Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sun in Cancer Triggers Another Wave of Cardinal Grand Cross Action: Dramz, Dramz and More Dramz

As of the solstice June 21, the Sun in Cancer has entered the Cardinal Grand Cross fray and triggers a new wave of intensity, tension and movement - both inspiring and potentially anxiety-inducing - on the heels of Mercury.

The Sun will square Uranus in Aries June 26, oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn June 28 and square Saturn in Libra July 2, just after the Cancer New Moon eclipse July 1. Potent stuff.

Everything I said in this post as far as navigation of this configuration still goes: Mercury Enters Cancer and Triggers the First Wave of the Cardinal Grand Cross. The only real differences are, we're consciously within this configuration now, and egos will be getting involved (and potentially mashed).

These are, at times, incendiary aspects triggering lightning-flash tempers (Uranus in Aries) that can go to extremes. (Just try plagiarizing and New Age-ifying one of my articles if you don't believe me. Heh.)

Just as soon as the Sun heads out of range of the Cardinal Grand Cross configuration, Venus enters Cancer July 4, triggering the next wave of blistering intensity. Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries July 7, opposes Pluto Rx in Capricorn July 8, and squares Saturn in Libra July 13. Our relations with other people (and our money) enter the mix strongly here.

We then have a little reprieve for the last two weeks of July as Venus in Cancer moves out of orb of the Grand Cross until Mars enters Cancer August 3, drawing things to a state of tension on all fronts again. Mars in Cancer will square Uranus Rx in Aries August 9, oppose Pluto in Capricorn August 11 and square Saturn in Libra August 25, but things will have loosened considerably by the end of August.

By August 25 and the final angsty aspect (Mars square Saturn), the Cardinal Grand Cross Summer of 2011 is drawing to a close, and we can start to gain some perspective on what movements and decisions it spurred and what directions we find ourselves going in coming out of it.

Uranus in Aries stations retrograde July 9, just a little over one degree off an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn. These two are in a long-term square formation with seven exact squares going on between June 2012 and March 2015. The themes and new directions kicked up this summer, initially spurred in the summer of 2010, will be with us for a good long while.

Cardinal Grand Cross points of intensification:

- June 18 - 22 as Mercury in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- June 25 - July 2 as Sun in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- July 1 - Cancer New Moon partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer within Cardinal Grand Cross formation
- July 6 - 13 as Venus in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- August 8 - 25 as Mars in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross


Melissa said...

I have been following, or re-following, your info on angst and tension around July 1 solar eclipse and the Cardinal Grand Cross as it pertains to war on terrorism.

10 US Senators (one from my home state) filed a lawsuit against Obama, citing illegal policies that he had taken for current actions against Libya. The Senators went on to say that the American public (56%)are war-weary. ("As upheaval-weary as the human population is at this point, we've only just begun.") YOWZA ;)

Result: Obama announced this week the removal of US troops from Afghanistan.
(Re-election ploy?) Hmmm.

Willow said...

Really interesting. Thanks for the info on the Senators. The July 1 eclipse falls exactly on the Canadian Sun and within three degrees of a conjunction to the U.S. Sun. So big shifts involving both these countries - but a lot of presto chango more of the same-o. Like trading Afghanistan for Libya and maybe Pakistan/Iran.

Not sure troops finally being pulled can even be considered all that big a celebratory event since it was the longest running U.S. war ever, surpassing even Vietnam. The damage has been done.

Anonymous said...

Troop numbers will still be above where they were when he entered office.

Alice Brown said...

Sun's transit in Cancer can be both something dangerous and beneficial, as a blend of ego and emotions can give any sort of unpredictable results to individuals. Hoping for the best, thanks for the share...!!