Friday, February 18, 2011

Chiron, May We Pass?

The Sun enters Pisces this evening (6:25 p.m. CT) and immediately conjuncts wounded healer asteroid Chiron, back in Pisces for its eight-year transit until March 2019.

Over the next five days, the Sun, Mercury and Mars move into Pisces and pass through this conjunction to Chiron, infusing us on a very personal level with the awareness of the totality of devastation and desecration of life that has gone on on this planet. Devastation and desecration we continue to see and experience to this day, beneath the Neptunian diversions and fog.

If you feel your head being pulled underwater this week, this is why. Keep treading.

This is what we could lightly call a "Man, the Piscean Era Has Been a Bummer" series of aspects. It's not going anywhere, either, despite those who believe we can simply trash this dimension and move onto the next...

Still, the astrological Piscean era has taken us to wonderful spiritual heights and to a deep awareness of our spiritual natures. It has taught us about the flow, the way, about the power of connection and shared effort, and about the depth of pain and suffering of humanity and all living things as our own.

Chiron sits on the opening gateway of the sign while Uranus sits on the final degree. Bookends. We hold a powerful spiritual vantage point as we tip the scales further into Aquarius, and these conjunctions to Chiron, kicking off Pisces season, provide us the tools we need to heal things on a very immediate personal level.

We're being infused as potent Chirotic healers. Shifting into Pisces for the Aquarian era. But as we wait to tip into a whole new energetic flavour with Uranus in Aries March 11, we're made all too aware of the things left unresolved and unhealed.

How many years does it take to heal something like the Gulf of Mexico? Or the destruction and irradiation of Iraq? The echoes back through time and space, the threads, the cyclical horror show events set on constant, multi-layered repeat?

How long does it take to clean our soil and water of chemtrail poisons? Or our bodies? How long does it take to restore our seed supply from the assault by genetically modified varieties?

How long to heal the hearts hurting for those sacrificed, generation after generation, by and for the privileged few? How long to heal the spiritual catatonia we have been pushed into, the overloaded circuits, the numbness? When it's so big that we can no longer really put it into words?

Is it years? Centuries? Millenia? More?

Does it ever heal or do we just keep swallowing it, choking it down, dissolving it? What happens when we're at the saturation point - past it - as we are now, and it just keeps coming?

These are some of the themes the conjunctions to Chiron bring forth. There is no easy answer, just as there was no easy answer for Chiron's wound. No magic pill makes it all better. We're past the point where concessions and tokenism soothe in any form. We don't want to be thrown another bone.

Until the underlying wounding dynamics are truly addressed, rectified, discontinued, no long-term healing is possible. We're just treating symptoms.

And the army of people bleating about victim consciousness and creating your own reality works very effectively, moving us further from the depth of understanding of power dynamics and structures on this planet that would get us to the true healing points. Every flippant use of those concepts is another pound of pressure pinning Sedna down, suffering in betrayal on the ocean floor.

Snapping in and out of overlays, Piscean, then Aquarian, then Piscean, then Aquarian, is demanding and exhausting work - especially for those consciously facilitating the transitions. These themes continue.

Yet, we're on the precipice of something. This is the final Pisces season of the Uranus in Pisces-Neptune in Aquarius mutual reception, which marked the most intensive cross-over period in energetic overlays from astrological Piscean to Aquarian eras. That ends March 11. Done. Finit-o. Something else starts.

We're moving - hurtling through the transition points, actually. There is an excitement and a new vitality growing, spurring us out of the enervating Piscean quagmire. This push-coming-to-shove renewal picks up speed as Jupiter pushes forth into new territory in Aries and into its final square to Pluto in Capricorn February 25.

This movement despite overwhelming emotional anxiety and loneliness attempting to pull us back into what we perceive as safer times-of-yore constructs. The South Node is on the final degree of Cancer before the nodes shift signs March 3, and it's agonizing. The painful lack of foundational support for the feminine is eroding on the deepest levels. There is no denying the difficulty of our emotional conditions at this time.

The movement of the nodes into Sagittarius and Gemini March 3 is a welcome shift, followed by Uranus ingressing Aries March 11 and an uber Arien March Equinox as the Sun joins Mercury and Jupiter, conjuncting Uranus on the first degree of the first sign of the zodiac March 20. Powerful new directions. Stand by.


libramoon said...

Chironic Vision

Part I

The future descends

from the fear-embroidered skies

the vision is of holocaust --
when everybody dies

A new day is dawning, but is it sun or storm?

We have a chance to make our mark

but is it right or wrong?

The military marches

The anti-warriors too

We take our stand in battle

The many and the few

Spinning tales of magic, of wizardry and fate

We want to know just how it ends before it's all too late

We sing our song too late

We right our wrongs too late

We want to know the date

To find a better fate

Can I tell you?

Can I help you to know or understand?

Can I utter the words that will make you see me?

Standing here before you, I want to take your hand

to be swirled up into a magical dancing

to be taken to worlds of beauty entrancing

to give you the will and the wonder to set you free.

Can you see me?

Plutonic Verse

As long as it matters that I exist

As long as I've something to go back to

As long as there is a community of which I am an integral part

The rest is just details

And though "the devil is in the details"

So are the gods.

One Hand Clapping

Is a reflection in a glass,

like moonlight,

half empty or half full

or, like moonlight
filled with the stuff of dreams?

What is the sound of moonlight

dripping onto the earth

down a silver stair?

What is the demand of dreamlight?

Emotion spilling onto sand or clay,

roaring like soundwaves?

Light coalescing into sound into waves into sea?

What is the demand of sky
of sea
of fire

dripping through the twilight?


half moonlight, half mind.


Weave into the fabric of a tribe of artistic dancers.

Fall under the spell of pure magic.

Silent night, peace and cold

Imbue me with music

In ecstasy, I dance to the stars.

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Anonymous said...

Magnificant! Well written!You give me ancient Queen in furs rallying her troops against the phalanx of endless battles of truth to the end..BRAVO...

Anonymous said...

This bypasses the brain to the heart..