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Powering Up Into Full-On Aquarian-Era Relationship Dynamics With Mars and Venus in Cardinal T-Square

Maintain your fences.
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Mars is currently transiting Libra (the sign of its detriment) until January 3, 2016, while Venus is also in Libra (the sign of its domicile) until December 4, 2015.

When desire planet Mars is in Libra, we want relationships and a social life, but we also want balance, peace, and harmony.

You can see the conflict right off the bat, considering the often non-peaceful state of human affairs on this planet today...

Mars is often an inflammatory body, and transiting Mars in Libra indicates the possibility of an irritating and sometimes angering effect in the social realms. (Constant war manoeuvres and manipulative false flag events staged by Global Government will do that.) 

A "charged social setting" can be expected under this transit, and Mars will be stirring this particular pot into the new year. Social factioning can also be expected, so navigate the dividing lines as carefully, diplomatically, and peacefully as possible without compromising yourself. 

This is the war planet (Mars) in the sign of peace (Libra). It's the planet of sex and unabashed desire (Mars) in the sign of social niceties and romance (Libra).

Again, you see the conflict.

Both Venus and Mars in Libra are involved in cardinal t-square formations over the next few weeks as they first square Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn and then oppose radical, revolutionary Uranus in Aries.

Venus will move through the at-times frictional Pluto-Uranus gauntlet exactly from November 20 to 23. This action is sandwiched between Neptune's direct station on November 18 (7 degrees Pisces) and Chiron's direct station November 27 (16 degrees Pisces). Saturn in Sagittarius will also form a square to Neptune in Pisces on November 26.

In addition to the ramping up of the global war machine (or maybe just the mainstream press coverage of it), this indicates a potent shedding process in relationships and in ways of relating as we transition more fully out of Piscean-era relationship constructs, rules, and ideals.  

We're officially busting our relationships and social scenes into cooler, fresher, and more Aquarian-styled territory, as we move deeper into the new eight-year relationship cycle kicked off this past summer with the Venus retrograde in Leo.

Under these aspects, it's possible to leave much of the longing, the pining, the fantasizing, the whinging, and the crying behind us. That Piscean-era sad sack, heart-wrenched, love = pain stuff can be dropped like the stinking pile of crud that it is - but only if we're willing to make the move. 
Mars kicks up these relational era-shift themes again as it re-activates the cardinal t-square from December 6 to 10.

If we didn't get the memo the first time around, Mars is going to whip things up into a situation that requires definitive action on our parts.

If we did get the memo, we will be required to hold a hard Aquarian line in relationships and social settings. We're moving ahead. There's no time for karmic loops or love delusions that get us nowhere.

We're looking for self-contained. We're looking for detached yet friendly. We're looking for interactions and relationships that are clean, independent, no hidden strings, no draining dynamics.

We're looking for interactions and relationships that allow us to be exactly who we are, while allowing room for others to be exactly who they are, as well.

We're looking for interactions and relationship dynamics that don't require a pound of flesh. 

A little turbulence - personally, professionally, or both - could be experienced during the acute cardinal t-square periods as we are positioned and oriented for social/relationship success in the new astrological era.

We are now operating under a new relationship rulebook, and these cardinal t-squares give us a little extra push, a little extra courage, to experiment with this and to implement it in our daily lives. We are supported now by the dynamic energy of these transpersonal planets to make moves and to take quantum leaps in relationship that we didn't even think were possible. 

At the same time, human relations have a definite edge to them during these periods of time (November 20 - 23 and December 6 - 10), as we are forced to drop outmoded ways of relating while simultaneously adopting more vital methods.

These are transpersonal planets we're dealing with, so we're dealing with broad, collective shifts and how they trickle down to our personal relations. In other words, this energy has a mind of its own. It has its own blueprint for how things are supposed to look and be in human relationships in the early stages of the astrological Aquarian era, and we have to follow along as closely as we can.

So stand back and insulate yourself from any pissy Plutonic exchanges or dramatics over the next few weeks. They're designed for movement. Some of the "honesty-and-reality checks" coming from others around these times may cut to the core. 

At the same time, open all the doors and windows to facilitate the fresh, Uranian/Aquarian breeze blowing through relationships and social scenes of all kinds.

Relationships, as we bust loose into the rip-roarin' Aquarian era, are harder-angled and more eccentrically-constructed than the Piscean era versions. They're harder to get a handle on. They're more unpredictable, off-and-on, hot-and-cold. They involve unusual (yet exciting) combinations of people. These emerging new-era relations are challenging, to say the least, and this is part of the frustration during the current transit of Mars through Libra. But they're also oh-so-exhilarating.

You mean we don't have to set relationships up in the same, old, stale-ass ways? We don't have to follow the same stultifying social conventions? We don't have to put up with the same old crap? You mean we don't really have to put up with any crap, if we don't choose to?

It's true. Try it.

Things are different now in relationships and in social settings. Who we're attracted to and who is considered a good match for us (in love, friendship, or business) may be shifting dramatically now. What we want and need in relationships and in social settings may be shifting, stripped down to the essentials, to the immediate.

Independence and self-reliance are becoming much more valued traits. "Co-dependence as love" is less attractive by far. 

Don't try to force things (or people) to meet your expectations or long-held ideals. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't look how you thought it would look. This will be many times better.

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