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Fifteen Years of Willow's Web Astrology Blog! Transitioning from a Pluto in Capricorn-Era Vehicle to a Pluto in Aquarius-Era Vehicle

Today is the 15-year anniversary of the Willow's Web Astrology blog. I made it! We made it!

I started the WWA blog on February 25, 2008 with Pluto newly in Capricorn, and this has very much been a Pluto in Capricorn-era blog. Along with the astrological interpretations, I've worked to expose corruption (Pluto) in multiple industries and institutions (Capricorn) and to educate people on how to protect themselves and their loved ones through increased Plutonic awareness.

Now, Pluto is poised to enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023 for a transit that will stretch until 2044, and things start to shift. Willow's Web Astrology transforms from a vehicle for Pluto in Capricorn work into a vehicle for Pluto in Aquarius work. (Though Pluto doesn't leave Capricorn entirely until late 2024...) I'm not sure what this transition will look like exactly, but I'm ready for the next chapter, whatever it brings. 

This year will be a light duty year on the blog - the first light duty year I've taken in 15 years. The past three years on Planet Earth have taken a lot out of us. I've done a tremendous amount of unpaid and energy-intensive work during this time, including ongoing research, writing, activism, protest, public education, and lobbying of City Halls on more than one issue. All this has left me at an energy deficit, so this year, I'll be rebuilding my reserves on that front.

My priority and focus moving forward will be on paid work - the patron articles and astrology readings, tutoring, and lessons. I'll post new articles to the public blog if energy allows, but I don't imagine I'll be moving back into doing extensive unpaid work from this point on. 

You can also find me through my website: Willow's Web Astrology

This is an excerpt from my second-ever post on the blog, published on February 26, 2008. Not to toot my own horn, but I would say I nailed it right out of the Pluto in Capricorn gate!

Willow's February 2008 Astro Perspective - with Pluto in Capricorn

"PLUTO IN CAPRICORN: January 26, 2008 - November 20, 2024

Pluto fuels a process of intense examination and scrutiny of the aspects of life we would often rather not look at. All the dark creepy crawlies we’d prefer would just stay hidden under the rug - the dark undercurrents of life, ourselves and other people; denied emotional realities; abusive, unequal relationship dynamics; things we repress that then come out in our lives and selves in a multitude of unpleasant ways; power struggles; control issues; hidden motivations; betrayals; emotional suppression and poisoning; oppression; domination and subjugation; lack of personal integrity; behaviours and circumstances that result from disconnection to the core, soul-level reality; etc. All that fun stuff that we all love dealing with!

Pluto knows that these things go on under the surface and it also knows that until we recognize these aspects and bring them up to conscious awareness, we’re doomed to repeat unpleasant karmic cycles and patterns. Pluto gets us to do this by making life so uncomfortable and hellish and oppressing us so horribly that we’re forced to look at this stuff, examine it, release the old and make changes because we would literally rather die than continue the way things are. Or, rather, Pluto knows we WILL die (at least, on a soul-level) if we continue the way things are - hence the “evolve or die” thing.

Pluto’s location indicates the area that needs most desperately to transition and be reborn into something new. So while Pluto is in Capricorn, we’re going to be forced to look at our concepts of material progress and success and all the structures that have grown out of those concepts, transforming those things to better fit our continued life on the planet.

As far as the transpersonal view goes, Pluto in Capricorn will be a time when the Plutonic process is applied to things such as: business and corporations and the hierarchical structures within them; “bosses;” owners; management; time; money; economics; material goals and progress; patriarchy; use of power by those at the top; the aspects of control and power that money and position afford; public image; what our societies respect, recognize and deem worthy; leadership and the legitimacy of that leadership; concepts of success; climbing the corporate ladder and where that ladder is leading us; etc.

In my view, the masculine and feminine energies on the planet are currently unbalanced and unequal to the point of collapse. And nowhere is this more apparent than in our business structures, with the prevailing ideology of growth and achievement at all cost and a seeming lack of concern about negative effects on the environment, the populace and the basic overall soul of things. To me, we’ve gone as far as we can go with the current system of unfettered growth (to the point of almost destroying our planet), and now we desperately need some balance. We need to inject some soul into our structures. We need to balance outward achievement with inner reflection and guidance. We need to care about how our actions and “progress” affect other people and the planet. We need to make sure that the ways we’re striving to be recognized and respected in the public world feel right to us in our inner world. This relates to the balance of Cancer and Capricorn. During a Pluto transit through a sign, development of the sign opposite Pluto is crucial to sort of pull us out of the muck and mire that Pluto kicks up and create some balance. Capricorn rules the Father figure energy (masculine) and Cancer rules the Mother figure energy (feminine). Capricorn rules the outwardly visible public self and Cancer rules the inner, soul self. So to me, Pluto in Capricorn is very clearly a time when the disconnect between these things must be addressed. Masculine and feminine must come into balance. They must learn to work together as equally important forces, each playing a complementary role and becoming one force of creation, instead of two separate forces resisting each other and fighting for dominance.

One of the things a birth chart illustrates beautifully is the fact that we all have masculine energy and feminine energy within us. There are six yin signs and six yang signs that we all, men and women, contain. A mistake that we make in our society is to equate feminine with women and masculine with men. So adding women to a corporate boardroom is often considered enough to address the imbalance of masculine and feminine. This is, of course, not true because women can behave in a very masculine way, especially when they’re trying to fit in and succeed in an excessively masculine structure.

So we need to transform (Pluto) the way we understand the interplay of masculine and feminine, outer and inner (Capricorn - Cancer). And see how denying the existence or the importance of the feminine or yin energy in our work and business structures is creating a problematic imbalance in our society.

Addressing and rebalancing these issues through Pluto in Capricorn will, hopefully, change the lifestyle track that people are running on of go, go, go!, "I'm so busy," tossing down three Starbucks a day to keep going, cocaine sniffing (yes, business people have resorted to that, apparently), body in a constant state of alert/panic, constant growth, constant focus on outward results, goals!, achievements!, recognition!, outpacing the other guy/gal, etc.

Along with that, the way all this is artificially supported by a controlled and invisible form of feminine, which exists only to support this mad machine, will also transform. An example of this is the receptionist or admin assistants in the business structure, who support what other people are doing but usually have no real independent roles of their own.

This Plutonic transformation will also renew our respect for and understanding of growth cycles - the fact that creation involves outward growth, but also rest, dormancy and connection to the inner for guidance. The fact that the human body is not a machine, and it cannot just produce, produce, produce. Energy levels fluctuate. There is a timing of things.

These are some of the things which will come up during Pluto in Capricorn and not in a superficial way! Pluto asks for nothing less than complete transformation from the core. No stone is left unturned. So Pluto will be demanding complete institutional change.

Pluto will help us to see what power is legitimate in our business structures and what isn’t, who is rightfully a leader and who does not have the personal integrity or character to truly lead humanity into a new era, who is a dinosaur clinging to power using the old methods of coercion, manipulation and control and who has rightfully earned the position of leader.

I think during the next 16 years, (within the context of the Aquarian era shift), equality will be chosen more often than not over hierarchy. Even the concept of a “boss” will come under scrutiny within many organizations. As will the owner-worker paradigm and the right to dominate, manipulate and control “underlings” that sometimes goes along with being in charge of the purse strings. Any inequalities in the dynamics between people on different levels of the hierarchy will come up. The way people are bullied into putting up with abusive conditions out of fear of losing their employment. And the personality issues that people at the top of the hierarchy are allowed to have…things that would not be tolerated in workers lower on the totem pole. Top-down decision-making where people who are completely disconnected from the reality of the workers are creating policies that don’t make practical sense. The lack of access many workers have to the decision-making process, despite the fact that it affects their livelihoods. Corporate policy that is sometimes impractical and inhumane. All this excitement and much more!!!

As far as the timing of Pluto in Capricorn, I think a lot of people are now starting to see that there are problems associated with unfettered corporate consumer capitalism. We understand now that seeing human beings strictly as consumers, gobbling up corporate products, is an unbalanced view of things. We see that translating the Earth’s resources into dollars and cents, grabbing them up and consuming them as quickly as possible is not a sustainable way to live. And the access corporate heads have to our government’s decision-making is becoming just a little too much for a lot of us to bear. (North American Union, anyone?) For me, personally, I’ve never been able to participate in corporate structures for too long because they always felt so horrible. The imbalance and the disconnect from the inner, soul-guided level of things was something I could never stomach. So I’m quite biased on this subject. But for me, I can see quite clearly that Pluto in Capricorn is going to involve a transformation of business structures and all unbalanced hierarchical structures in our world. We’re going to start seeing through any of these structures that are propped up with coercion, fear, control and domination.

Anyway, that’s my take on things. These are issues that are really deeply ingrained in our society and they’re not at the level of conscious awareness for most people. So I’m sure it’s going to take all of Pluto’s might over these next 16 years to get people to take a look at this stuff. I just hope the planet can hold out that long…"


Thanks very much for reading. Happy, Happy 15th Birthday, Willow's Web Astrology blog! 




Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday WWA!
A halmark to hard work and endurance through some difficult times.
Here's wishing you many more years and all the clients you can handle.
(Hopefully, not as big of a pain as me) ❤️


Willow said...

hahaha! Thanks, d! You're not a pain, though.