Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Life in the Dark and Dormant Places at the Scorpio New Moon

We experience a New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio tomorrow at 11:47 a.m. CST, indicating emotional resurrection, mystery, new life brought to dark places, a sexual surge.

Things long dormant start to move. Painful at first, maybe, but the desire for life overpowers the fear or pain. The desire to get out of the dark becomes the strongest motivator there is. If there's a chance that the long night of the soul is over, we'll take it.

New insight, intuition, and soul stirrings open doorways that were previously locked and deadbolted. Places inside ourselves we had locked away - through hurt, neglect, or betrayal - start to come back to life.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is a beautiful one: "A Woman Drawing Aside Two Dark Curtains That Closed the Entrance to a Secret Pathway."

Over this next 28-day lunar month, the still and secret places in our psyches and souls can be touched, rejuvenated, resurrected. How incredible. After all that, our souls want to try again.

We simply can't resist.

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