion, and you'd better believe there are people taking that all the way to the bank.

The flooding devastation of 2011 follows flooding, hail and wind devastation in the Canadian prairie provinces in 2010, the flooding of Pakistan's breadbasket and fires that destroyed 1/3 of Russia's wheat crop, among others.

Speculation on food remains a theme as Jupiter transits Taurus, with farmers languishing, people starving and Wall Street suits and their clients making off like bandits as they continue to impose their corrupt system on the world's food supply.

This Full Moon eclipse triggers a philosophical and belief structure shift related to the meaning (Jupiter) of money and, maybe more importantly, its lack of meaning. The distance between the current gambling-based, speculative philosophy of the stock market and resulting artificial inflation/deflation roller coasters (Jupiter) and the actual products and services of real value (Taurus) is huge. It has possibly never been wider.

Let's recall we are currently in a Uranus in Aries square series to Pluto that we last saw during the Great Depression and lead-up to World War II.

"Worst flooding since the Great Depression..."
"Worst tornado devastation since the Great Depression..."
"Worst unemployment since the Great Depression..."

The headlines are telling the tale of a cycle being purposefully, symbolically repeated. Forty three million Americans are now on food stamps, accessing mostly cheap and low-nutrient food, as the USDA does everything in its power to authorize the sale and growing of Monsanto's GMO alfalfa. This is the agency that is supposed to be safeguarding the food supply, and it's fighting farmers and citizens legally in an attempt to authorize RoundUp Ready alfalfa.

The prices of gold and silver are skyrocketing as people stampede out of Uncle Ben's funnybux (thanks to the dude who coined this term) and into something physical. The price of the silver beads I work with has tripled since I worked at Art of My Heart, and despite manipulation of the silver market, there is no sign of the price letting up.

At the same time, the "value" of things like gold and silver will also be coming into focus. Possibly deeper than that, it's about the morality of those with disposable income getting out while the getting's good. The "every man for himself" haves with their stockpiles of "precious" metals patting themselves on the backs about how they're going to be one-up on their have-not neighbours. Sitting on piles of silver and gold as the world melts down around them - literally, in the case of the Japanese nuclear disaster.

The entire philosophy of value, what people value, and what behaviour they're willing to exhibit as they covet, chase, stockpile and guard what they value comes up for perusal under Jupiter in Taurus.

There are so many people doing everything in their power to figure out and then capitalize on the corruption in the financial sector before the rug is pulled entirely out. But if the money, gold, silver, hedges, stocks, everything suddenly disappeared and people were left looking at what they were doing, what behaviours they were exhibiting, what values they were exhibiting, would it not be sheer insanity? Would they not be just a little embarrassed?

Jupiter relates to morality, especially culturally-based morality, and nowhere can the lack of any type of ethical or moral code be more apparent than in the realm of money, currency and valuable resources. This Sagittarius Full Moon disposited by Jupiter in Taurus draws it to a head.

For more information on food speculation:

The Great Hunger Lottery - How banking speculation causes food crises
Food Prices: Food, Floods and the Global Commodity Crapshoot

According to traditional astrology, the only areas affected by an eclipse are the areas where it is visible. I understand why this was the rule back in the day, but I'm not sure if it completely holds up now that we know what goes on around the globe and can "see" eclipses via television or internet - and since agendas set off during an eclipse in one country will have effects around the world due to "globalization."

Eclipses are basically more precisely aligned than usual New and Full Moons. If the Sun, Moon and Earth were perfectly aligned, we'd have eclipses every New and Full Moon, but because they aren't, we experience them about once every five or six months when the alignment tightens.

So eclipses are, in my understanding, more potent New and Full Moons that create dramatic emotional back-drop changes. World events are also timed by them. Regardless of whether the eclipse kicks it up a notch (or a few) in your personal life or where you live, you still experience the New or Full Moon.

Gemini New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse June 1

This partial solar eclipse was visible in Siberia, northern China, Alaska and northern Canada, Iceland, and northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Sagittarius Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse June 15

This eclipse will last 100 minutes, the longest lunar eclipse since July 2000. The entire eclipse will be visible in the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and western Australia. Portions of the eclipse will be visible in northern Scotland and northern Scandinavia, eastern Asia, eastern Australia, and New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The traditional understanding about eclipses is the longer they last, the longer the effects of them are felt as planets aspect that degree. Fitting for the sign of Sagittarius, the ripple effects from this eclipse should be far-reaching.

Cancer New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse July 1

This eclipse is interesting as it happens within Cardinal Grand Cross formation (and on Canada's birthday) but will be visible possibly by no one. An area in the Antarctic Ocean south of Africa is the only area that will see this eclipse. Hidden agendas invisible to most (except maybe to Sedna) abound.

More information can be found at the NASA eclipse site.

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