Sunday, July 5, 2009

Moon Enters Capricorn and We Head to the Lunar Eclipse

The Moon enters Cappie this evening (opposite sign of its rulership) and conjuncts Pluto at 11:28 p.m. MDT.

As the Moon moves through the sign all day Monday, we can feel that there's something coming - the Full Moon lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning (3:21 a.m. MDT).

This eclipse is the first of three we are experiencing this summer. A detailed post here.

This eclipse season is going to be one demanding mother. With Cancer so heavily involved and a Plutonic undertone, it could get under our skins like the very worst irritating mother-in-law. The one who doesn't think you're good enough for her baby. I think we can expect an emotional rollercoaster complete with dips and turns throughout the summer.

We've also got Mars in Taurus squaring the Aquarius bodies (now retrograde) just before the FM lunar eclipse, which is the last of a series of Taurus-Aquarius squares we've been experiencing since Saturn went direct in Virgo May 16.

Mars will square Chiron, Neptune and then Jupiter throughout Monday morning and early afternoon - so give people some slack with these squares in mind, as they are apt to feel frustrated. Not too much slack, however. Mars in Taurus demands that we stand up for and enforce our personal boundaries. Don't tread on me! So if you find yourself getting pissed, it's more than likely a boundary being breached that needs some reinforcement.

This set of squares has our physical bodies/energy/drive involved (Mars), so we could feel constricted and squeezed there. Only the most concrete and necessary of actions, giving us the most value in return will be worth the energy expenditure here. These aspects could get exhausting as we're yoked like oxen pulling against all that Aquarius, giving it the good fight for grounded, earthy progress.

The Mars squares to Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius also factor heavily into this Full Moon lunar eclipse.

Mars square Jupiter is the last major aspect we experience Monday afternoon until the FM lunar eclipse in the wee hours Tuesday morning.

In addition, there is a not-quite-exact kite formation involved with this FM. Saturn in Virgo (16 degrees), the Moon in Capricorn (15 degrees) and Mars in Taurus (26 degrees) form the trines, with the Sun in Cancer (15 degrees) forming the sextiles and opposition.

Mars in Taurus is not quite in alignment here (a bit out at 26 degrees), but it is doing some pretty important work here squaring the Aquarius bodies and working on gaining some solid footing.

So I would say the kite formation is in effect - a formation that takes the flowing potential of a Grand Trine and adds two sextiles and an opposition for some friction and tension, to create the impetus to apply/realize that potential.

Add to that the initiating progress/action aspect of an opening square of Mars (personal goals, action, will) to Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius (the dreamy future possibilities), and this FM lunar eclipse is going to create some long-lasting effects. As eclipses seem to do...

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