Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Talk Me, Baby! Tell Me Everything's Gonna Be All Right!

Here's Obama sweet-talking the American people into "prolonged detention." IE. Indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial.

(Yes, this speech was given a month ago, but I'm not on "media time" anymore.)

It's interesting how Obama talks about the "poorly planned, haphazard" approach of the previous administration on the so-called War on Terror.

Yes, and now he and the other Pluto in Virgos can further the same agenda but with icy cold Virgoan planning, bringing all the insanity into pseudo-law! It's the new and improved New World Agenda, folks! Wire-tapping and spying on citizens, amassing databases of personal information, citizens being placed on terrorist lists - and then "prolonged detention" without charge or trial (whilst being tortured) - all cemented into the system! The worst of the Patriot Act is being advanced.

The precision and order of the Nazi regime definitely comes to mind here.

So not only is the Bush Adminisration not going to be held accountable for torturing prisoners or for their various other crimes against humanity (not least of which is getting the U.S. Armed Forces and its allies into a war in Iraq under false pretenses), but Obama is going to take it even further.

It's so interesting to me how this man uses Virgo key words like "effective and sustainable." And again, I see how he and his administation are even more dangerous than the "poorly planned, haphazard" Baby Bush and crew. Because these motherfuckers have a plan.

[chills run up spine]

It also makes me think about the use of speeches, oratory and the Mercurial silver tongue to dominate and control the masses. Mercury ruling Virgo.

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