Sunday, July 5, 2009

Uranus Retrograde in Pisces and the Next Saturn-Uranus Opposition

Uranus turning retrograde July 1 at 26 degrees Pisces means that all three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) plus Jupiter and Chiron are moving retrograde.

This is a lot of retrogrades, but we've just gone through one hell of a changeable and often bizarre period on planet Earth, so we need them.

We're going back over the territory we just whipped through to internally recalibrate to what we've just experienced. This is a time of regaining our bearings, especially in light of the three bodies conjunct in Aquarius and the infusion of future-oriented energy and vision we've just received. Our path forward is probably different from what we thought it was going to some cases, very different. There have been some abrupt changes in course, and these retrograde periods give us a chance to adjust to the new space we're occupying. Here, we let go of previous-held dreams and visions in favour of new ones.

These retrogrades should help with clarifying what we're doing and where we're going now - a very necessary thing considering how heavily involved Neptune/Pisces are and have been. A lot of veiled fogginess and illusion to contend with. We can also emotionally prepare ourselves during this time frame for any big changes up ahead.

Since Uranus has gone retrograde in Pisces, I've had some very bizarre dreams. A common experience, I'm sure, since Pisces relates to dreams and the subconscious.

What I've also noticed, after the shift of Uranus retrograde, is an increase in weight and pressure from Saturn in Virgo. I've been waking up depressed and having an extremely difficult time clearing the fog. Just completing the very basics seems to be a task-and-a-half.

What's going on is that Saturn and Uranus Rx are heading to their third opposition in Virgo and Pisces. They are within a 10 degree orb at the moment, getting ever-closer, now that Uranus has turned retro, to exact opposition between now and September 15.

So the balance here between Saturn in Virgo earthly practicalities and Uranus in Pisces spiritual vision is starting to come to the forefront again. The challenges of receiving downloads of spiritual insight and then applying them in the day-to-day material realm while staying on an even keel is tricky. Balancing the requirements of both material and spiritual while bringing them together as one and the same. Knowing when to surrender to circumstances (Pisces) and when to dig in and get to work (Virgo) is proving to be very confusing, at times.

I've felt paralyzed at different times throughout the entire Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle (combined with my Saturn Return) and unsure of what to do next. A lot of void time and weightiness.

And with the reinforcement of the transitting bodies, I sort of feel like, enough already! hahaha But Saturn says no. It's not enough until it says it's enough. Isn't it funny how Saturn transits always have that feeling of, "Isn't it over yet?" Saturn and time. So relative. It feels as if "this" has been and will be going on forever.

Not to mention the odd effects on our experience of time in general with all the Uranus/Aquarius influence. I was re-reading some of the posts on this blog and couldn't believe that some of them were written only a few months ago. I feel as if I wrote the December 2008 post years ago - and it was only six months! It sort of boggles the mind how much ground we're covering these days, doesn't it? Warp speed.

(Another reason those retros are necessary.)

I was trying to do a little predicting for my own life, and looking at the aspects for the rest of the summer, I have a feeling things aren't really going to get moving until mid-September. As much as I don't want this to be true, for my sake and for the sake of anyone who is feeling at the mercy of the universe right now.

But let's be honest. All the outer planets are in retrograde plus Jupiter and Chiron, and Saturn is still going through its retrograde shadow (previously covered territory).

Things really are still in the freefall. Massive scrambling and restructuring are still underway, and it's quite difficult (if not impossible) to get a new direction going on until the dust has settled. This is my feeling for myself, anyway. There's a lot of wheel-spinning possible but not a lot of getting anywhere solid. Baby steps are all we can do in a lot of cases. And treading water.

Saturn hits new ground August 21 (phew!) and starts moving into opposition with Uranus Rx at 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces, exact on September 15. This will be the third shake-up between concrete structural reality (Saturn) and revolutionary change/upheaval (Uranus).

In the midst of that, Pluto goes direct at 0 degrees Capricorn on September 11. Zero degrees at Ground Zero. Starting on the second wave of Plutonic break down and transformation of our structures, hierarchies, public images and versions of success. Round One was the economic meltdown, the bail-outs, the job losses, the business closures, the funnelling of trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to international banks, the lack of integrity, honesty and transparency in our structures coming to the surface. You know...all that fun stuff.

If I were a predicting gal (which I'm not, generally), I would say that Pluto going direct at 0 degrees on September 11 will coincide with more 9/11 scrutiny. This could be when the idea of U.S. government involvement and/or knowledge before the fact could go from conspiracy theory to commonly held suspicion. Maybe we'll even get some proof on this front, for those who need it.

My feeling is that these September astro-events are the major catalyzing aspects we're leading up to this summer.

However, the eclipse season we're currently experiencing should have an initially loosening effect to get things started. Especially the total solar eclipse on 29 degrees Cancer. It's the longest total eclipse in the 21st century, not to be surpassed in length until 2132. It's a big one.

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