Thursday, February 24, 2011

The North Node Heads for Sagittarius

North Node in Sagittarius March 3, 2011 to August 29, 2012

There is one more week of North Node in Capricorn before it crosses into Sagittarian territory March 3, and this shift is going to be a relief. For the past six months, our successful path forward has driven us straight into the heart of the Plutonic beast, complete with multi-layered, to-the-core terror training. We've gotten up close and personal with the corruption, abuse and yuck Pluto is unearthing in Capricorn as it excavates our structural hierarchies and the power dynamics within - and we haven't even drawn any danger pay.

The North Node formed an exact conjunction to Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn on November 9, 2010. The Pluto-North Node conjunction happens on average every 17 years:

February 11, 1909 at 23 degrees Gemini
August 25, 1926 at 15 degrees Cancer
November 28, 1943 at 8 degrees Leo
December 31, 1960 at 8 degree Virgo
October 31, 1977 at 15 degrees Libra
February 22, 1994 at 28 degrees Scorpio
November 9, 2010 at 3 degrees Capricorn
November 15, 2027 at 4 Aquarius
June 3, 2062 at 25 Pisces

The North Node in Capricorn was also involved in that super hardcore, stone cold serious meeting with Ceres and Pluto during the Via Combusta Venus retrograde in Scorpio this past fall.

Suffice it to say, things have gotten tight.

Since the North Node entered the sign of the sea goat in August of 2009, we've had to suck it up, get on with it and slowly and painfully make our way forward amidst ongoing destruction, doing in-the-moment restructuring and making whatever progress we could as Pluto in Capricorn steamrolled on. It has been traumatic, picking up on the unresolved business of the Pluto in Cancer generation. The emotional, psychological and psychic weight and pressure of all that has remained unsaid, undealt with, unrecognized, unredeemed, suppressed since the hey day of that generation (and before) is immense.

Now, we're on the very outskirts of Capricorn North Node territory - in the really depressing, run-down industrial area - and things are looking pretty bleak.

But we can sense a shift coming on. The North Node in Sagittarius March 3 and Uranus in Aries March 11 bring a strong push into fire - creativity, inspiration, expression, aggression, movement. There's some expansion coming on our path. New experiences. New mixes. The next 1.5 years on Planet Earth are going to require an ongoing development of deep, Sagittarian faith.

As we've seen with the uprisings in Egypt, especially, we're going to be connecting across cultures, drawing on and sharing information and stores of cross-cultural knowledge, especially feminine knowledge - not because it's trendy and cool, but because we have to in order to survive.

We're going to be exploring a world that has ceased to have much truly untapped territory, a world under Pluto in Capricorn lock-down in many ways. There will be limitations to our freedom along these lines, and we'll be required to seek inspiration in new ways, discovering rich, new sources. Always, there will be an impetus on reframing and transforming belief systems, making them relevant for the current moment and situation, shaking valuable kernels of truth out of the dogmatic, masculine-heavy belief structure hierarchies that exist almost across the board at this point in human history.

And then we have the Gemini South Node.

"On some level, our communication and connection in this internet age have reached a peak. The interplay of ideas and information has reached critical mass, and things shift greatly on that front from March until August 2012.

We're getting booted out of some of the emotional and social reliance on this form of connection and turned down the North Node Sagittarian path of direct experiences with the big, bad world, relying on our stores of information, the connections we've made and what we've learned through the interactions as the fires of Sagittarian faith and inspiration propell us forward. This will be a refreshing shift in the long run (barring a total internet crackdown by the Global Governors)..."

We've already had both metered internet usage (put down in Canada for the time being due to mass public outcry) and the infamous Obama Internet Kill Switch fly onto our radar screens, and further attempts at controlling, censoring and eroding can be expected over the next 18 months with the Gemini South Node/Sagittarius North Node.

We're driving toward the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with a Sagittarius North Node and those who would like us diverted from that goal will also be working this polarity for all its worth.

One cool thing about this placement is a movement into more of a natural, law of the jungle way of things. The law of cosmic grace, the law of the cosmos, the grace in truth - all these things become empowered. This is very different from the current rigid, hierarchical/patriarchal and generally corrupt Capricornian versions of law and order.

Metaphysical law is different from the standard variety. This shift is going to be very interesting.


Willow said...

I have to say...there's a certain situation that has been going on for the past couple days that I am having to strongly restrain myself from writing about.

This Sagittarius North Node is not going to be easy to hold back after a full 1.5 years dealing with Pluto in Capricorn crap!

Woo, doggy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these regular updates, Willow: I feel like I'm being squeezed in a vise, slowly, and I want to bellow and roar.

Jasmine said...

Brilliant stuff, I'm so interested to read someone who sees the global political situation in the same terms as I do. We live in very scary times

Diane said...

I wanted to add my thanks as well and tell you how much I love your astro-politics; and when I also believe you're like the marriage of Chris Hedges and Liz Greene, I hope you know it is high praise. As my Granny used to say god luvya sweet child.

Diane said...

p.s. Oh and please don't restrain yourself-we need all the perspective we can stomach.

Willow said...

Sabina, the Jupiter-Pluto square is exact at 2:40 p.m. CT (which I believe is 4:40 Eastern?). One layer of vise releasing...for now. ha. Oh, Uranus square Pluto is going to be a real stitch.

Jasmine, thank-you! Agreed. These times are wack. But the good people have never been better! We can take heart in that.

Oh, Diane. Thank-you. I love your Granny. God luvya sweet child right back!

Anon and Ever said...

Well, I hope this shift in the Nodes may sign a return of interest about systemic change and general problems, a return to the necessity of a general vision...

Jonathan said...

Out of curiosity I googled 'North node in Sagittarius 2011' and found your blog. Kudos for writing about this; most of Western astro is completely ignoring it.