Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jupiter in Aries Pushes Through Amidst Lots of Soggy, Boggy Pisces

Jupiter is blazing a trail through Aries right now, using all its might to bust through the pressure and constriction of a square formation force field to Pluto in Capricorn. Our instinctual actions move us toward what's alive, toward what's next for us, burning a path through the oily, greasy Plutonic layers pressing down on us, expanding our lives in ways necessary for our continued soul survival.

And yet, the movements are widely constricted. The expansion is able to happen only through cracks in the Pluto in Capricorn hegemony, and they're not easy to find as the attempts at complete domination and fusion close in. We're enmeshed in the Pluto in Capricorn sociological themes.

Me going into a grocery store and having complete sticker shock at the price of basics here means people can't afford food and are starving to death elsewhere. Twelve dollars for a pack of razor blades. Seven dollars for a small bag of rice. Six dollars for what used to be considered the cheap shampoo. The inflation is mind-boggling, eroding, inhumane.

As Uranus enters Aries and starts its long-term series of squares to Pluto in Capricorn, the cookie cutter one needs to fit into in order to be accepted into the Pluto in Capricorn structures gets tighter and smaller. No distinctions. No special requirements. No requests. No distinguishing details allowed.

It's darkly amusing to catch a glimpse of yourself from the eyes of this paradigm. Horrifying, but darkly amusing. We're people, human beings, not sad cases of misfits to be sacrificed in the never ending game of Aryans versus losers. But this is the undertone. To be who you really are if it doesn't fit is considered an act of high treason.

They've got us all on the run in this way. This game of chicken between living true to ourselves, to our souls, to our spiritual impetus, and maintaining a toehold in the structures-that-be for the sake of monetary survival.

Once Uranus hits Aries, the force of rebellion spurring us to be true to our own individuality and identities in the face of increasing fascist vise-tightening becomes a blazing, erratic force we're unable to ignore or deny on a personal or global level. This is about our spiritual survival as a species. In many respects, we're not in control.

There's nowhere left to hunker down and hide with a Cancer South Node on the zero degree. We have to go. And it's taking all our courage to believe in the possibility (Jupiter) of new directions (Aries) after so many in the past have proven stagnant, enervating dead ends.

The Jupiter-Pluto square is exact February 25 at 2:40 p.m. Moving beyond the most pressurized influence of Pluto in Capricorn should have Jupiter humming a happier tune as it leads (hauls?) us forward. Neither Jupiter nor Aries like pressure or constriction of movement of any kind, and coming out of this square and into Uranus in Aries (March 11) and Spring Equinox, things really start to move.

At the same time, action planet Mars moves into water sign Pisces by this evening (7:06 p.m.), forming a Pisces stellium with Chiron, Mercury, the Sun and Uranus.


Mars in Pisces is the dispositor of Jupiter in Aries and dampens its blazing movement just a bit. Things are not moving in an ever-expanding straight line, as Jupiter in Aries would prefer. Our movements are Piscean-charged, diffuse, spacey - guided by a flowing, ethereal presence and intelligence that can be maddeningly oppressive with its all-is-up-in-the-air feel.

We're under the completion requirements of the entire Piscean era and do not make it to intended end points in a direct manner. This is bigger than just us, living on this planet at this time. We go from Point A to Point F to Point Y to Point G to Point B. Expect it. Accept it. But keep moving.

To stubbornly resist this Mars energy overlay means we diffuse and waste our personal energy, which we don't have to waste at this point.

But April 1, Mars bursts into its own sign of Aries just in time for a massive Aries stellium propelling us forward.

Currently, we're like those primordial fishies that have just grown feet that you'd see in New Yorker cartoons. We've just hauled our asses out of the sea and onto dry land for the first time ever (because, you know, the sea has now been contaminated with oil, Corexit and synthetically produced micro-organisms that are now contaminating the DNA sequences of all of life on this planet), and we're like, "What now?"

The next evolutionary step is unfolding, gaining speed by Spring Equinox. Expect many things to dissolve between now and then, freeing energy for a more vital and effective path.

The old road ran out a while back. We've been running on fumes trying to get something to catch in a solid way with not much progress. Now we're at the deepest surrender point - the last Pisces season of the tail-end Piscean era with Uranus on the 29th degree.

There's no way we can logically see our way over this hump. The ends just don't meet. The way things worked before is not the way they work moving forward. So we go on faith because it's the only thing we can do at this point. Pisces is the sign that brings it all together - making the ends meet in ways we could not have forseen.

We've taken it as far as we could, and now we ride the Piscean wave across the crevasse.


Anonymous said...

Definitely how I've been feeling of late. I was out last night and was just short of booted out for not fitting in the right way, and I'm no kid. I do indeed feel like I've done everything there is to do to try and make the most of the very bastardly Saturn transits of the past few years and I can only let it go at this point and see what I've created. Right on the edge of my third Jupiter return, too.

diastella said...

high treason for sure....having no health insurance and 2 kids with big needs at this time, I get the look a lot. It's an uncomfortable unknown friction this 'make your move / decision now' and 'letting it go because there is nothing you can do about it'. I guess that's why I am feeling so much for the Libyans at this time. The Egyptians I knew were going to be well, but that old man G would rather everyone died (Piscean and indiscriminate) before he gives up his throne, a bit like Mugabe down south here too. So, my respect and support for those who are unable to surrender during this Pisces crossing.

Willow said...

Yes, I don't mean surrender as in accept what's going on. It's purely unacceptable. What I mean is there comes a point when things are so shite and they've been shite for so long and you've done what you can and there's still no real solution. It's out of our hands at that point, and I think that's where we are right now with all this Pisces.

Peaceful protesters being gunned down in the streets by death squads ordered by their corrupt government. Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.

Knowing that we're heading into four years of this square and knowing this is just the beginning.

I'm sorry to hear about the health insurance. I'm sorry that there is even a need for health insurance to receive health care.

Anonymous said...

This feeling of being "stuck in a rut" has haunted me for years now. I am anxiously awaiting Uranus's move into Aries and the Stellium of planets in Aries to come soon.

I want to feel like the forward motion has returned!!!!