Monday, May 18, 2015

Thank-you, WWA Patrons and Commenters!

Taurus is a sign related to gratitude, so I'd like to take this opportunity, coming out of the Taurus New Moon last night, to thank all the patrons of this site. You keep this site running. There's no question in my mind. Many times I've wondered if I could continue this work, and your financial support has allowed me to keep going. That is no small thing. So thank-you.

With all the Mercury/Gemini influence in the astro ethers at the moment, I also want to thank all the people who have left wonderful comments over the years. These comments have also kept this site running through some bumpy-ass times, and please do not think that any of your words went to waste or went unnoticed. I appreciated it all.

I've closed the comments section for now due to some disturbing commentary and not-so-friendly energies that were coming through. I was finding some of this so disturbing that it was hard to work. I was starting to self-censor and hold myself back so that I could avoid flak from others, and this is not how I want to write. This is not how I was put on this Earth to write. And this is not how most of the readers of WWA blog want me to write. So for the time being, the comments are closed, but I do post the articles to Twitter. Feel free to leave comments there (as long as you are not an a-hole).

I believe in the power of astrology. I believe in the writing that is presented on this site. And I believe in Willow's Web.

I'm grateful that others find this site valuable, too.

I wish you many blessings for your generosity toward this little astro nook on the web!

Thank-you again.

From your anarchist astro-reporter, your Plutonic punk astrologer,


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