Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rude, Crude Pluto in Scorpios (No, Not All of You) and Failing the North Node in Libra Lessons

I've written previously about my weekend job at the honky tonk dive bar in town. I've also written about how contact with the Pluto in Scorpio redneck crowd constantly throws my Libra/Pluto in Libra social sensibilities and consideration for others into a state of wounded shock.

Last night at the pub was no exception, and I offer this as an example of the (I would say appalling) mindset change that has happened in the span of just one decade.

The kitchen at the bar closes at 9 p.m. every night. Every night. 

Last night, a group of five Pluto in Scorpios rolled in just after 9 o'clock. For some reason, our wall clock is always set five minutes slow, so it appeared to be three minutes to 9:00. These are people who frequent the place, and they were all well aware of the kitchen's closing time. It had been a slow night, and the kitchen was already cleaned up and closed. The deep fryer and grill were off. The cook was upstairs in his living quarters preparing for a three-hour drive to the city that still had to be accomplished that night.

They asked if they could get food. I said I didn't think so and explained why. I was immediately met with hostility. "Why not? It's before 9 o'clock!" (It wasn't really, but the clock on our wall said they still had three whole minutes.) They continued to demand food in their oh-so-charming ways, so I walked around the place trying to find the cook.

I told them it didn't look as if they would get food that night because I wasn't sure where the cook was. This wasn't really that big a deal since they all live in the area and could easily have gone to their own damn homes to cook their own damn food.

One of the girls in the group works at the bar (the work ethic of this generation is a story for another time) and started giving me major attitude, throwing her weight around in front of her pals.

While I was searching for the cook, she took it upon herself to go into the kitchen and turn the deep fryer back on without my knowledge. She then told me to call the cook to come down and cook for them in an amazingly entitled and snotty tone.

Rude rednecks put a bad taste in my mouth.

Rude, entitled, Pluto in Scorpio rednecks put an absolutely foul taste in it.

After a few minutes, I called the manager on his cell phone and explained the situation. The cook came downstairs, turned everything back on, and cooked for the rude, crude crew while I gritted my teeth and waited on them as they bitched and moaned about how terrible the place was. Thankfully, the manager gave the girl a talking to about the deep fryer incident. The manager and cook finally started on their three-hour drive to the city around 10:00 p.m.

Now, here is the difference in mindset that has occurred in the span of just one generation:

I would never roll into a restaurant at closing time and hostilely demand to be served. I don't personally know anyone who would. I would make a polite request to be served, but it would be beyond me to give the waitress a hostile attitude in my attempts to get what I wanted. Actually going into the kitchen to turn on the deep fryer without permission would be so socially criminal that it would not even cross my mind.

To put it even further into context, last week, my Pluto in Leo mother was scandalized that we were going into a hardware store to buy paint (which would have to be mixed) 15 minutes before noon, as the place closes for lunch and "it's inconsiderate." (True, she does take consideration for others to an extreme with natal Neptune conjunct the South Node in Libra, but you get the idea.)

But this is the Entitlement Generation, you see, and for a large portion of this generation, previously common social rules have flown out the window. (Yes, I know this is not true for all members of this generation, but I would suggest the majority falls into this category.)

It seems much of this selfie-obsessed Entitlement Generation has skipped a) manners b) respect and consideration for others and c) social graces altogether.

But this is unwise.

These are all qualities that must be actively cultivated and mastered as the North Node of the Moon continues its transit of socially-oriented Libra. To drop the ball here is to set ourselves up for 18 years of karmic trouble on this front.

Let's just say, there's a lot of work to do from now through the completion of the North Node's transit of Libra on November 11.

It's plain to see that the social fabric has come unglued in some fairly major ways. I know every generation laments the beastliness of the younger crowd, but this is truly extreme. I generally allow a whole lot from other people. I've learned that I have to in order to get by on this planet. But when basic respect and common consideration for your fellow human beings become rare qualities to find, we're in trouble as a society. 

I will provide this reminder to readers as the North Node continues its journey through Libra:

Consciously follow the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. 

Consciously set the tone for manners, social graces, and respect and consideration for others during this transit. Model these things for others who perhaps have not had them modeled adequately before. Do not allow the degradation and devaluing of these things to pull you into similar behaviours. Do not allow selfish and entitled behaviours in others to piss you off or trigger you into base behaviours yourself.

Teach kindness, respect, and consideration for others by practising these things in your own daily relations, and hold out for these standards to be met in return.

Manners are important, no matter what others, including younger generations, may mistakenly believe. Maintaining a friendly, congenial attitude toward others is important.

Focusing purely on your own desires and needs and trying to impose those on others are Aries South Node tendencies that will be unsuccessful under the current conditions. Hostility toward others when you don't get what you want will be unsuccessful. Neglecting to take the needs of others into consideration will be unsuccessful. And these will become more and more unsuccessful the closer we get to October/November 2015 and the North Node on the potent zero-degree of Libra.

With the transiting North Node in Libra, working to maintain social standards and common human decency pays big dividends on a soul level.

Take on strong social leadership to set the proper tone.

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