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The Six-Year Anniversary of the Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Collapse of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem

March 11, 2017 is the six-year anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster. This disaster is contaminating Japan and North America (indeed, the whole planet) with radioactive fallout, as well as creating a horrific collapse in the Pacific Ocean ecosystem. The wonderful sea creatures are in a state of intense duress at this time, and many species are experiencing mass sickness and die-offs that have been accelerating dramatically since 2011.

Let me be very clear about this: this is the worst nuclear disaster in human history. It is ongoing. And there is no end in sight.

I don't believe there is a single global issue as pertinent as this ongoing nuclear disaster. However, there is a worldwide media blackout underway on Fukushima, and it has been in effect since the beginning. Much of the public is waiting for "official reports" on the situation in order to take it seriously, but these reports will not be forthcoming. Government officials and establishment academics and scientists are staying silent on the issue, downplaying the issue, diverting from the issue, or are being muzzled if they do have any inkling toward the truth. 

Governments are doing no ongoing testing of food, water, milk, or air for radioactive contamination, although contamination from Fukushima fallout has been detected all over North America since 2011, continuing to this day.

Since the U.S. and Canada are both heavily invested in nuclear energy, there is a vested interest in keeping things quiet. In fact, Canada is the number two exporter of uranium worldwide and a major exporter of nuclear reactors.

Since 2011 when the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster began hemorrhaging radioactivity into the Pacific Ocean and atmosphere via triple nuclear meltdown, there have been heartbreaking documented mass illnesses and die-offs in populations of: whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, manatees, polar bears, walruses, sea birds, owls, pelicans, turtles, crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, oysters, scallops, abalone, sardines, anchovies, salmon, herring, jellyfish, coral, krill, plankton, and more all along the North American West Coast. 

As the research of Dana Durnford has shown along the British Columbia West Coast, sea life has disappeared dramatically in the tidal pools since 2011. Thousands of species are now missing.

Saturn is currently transiting Sagittarius, the sign of wild places, nature, and animals.

Throughout 2017, Saturn in Sagittarius is in a difficult square aspect to wounded healer Chiron in the sign of the oceans (Pisces).

The Pacific Ocean ecosystem (Pisces) is very sick (Chiron), as challenging (Saturn) as that truth (Sagittarius) is to digest, and this sickness reaches an acute phase under the Saturn-Chiron square this year. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces, nature is a guide. Animals are a guide. And everything is ultimately connected. One species cannot be suffering without other species being affected, as well.

The situation with the sea life in the Pacific Ocean is a prime instance where the sweet sea creatures are telling us that something truly horrifying is going on with their home. They are trying to make us understand that something is terribly wrong. The way they are being poisoned, sickened, and killed en masse is not occurring in a bubble and will certainly have ramifications for human health, as well. 

The most recent heartbreaking news reports tell us that there is a "mysterious cancer plague" affecting sea lions along the California coast. Nineteen percent of sea lions in the area are dying from cancer. Eighty to ninety percent of all sea lion pups have died over the past three years.

How mysterious!

No, not mysterious at all. 

But can you blame cancer plagues on climate change, too?

On March 11, 2011, as planet of sudden shocks and upheaval Uranus moved from the last degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces) to the first degree (0 Aries), it was reported that a massive earthquake created a tsunami that washed over the Daiichi nuclear power plant at Fukushima, Japan. Almost 20,000 Japanese people were killed by the tsunami.

This caused explosions at nuclear power plant Units 1 and 3. The explosion at Unit 3, complete with mushroom cloud, very likely aerosolized a large amount of Plutonium, which was released as miniscule particles into the atmosphere and jet stream, along with Cesium, Uranium, Strontium, Tritium, Neptunium, Radioactive Iodine, and many other radioactive isotopes.

The northern hemisphere was contaminated with these aerosolized "hot particles" soon after the March 2011 explosions, with particular concentrations along the West Coast of Canada and the United States. These particles will not necessarily show up as particularly elevated levels of radioactivity on Geiger counters, which test general background radioactivity.

That release of radioactivity initially started coming down in precipitation along the West Coast of Canada and the United States. It has continued to come down in precipitation all over the northern hemisphere ever since.

Levels of background radiation were detected by a citizen in his Tokyo back yard in late 2011 that were higher than the mandatory evacuation levels at Chernobyl. No evacuation orders have been given for Tokyo.

Radioactivity in rain water has been widely reported, including in this video from Edmonton, Canada in 2012.

Our bodies, our cells, our DNA are under constant attack, continual bombardment, from the radioactivity from Fukushima and from radioactive hot particles that are being ingested in food and water and breathed in through the air.

The radioactive particles that were produced in the initial explosions are like aerosol. They move around via wind and water, similar to depleted uranium munitions dust. Again, the tiny particles may not show particularly elevated levels of radiation, but the ingestion of them can cause serious health problems or even eventual death. 

Even tiny amounts of radioactive contamination ingested or breathed into our bodies can be highly poisonous and toxic to the system. Contrary to the official line being repeated ad nauseum, there is no "safe level" of man-made radioactive contamination that can be taken into our bodies. After ingestion, the radioactivity can be taken into our bones, our organs, and our tissues, and the "hot particles" continue irradiating and toxifying the system over the course of time. Small dose after small dose after small dose bio-accumulate, gathering in strength and toxicity over time.

So no, ingesting hot particles is not the equivalent of getting an X-Ray, taking an airplane ride, or eating a banana, despite what the nuclear shills and gatekeepers would like you to believe.

In the case of an X-Ray or an airplane ride: that is external radiation that we are exposed to for a limited amount of time only. Ingesting radioactive particles that have been released from Fukushima, bringing them into our bodies (internal toxification and irradiation), is a different scenario, as the toxicity and radioactivity will stay in our bodies, causing damage over time, especially via bio-accumulation.

Even external levels of radioactivity from Fukushima fallout are a different case from short-term X-Rays or airplane rides, as these continue to irradiate us over the course of time once in the environment. Low-level radiation has been linked to a number of serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, auto-immune disorders, thyroid disorders, genetic mutations, and cancer.

In the case commonly given of bananas or potatoes, which contain natural forms of radioactivity - these are natural forms of radioactivity that our bodies can get rid of, not man-made isotopes that are foreign to our systems, like the ones released by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Again, this is like comparing apples and...bananas. We would not naturally come into contact with the man-made isotopes released from Fukushima in these combinations or concentrations.

Contrary to media reports that the "radioactive plumes" have just recently reached the North American coastline, radioactive contamination from Fukushima has been found all along the West Coast of Canada and the United States since 2011, and it has not stopped coming in the six years hence. It will not stop coming until the reactions have been contained and until contaminated water is no longer being released into the Pacific.

Fukushima signature radioactive fallout (Cesium 134 and Cesium 137), as well as other radioactive isotopes released by the Daiichi plant, have been found in milk, tuna, salmon, kelp, strawberries, kale, mushrooms, spinach, arugula, prunes, almonds, water, pollen, grass, and sand in Canada and the United States beginning in the months after the initial explosions and continuing to this day. This is all documented and can be researched at Ongoing reports on international food contamination by radioactivity are also available at The Food Lab.

Just a few examples:

Radioactive Iodine was found in kelp beds along the California coast in 2012. The findings were published in Scientific American magazine. Radioactive Iodine is a fairly short-lived isotope. Scientists did not test for any of the longer-lasting and more deadly isotopes such as Cesium, Tritium, Strontium, Plutonium, etc.

Bluefin tuna caught off the California coast in 2012 were found to be contaminated with Fukushima signature fallout. All 15 samples tested showed contamination.

Radioactive Tritium was found in water samples along the British Columbia West Coast in 2012.

Dolly Varden and Irish Lord fish, as well as rockweed, were found to be contaminated with Fukushima signature fallout in Alaska in 2013.

Fukushima signature fallout was found in a British Columbia sand sample in 2014.

Salmon caught in the Columbia River in British Columbia tested positive for Fukushima signature fallout in 2016.

For six years now, night-and-day with no cessation, nuclear reactor Units 1 through 3 have been in total meltdown, releasing radioactivity into the atmosphere and into the groundwater, which then moves out to the Pacific Ocean.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) does not know where the nuclear fuel from Units 1 through 3 actually is. It's most likely that the highly radioactive fuel has melted through the concrete containments and into the ground (and groundwater) beneath the reactors. The Daiichi reactors were built over an aquifer. Water filters down from the mountains into the groundwater beneath the Daiichi plant, and then out to sea.

Units 1 through 3 are too radioactive for any human to get near. In fact, they are too radioactive for robots to get near. Robots have been sent in to try to locate the nuclear fuel. Each time, the robot has stopped working due to the intense levels of radioactivity. One of the more recent stories coming out of Fukushima was the "record-high" radiation levels that were detected in early 2017 - 530 sieverts per hour, when a dose of 6 or 7 sieverts per hour is considered lethal.

Remember: these are readings being recorded when they can't even get near the nuclear cores.

Unit 4 is filled with thousands of highly-radioactive spent fuel rods, which could create another catastrophe, especially in the high likelihood of another major earthquake.

In a temporary, stop-gap effort to keep the reactors cooler and under some semblance of control, workers (often homeless men) doused them with seawater. The contaminated water has been stored in containment vessels at the site. Since 2012, radioactively-contaminated water has been leaking from those containment vessels into the groundwater and then into the ocean.

For six years now, we have had an out-of-control nuclear disaster - a global emergency since Day One - being kept quiet by the powers-that-be - or as quiet as possible, anyway.

Again, you will not read much of any of this in the mainstream media, as for six years now, there has been a media blackout underway, enforced by your governments and by your media sources.

For six years now, the United States government and the Canadian government have refused to do ongoing testing for radioactive contamination in water, milk, air, earth, or seafood. (In fact, the response from the U.S. government was to turn off radiation detectors, raise allowable limits for radioactivity in food, water, and soil, and then sign a trade deal continuing food imports from Japan.)

For six years now, these governments and their media have been complicit in a slow motion mass murder, refusing to educate people on how to protect themselves from radioactivity, refusing to put new water and food infrastructures in place, refusing to apply themselves to coming up with a solution to the crisis from an international level.

For six years, we have had false, placating, "old news" information being released by government via gatekeepers and establishment scientists and journalists. We have had a parade of "perplexed," and "befuddled" and "stumped" scientists who refuse to utter the F-word in relation to the ecosystem collapse going on in the Pacific Ocean.

Well, refuse to waste your precious time on this planet with your head buried in the (radioactive) sand. Refuse to let those you love remain dupes. We're coming to a point when the powers-that-be will no longer be able to cover this situation up to the same extent. Things at Fukushima and in the Pacific Ocean are too dire.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is real. The radioactivity being released into the Pacific is real. The collapse of the Pacific Ocean ecosystem is real. The continued contamination by Fukushima fallout via air, precipitation, and ocean water is real. The danger to our food and water supplies is real. The implications for human and animal health are real.

And with leaking, aging nuclear power plants spread throughout the world, all this is just one domino that has been flicked in a series of dominoes.

End Nuclear Power and Ban Nuclear Weapons on Earth!

 What You Can Do to Reduce Exposure to Fukushima Fallout

- eliminate foods from the Pacific Ocean - or from any ocean if you want to be very careful
- eliminate foods imported from Japan
- limit dairy and meat intake, where radioactivity bio-accumulates
- eat foods from greenhouses
- stay out of the rain, snow, and dirt whenever possible, as fallout is coming down in precipitation
- buy a personal Geiger counter to monitor background levels. Stay indoors when levels are high. Keep in mind that radioactive particles can still be harmful even when background levels are "low," and isotopes like Plutonium cannot be detected in this way.
- look into air filtration systems for your home
- have "outside clothes" and "inside clothes." Don't bring outside clothes or shoes into your home. Leave them in a porch or in a sealed plastic bag.
- take baths in water with baking soda
- bentonite clay and activated charcoal have been suggested as de-toxifiers
- boost your immune system naturally with things like turmeric, garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, dandelion, curry powder, vitamins and minerals. Raw honey, oil of oregano, and colloidal silver all have natural antibiotic properties. Research natural remedies first and use your intuition, as they are not "one size fits all" and can cause unwanted side effects. Use a variety of immune system boosters.
- Vitamin C has been found to reverse damage from radiation exposure, with liposomal Vitamin C being particularly effective (though expensive).
- eat a clean diet - no GMOs, additives, chemicals, preservatives, or processed food. This helps your system, as there is less crap to process.
- eat more raw vegetables and fruits
- eliminate or limit sugar, which feeds cancer cells
- alkalize your system to protect against cancer. Eat more alkalizing foods (veggies and some fruits) and less acidic ones (bread, flour, meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods).
- drink lots of clean, non-chemically treated water. Add a squeeze of lemon juice.
- remember that many recommended remedies for radiation exposure come from the sea (kelp, seaweed, etc.). Go to the sources before purchase. Certain mushroom varieties are said to be protective for radiation, but mushrooms also soak radioactivity up like crazy. Some definite Catch-22s.


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Anonymous said...

like a horror movie out there:

Anonymous said...

another one, just hit the wires, radioactive boars and now dying robots:

(ps nice font selection on the zine cover)

Willow said...

That is very watered-down information from the Guardian.

We aren't in "clean-up" phase...we're in "somehow stop the uncontrolled total nuclear meltdowns of three nuclear reactors as they contaminate the Pacific Ocean" phase. Big difference.

But this is the type of crap you get from mainstream media to placate people and make them believe things are pretty well over at Fukushima except for the clean-up.

This is an ongoing nuclear disaster!

Willow said...

(Thanks about the font...ha.)

Anonymous said...

oh I should have been more precise as we are head of virgo full moon: the robots dying part was the part of the article I thought most relevant, not the whole thing.

so it's very dystopic: radioactive boar running wild as per the Times and robots dropping dead left and right as per the Guardian. Plus mafia are apparrently running the "cleanup" so it's like Terminator and the Godfather combined but with radioactive wild boars too.

Anon 9:17/9:43

Willow said...

Yes, I mentioned the robots dying in this article. That has been going on for a while now.

Anonymous said...

yeha, I was pretty sure I had read it here on WWA somewhere originally just couldn't remember where.

Willow said...

That Guardian comment wasn't directed at you - more a general pissiness at the bullshit way the mainstream media continues to cover this issue. No real scope at all.

Anonymous said...

yeah the coverage is whacked for sure

good thing for WWA.

Willow said...

There are lots of people covering it in a real way...they just don't make it onto mainstream media channels.

Willow said...

Alaskan Dolly Varden fish mentioned in this article, found to be contaminated with Fukushima signature fallout in 2013 (samples from 2011), are now showing up with pus all over their bodies: said...

Read a year and a half after posting. Great piece - the astrology aside - Thanks for posting. Will use and give credit.

Rob P/Denver

Willow said...

The astrology only adds to the greatness, I'd say. ;-)

It makes it a unique article on Fukushima in the full sense of that word.

Willow said...

And in 2023, fish are being caught near Fukushima with 14 times the allowable limit of radioactivity:

"Japan has ordered the suspension of shipments of black rockfish caught off Fukushima prefecture after tests on a haul late last month showed radiation levels above the legal limit for human consumption.

The ministry of health on Tuesday confirmed that a catch from south of the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that was brought ashore on January 26 contained 1,400 becquerels of radiation per kg, far higher than the national standard of 100 becquerels per kg set by the government as safe...

Environmental groups have expressed concern that high levels of radioactivity have been detected in fish caught off the prefecture nearly 11 years after the disaster and are calling on the government to cancel its plan to release around 1 million tonnes of radioactive water presently stored at the plant into the Pacific Ocean."