Monday, February 7, 2011

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Square Jupiter in Aries. And On With the Show.

Venus is coming up on a conjunction to Pluto at 6 degrees Capricorn Wednesday evening (7:52 p.m. Central), and this conjunction is square Jupiter in Aries.

We're starting to pick up where we left off as far as the new directions initiated during this past cardinal t-square summer. We've made a few false starts coming out of the gates, chomping at the bit as Jupiter and Uranus dipped into the first sign of the zodiac for just a taste of fresh territory. Retrogrades this fall and winter into late Pisces brought some nebulousness, illusion, anxiety and confusion as far as which was the fresh track forward and which was a siren song drawing us back into the same old, same old karmic loops.

This dissipates somewhat as Uranus enters Aries March 11, but we have Chiron re-entering Pisces tomorrow for an eight-year stay until February 2019. The wounding illusions do remain potent. You didn't think the Piscean era was going to go that easily, did you? Keep peering through the veils.

We've had a sober second look and a (necessary) dampening of the Aries charge through these retrogrades in watery Pisces. We've cooled our jets a bit and gotten a deeper understanding of the Plutonic undertones demanding our full awareness. The collective situation in which we find ourselves on this planet remains hugely influential as far as the most potent directions open to us. Understanding the sometimes dark and disturbing Plutonic context bolsters our courage, reminding us of our influence at this tipping point time in human history.

From this summer when Jupiter squared Pluto:

"There is a real soul reckoning afoot. Those complicit within corrupt and murderous structures, those cutting corners, those looking the other way or skimming by while reaping the rewards for doing so are going to be faced with some major decisions about what is truly important to them during their trip to this little planet."

Root motivations of the people we are involved with, especially in business, become crucially important. Only true compatibility along those lines is going to fly as far as we need to go.

We move into a period of rising tension until the end of February as Jupiter in Aries closes in on its last square to Pluto in Capricorn. Expect some meltdowns and some breakdowns in partnership as the cardinal impetus moves us, no apologies, onto our most vital track forward.

We're starting to move again, picking up speed as Jupiter clears the square (February 25), as we are propelled into Uranus in Aries March 11 and a super-charged Spring Equinox March 20 with the Sun conjunct Uranus at zero Aries. Big changes, big movement coming.

As Uranus ingresses Aries, ends the mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius, and tips the scales toward a stronger Aquarian overlay (flavoured by Aries), there's no more pretending. We're not one big, happy Piscean family, anymore. Though energetically interconnected on this planet, we never really were. Honouring our distinctions, being true to our differences and finding the points (if there are any) where we can be allies as individuals become the keys to our success.

Wednesday's conjunction between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn has been delayed by Venus' retrograde through Scorpio and late Libra (October 8 - November 18, 2010) in much the same way that Ceres' conjunction to fellow dwarf planet Pluto was delayed. Ceres came within one degree of an exact conjunction to Pluto in April 2010 at the Scorpio Full Moon before turning retrograde, gathering necessary strength and inspiration in Sagittarius for its meeting with the Lord of the Underworld October 19. The conjunction of Ceres and Pluto happened during Venus' retrograde through Scorpio, and it strongly colours relationship themes until June of 2012 when we experience the second Venus Transit (basically, an eclipse involving Venus) and a Venus retrograde in Gemini.

We've only just begun feeling the reverberations from this Ceres-Pluto conjunction. Trust me.

And now Venus steels itself for its own conjunction.

Let's just say, the ladies of the zodiac are finding it a wee bit distasteful coming this close to the depth and breadth of corruption and abuse of power Pluto is forcing to collective awareness in the sign of structures. The feminine force is aware of the level of toxicity running through "the way things are" and of the destruction being brought down on life on this planet through it. It's not all that keen on coming into contact with what Pluto is digging up.

But come into full contact and awareness it must, as this is how the feminine (and women) gain the potency, effectiveness, authority and influence to move this shitshow into a better and more sane way of doing things. Push has come to shove. We don't survive if things continue the way they are - definitely not on a soul or spiritual level and probably not even on the physical.

"The relationships we enter into now cannot be entered into lightly. We need people in our lives who can be counted on when the chips are down, in light of the times in which we are living. There will be many decisions about what relationships to enter into, what ones to keep and how to restructure them and what ones are no longer viable moving forward."

As Venus crosses paths with Pluto, we should be closer to settling out in the alchemical relationships, especially business-wise, that will buffer the storms of seven squares between planet of revolution Uranus in Aries and planet of from-the-core transformation Pluto in Capricorn.

But keep tending the connections, keep pruning where they need to be pruned.

Pluto relates to the evolution and transformation of the collective through the soul-driven experiences and work of the individual. Pluto requires that we hit our evolutionary marks during our lifetimes so that, at the end of our lives, we're fully satisfied. Pluto doesn't want anyone regretting that they could have done more, they could have gone deeper, they could have been more effective, catalyzed more change, altered the course more strongly. So it's demanding. It's demanding as all hell.

And it's compelling the feminine to take action - as part of the process of coming to the table as full business partner, full decision maker, full power sharer, full authority figure. The feminine (and women) are working away behind the scenes now, coming together in strategic new formations.

It's all new steps, and we're learning, together, as we go.


Anonymous said...

Yes, 'It's all new steps' and that offers a strange kind of comfort as we struggle out of the swamp; even if we fall back a step or two, the old path is fast disappearing behind us. Thank Goddess.

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S said...

Enjoyed this very much Willow... I've been trying to catch up on your past posts (been working too much.)

This Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn sits on Facies, the fixed star as well.

Glad you've been writing about Ceres, as you know the situation with the climate, food production and our very greedy speculators out there who just love to see the great unwashed stave to death when they cannot afford bread.

Anyhow, catching up on your posts over the past months and enjoying the read.

Check your email...

A Gen X Punk,

Willow said...

Thanks, Theo. And thanks for the Facies tip.

Yeah, the food sitch is dire. Even people who have plenty to eat are basically starving...GMOs/no nutritional content.

Deb said...

Starving and falling ill more often than before. I've never seen folks go in and out of the flu, for example, as frequently as I do now. Reason I don't get sick is because I work outdoors, with dogs :), thank something.

(@ Theo: Gen X in the house.)

Love your writing, Willow. As always, you're so insightful and everything you're saying about the Feminine is spot-on. Time to put the frilly skirts aside, pull up our pants and hop to it. No more victimhood.