Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mercury Enters Cancer and Triggers the First Wave of the Cardinal Grand Cross

Mercury enters Cancer at 2:09 p.m. Central June 16, officially kicking off the two-month Cardinal Grand Cross.

This is the configuration of two oppositions/four squares in the cardinal signs - Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mercury, the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mars in Cancer - in effect June 16 to August 29, 2011.

I've written a few posts on the subject to establish the astro flavour and structural bones:

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Mercury in Cancer will form an unstable, angsty, angry square to Uranus in Aries June 18, marking the first official aspect of the configuration. Words are uranium and then plutonium-laced. Verbal battles cut to the core and get to the meltdown point very quickly this week, so take a breather, get some space and do your own thing (ie. just say screw it) to stay on an emotional even keel whenever possible. Keep in mind the pressures people are under - and most don't even have astrology to help them through it. Allow room for their emotional states while not sacrificing your own.

From the Uranus square, Mercury moves into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn June 19. Still boiling from the contact to Uranus in Aries, this opposition creates a potentially volatile and highly polarizing effect. Lines in the sand have most certainly been drawn at this point, and the tension simmers, simmers beneath the surface. This has a big theme of: those who are in ignorance/denial of Plutonic realities on this planet versus those who aren't. The distance between the two looks huge, but in an instant, this configuration can shift things.

Mercury moves to the final aspect of the configuration - a square to Saturn in Libra - June 21 on the solstice. On the heels of so much constrained yet volatile energy building and with so much seething beneath it all, this has a highly constricting effect. We really need an outlet here to blow off some of this Grand Cross steam, but Saturn in Libra keeps us fully within our social restraints and responsibilities, forcing us to be mature and to keep our cool under sometimes immense pressure. Hey, this is our Cardinal Grand Cross to bear, and it's just getting started.

People are pretty regularly going to be hitting the "Go ahead, punk. Make my day" point, in direct proportion to how much b.s. they've been swallowing. Do NOT fuck with anyone and don't leave yourself open to be fucked with. Keep to yourself as much as possible, and let as much slide as you humanly can. People are pissed, but they will be containing it (as they've been trained to), and when the repression hits the point of no return (especially with women), avoiding other people's detritus while not kicking up any of your own is a very smart survival tactic.

Releasing some of the pressure by talking it out with allies who truly get where you're coming from also helps immensely, as long as the pressure-relieving is reciprocal (Saturn in Libra). And it has to be someone who can deal with hearing how you REALLY feel about things and vice versa. Otherwise, things get even more incendiary.

All four of these squared off/opposed energies are going to need our attention, and it's going to take all our focus and resolve to keep the tension at the right settings. Yes, there will be tension. It's guaranteed. But it's a matter of balancing it all against itself so that no one energy runs away with us.

What Mercury is doing this week forms the pattern the other personal planets - the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars - in Cancer will follow over the next two months, creating successive waves from the sign of the crab until near the end of August.

This is global as well as personal. Things are shifting on all fronts under tense, pressure-filled circumstances, and if you're feeling a bit on edge - four cardinal squares mixed with three eclipses will certainly do that to a person.

The good news is: things are moving, finally, because they have to.

The Moon enters Capricorn just after midnight tonight (Central time) and squares Uranus, conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn throughout the day tomorrow.

The emotional undertone is officially set to "Cardinal Grand Cross."

Cardinal Grand Cross points of intensification:

- June 18 - 22 as Mercury in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- June 25 - July 2 as Sun in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- July 1 - Cancer New Moon partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer within Cardinal Grand Cross formation
- July 6 - 13 as Venus in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- August 8 - 25 as Mars in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update, this information is valuable for those that want to survive the cardinal cross.

Sarita said...

Fascinating, I have just looked up my 9th harmonic horoscope and I have a cardina cross that matches the present transits.
Eeeeeek! Is this exciting or what.
Since it is my own Saturn second return I expected some tension but I have neptune in aries saturn in capricorn mercury conjunct MC in cancer and pluto in libra ...all in the ninth harmonic and all activated by the present transits.
To ease it a bit I do have a water trine from mercury to which includes moon and uranus.
No wonder I was feeling some tension from the universe.
Thanks for highlighting it.

Anonymous said...

Right on schedule, my bi-polar/meglomaniac brother suddenly showed up for the first time in 8 months and walked away with his 5 year old son. The family is frantic. I guess this tells me what the rest of the summer is going to be about....

Willow said...

Argh, so sorry Anon 6:03. I hope you get him back very soon.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly take it anymore.I read today the wildlife refuges in the USA are being planted with GMO crops for the wildlife to eat/die.We are being exterminated and it is so hard to wake up and do the routine these days.Kauai

PS By the Willow, has a 5 piece article of how new age hippy crap started-type in Laurel Canyon-Demonic for sure.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to print this Willow.I sound bleak.But the truth has to be faced.Your blog,more than anything now,steers me thru the valley of the shadow of death these days.You would have been a high priestess long ago.Maybe you were.kauai