Friday, July 3, 2009

Creepy, Creepy Sarah Palin Has Something Up Her Sleeve

Sarah Palin announced today that she is stepping down as Governor of Alaska in a rambling, unscripted, thrown-together press conference. Yeah, sounds like Sarah Palin.

Just in time for the Mercury in Cancer opposition to Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow morning. Using the media to further somewhat murky strategic agendas. This goes much deeper than the surface appearance, of course. Palin is being groomed for a run for Pres in 2012...Dear God, help us.

Palin's lunar nodal axis is Cancer-Capricorn, I must add, so the New Moons in Cancer/eclipses in Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius are all affecting her in a big way. Two New Moons (one a total solar eclipse) on her North Node with a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn coming up on Tuesday on her South Node.

This woman in power terrifies the crap out of me. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. I think she's pretty much batshit crazy and a very unbalanced, unwise person. I strongly believe she lacks perspective and experience, not to mention having wounded extremist tendencies.

This is a woman who wasn't sure which countries belonged to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) or if Africa was a continent.

She also belonged, until recently, to an Armageddonist church in Alaska that believes we are in the "End Times" and that Alaska is to become a "refuge state" for people fleeing the Armageddon.

Yep. She's someone I want with her finger on the nuke button! Someone who thinks we're heading to the prophesied end of the world and would consider it her honour to do God's will by helping it along.

The fact that, as a Time article declares, Palin is "the woman who tops most G.O.P. 2012 shortlists to challenge Barack Obama" shows me just how out of touch with reality the U.S. Republican Party really is. It's scary that they are advancing this woman.

I pray that this is not the start of a run for President in 2012, but I don't think Palin's ambitions will allow her not to run now that she's gotten a taste of the big time. Designer labels! Limos! Secret Service! Oh, that Cappie South Node is just salivating.

Palin has an incredibly unbalanced birth chart, and the way she embodies it is, again, disturbing to me. (Note - it's not the birth chart, but the way a person embodies/lives it that is the real issue.) Five planets in Aquarius (this decision to step down/reorient her quest for power being triggered - along with the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses - by that Aquarius triple conjunction going retrograde), two in Aries. North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn - so her quest for power and public recognition is stemming from the karmic South Node - not a stable thing.

No personal planets in earth or water (feminine, receptive, intuitive, grounded, realistic) to balance the Uranian erraticness or the Arien headstrong impulsiveness, which I think is very visible in her personality and actions. Very unpredictable, fire first, ask questions later, random, scattered, hot and cold, very little depth...but with a blistering belief that she's in the right, led by God and prayer. (*cough* Chiron in Pisces delusions *cough* Armageddonist *cough*)

Palin is hell-bent on following her own individualistic right-wing fundamentalist agenda, come hell or high water, and lacks receptivity to other points-of-view. She is prone to abuses of power and refuses most forms of direction - as has been backed up by numerous Republican insiders who attempted to advise and coach her (to no avail) during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Forcing rape victims to pay for their own rape kits (collection of forensic evidence), which happened under Palin's watch as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, is a perfect example of this exertion of her own personal beliefs as a public official. This policy continued under Palin as mayor despite it being legislated by the then-Governor of Alaska that the counties would pay for this. Her way is the right way, after all. Why let a little something like a law get in your way?

Palin's chart is extremely heavy on the masculine/yang...with very little feminine/yin to balance.

Here is a previous article I wrote on Palin in September called: Why Sarah Palin in Power Scares the Crap Out of Me - the Wounded Extremist.

And another on Palin's particular Chiron in Pisces wound...

And another on the Scorpionic vibe of her Chiron in Pisces wound...

Yes, I've written a lot about this lady. The Neptunian bullshit that surrounds this woman is absolutely amazing to me. How little substance there really is, but the media (and Republican Party supporters) eats her up with a spoon.

I thought this quote was also bang-on from Anchorage talk show host, Michael Carey:

"This is classic Sarah Palin, the mixture of the personal and political...It's all done ad hoc. There's no strategic plan. It's, 'This is what I'm going to do, baby. Here we go.'"

A woman driven by South Node ambitions, trying to juggle the ever-increasing demands of the North Node (five kids, one a baby with Down's Syndrome, one a teenager with a kid of her own). This creates a massive imbalance, and again is not someone I want to see in any position of power - not even the PTA.

The transitting Aquarius triple conjunction basically stationed retrograde right on her natal Sun-Mars-Saturn in Aquarius. And you can see this all-encompassing drive here (Mars), this belief that it is her responsibility (Saturn) to lead people into the future (Aquarius). Her personal version of the future, of course (Aries influence). And the fight for this personal future vision, the responsibility she believes she has to lead the planet there, is her very identity, who she believes she is.

But again, her version of the future is not one I wish to be led into. What I get from this woman is nothing but delusion, distortion and dystopia. The Three Ds. haha

But all the better to pull the wool over your eyes with, my dear. You can see why the powers-that-be get all hot and bothered over this one, can't you?

With all that Aquarius and a Chiron in Pisces exactly opposite her natal Pluto in Virgo, she is a person who is trying to lead into the Aquarian future without a solid grasp of or an ability to apply true Piscean understanding. And a mastery of that understanding is an absolute must these days in the tail-end Piscean Era.

So Palin has a wounded Piscean energy directly opposite her natal Pluto. 13 Pisces/13 Virgo. (Her natal Pluto in Virgo is also conjunct Uranus in Virgo - which is the dispositor of all that Aquarius, and you can see how this Chiron-Pluto dynamic takes centre stage.) And this is what I was talking about previously regarding not seeing the forest for the trees. This woman is setting up an old (and wounded) Piscean paradigm (Armageddon, End Times, prophesies, Jesus returning, etc.) as the balancing point for the power of her natal Pluto in Virgo. It has disaster written all over it because instead of this imbalance working itself out in her personal life, it will be working its way out on the global, nuclear-armed stage.

This is just not a woman with the universal wisdom to lead (or even comprehend) people as a whole.

Man, the Neptunian special Kool-Aid is pretty fucking powerful these days, isn't it?

This chick's gotta be an alien. :)

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Anonymous said...

I honestly believe the general public in the United States have already written her off as a flake.

However, I live in the Western half of the U.S. where we have always regarded the U.S. government types as out of touch, "tenderfoots" with fancy suits and terrible instincts.

Therefore a "good" politician would surprise us much more than just another bad one.

The checks and balances of the ingenious Founding Fathers work so well that even an unbalanced, or idiotic, or comatose president (ever seen the movie Dave?) can be employed most excellently.