Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jupiter at Tail-End Pisces, the Deluge Myths and the Implanting of the Serpent

"The world was once a great tortoise, borne on the waters, and covered with earth, and then when one day, in digging the soil, a tribe of white men, who had made holes in the earth to a great depth digging for badgers, at length pierced the shell of the tortoise, it sank, and the water covering it drowned all men with the exception of one, who was saved himself in a boat; and when the earth re-emerged, sent out a dove, who returned with a branch of willow in its beak."

Digging for badgers or digging for black gold beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico?

Implanted deluge myth meme travelling through time and space? True story of the past? Blueprint handed down for the Global Governors of the Aquarian Age?

We have quite a horror show mystery on our hands, folks, as Jupiter (myths, stories, cultures) camps out on the last degree of Pisces (water, oceans, sacrifice, energetic connection) before entering new territory in Aries January 22 at 11:11 a.m. CT.

More than 600 people are dead from flooding in Brazil. Officially, 47 are dead in the Phillipines and 1.5 million are affected from flooding there caused by torrential rain. More than 300,000 have had to flee their homes along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka after flooding and mudslides there. Australia is under water. Eighteen have been confirmed dead with hundreds of thousands affected.

This follows the deaths of at least 1,500 and displacement of over a million people in Pakistan due to floods this past cardinal t-square summer.

One word is being used to describe all this flooding: biblical.

Fragments of cross-cultural deluge myths are suddenly becoming (sur)reality as we traipse through fin-de-Pisces - set off as part of the long-term plan by a version of "God" that is strictly man-made and a version of life on Earth that is strictly symbolic.

A mass sacrifice to purge and cleanse the Earth of evil, evil scourge human beings, say the true believers. One last Piscean cacophony symphony as Jupiter and Uranus sit on the very end of the sign, about to enter Aries. Sorry, all. The orders are coming down from the Big Guy! Or Ascension. Or the Starry Brethren. Or our Alien Overlords.

We've brought this on ourselves, say those who allow manufactured guilty consciences to be played like violins.


The true cause of these floods and of the bizarre weather around the globe can more than likely be rooted to a combination of things: the disruption of the Gulf Loop current by the BP oil/Corexit disaster, the bombardment of the skies by weather-modifying Chemtrails, which have reached a critical mass as far as their effects on both health and weather, and the use of the HAARP and other frequency devices that screw with the ionosphere. Incidentally, NASA reported a collapse in the upper ionosphere this past summer that they could not explain.

At the same time, a marker has been thrown into the collective consciousness through viral mass media. Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer and 13th constellation of the sidereal zodiac, hit social media like a shot this past week, planting his foot in millions of psyches as a tired, this-is-not-news astronomy/sidereal astrology article became meme.

This triggers and energizes another part of the long-planned and purposefully set-off story. If we hone in on North America and the Lenni-Lanapi or Delaware River Indians' version, after the deluge, a period of snake-worship is secretly brought to Earth. Under worship of the God of the snakes, Wakon, this period brings evil, crime, unhappiness, bad weather, death. Just what the doctor ordered for those looking to rid the Earth of 'excess' humanity while controlling the remainder.

Sure, we've got deluge and serpent-bearer hitting at the same time right now, but that's the way it's being played during this interwoven cross-over period of Pisces to Aquarius.

The implanting of Ophiuchus at this time is also a marker for the passing of Bill C-36 in Canada and Bill S.510 in the United States in December - the suppression and crack-down on natural health and healing. Ophiuchus is associated with Asclepius, a healer who was struck dead by Zeus with a bolt of lightning (Uranian) for bringing people back from the dead. Asclepius was placed within the constellation of Ophiuchus.

The rod of Asclepius, a staff entwined with a snake, is the symbol for mainstream medicine today, and Ophiuchus rising to prominence is a symbolic drawing of attention to the dominance of patriarchal Big Pharma modern medicine and the now-legislated suppression of natural healing and the regenerative powers of the human body through herbs, natural foods and alternative healing techniques.

As this 13th constellation stuff is coming up in the midst of the series of Thirteenth Witch New Moons, bringing with it the emergence of long-denied feminine realities and influence, this especially relates to the historical suppression of the healing abilities of women. These inherent understandings and abilities have always been a threat to the controlling patriarchal set-ups, and women who practised healing through the ages have been unrecognized, vilified, criminalized, intimidated, kept on the fringes. Nowadays, they are put under the shackles of masculine-dominated hierarchy within the mainstream medical establishment.

And yet another masculine astrological symbol coming to prominence at this time within the already imbalanced, masculine-heavy zodiac does not help matters...


Anonymous said...

what about the birds and fishes dying in masses in the last few weeks. I didnt know the scope of it is all around the world, this page lists them all:

also, in the same website i came accross a list of experiments done over humans without consent in US,, i dont know whether the info is true but it is so scary if it is:

Anonymous said...

this video is also eye opening, history of psychiatry:

Willow said...

I've written about the animal deaths in previous posts.

psychegram said...

Actually, I think the Rod of Asclepius has a single serpent. The two-snake version is the Rod Hermes (which is a bit creepy, as Hermes was the trickster-god, not the healer ... so why exactly would the allopathic corporations choose this as a symbol? Hmm....)

Willow said...

Oh, you're right! My mistake. I changed it in the article.

That does make it even creepier, though.