Friday, December 12, 2014

The Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn Square and Survival Via Reclamation and Re-Direction of the Feminine Force

Radical rabble rouser Uranus in Aries moves into the sixth exact square to Pluto in Capricorn on December 14, 2014 (11:14 p.m. CST), kicking off a powerful "direction change" point at winter solstice in the northern hemisphere/summer solstice in the southern.

We're surging into new position - but maybe only because we have to.

This direction change and surge into new position particularly involves relationships, money, and values, all Venus subjects... 

We're fighting for the survival of our selves right now, the survival of our identities, of who we are. We're fighting for the right to live, freely, as we truly are, squaring off with the structural hierarchies that would deny us our right to do so...

The water part of Capricorn is saying, enough is enough. Enough with the way you brutally downplay and whitewash the feminine force in your so-called success stories. The way you deny emotion, intuition, and human caring when playing out your Grand Plans. Enough with the way you keep the feminine in a subordinate position in your hierarchies. You deny her, use and abuse her, manipulate her, laugh at her, ostracize her, push her down. You keep her vital, crucial influence hidden because the patriarchal masculine takes her as such a threat. It's insecure and would prefer to live under the delusion that it alone runs the world.


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Jason said...

This Piece left me speechless.

Amazing Willow, almost made me cry.
You know, all here backing up the feminine force.
Thanks for including the 2009 clips too.

"Not being coerced into living smaller than we are." Tru to that, Im trying to get through to people that there is a war going on but, they just don't wanna hear it. I mean, if astrologers have to sugar coat the word challenge for monthly forecasts... Yikes..

I've always felt sincere try's rest the heart of the Universe, rather than winning. So I feel good.

Lots Of Love <: LOL

Willow said...

"I mean, if astrologers have to sugar coat the word challenge for monthly forecasts... Yikes.."

hahaha...that's going on?!

Yikes, indeed.

Thanks for the nice feedback, Jason! I miss seeing you at the forum. Thanks for dropping in here. Hope all is going well with Mr. Wonderful, too. ;-)

Willow said...

I just had an idiot troll tell me I suck because I only have one comment on this post.

Yes, it's widely understood by everyone that the number of comments is the marker of excellence in all fields.


People are so dumb, it's shocking.

Willow said...

I'd say the lack of comments refers more to:

Nothing more to add. I've said it all.

Sometimes Nice said...

re comments (from
Controversies Surrounding Commenting/Reader Participation
As Reuters and The Week announce recently with much fanfare that they will cancel commenting platforms on their sites, and other publications comment on this phenomenom, criticize it, or follow suit, scrappy scribes have to wonder what is driving this desired to silence readers’ voices, crass and unconstructive though they may be – ironically, the comments sections provide the livelier reasons:
“Truth is the management of Thomson-Reuters mismanaged their new product roll-out and are looking to cut costs. That has translated in a general decline in the quality of the news product. The comment feature has shown increasing signs of neglect, erratic in its operation, a not particularly productive feature, especially when scarce staff need to be diverted to its monitoring”
“Paid Russian shills, paid Ukrainian shills, obsessive partisan hacks from both sides of the isle, racist invective on any stories to with Ferguson and/or Black Americans in general, and you wonder why they are getting rid of comments?? Why maintain a trash heap? Expect to see more news sites follow suit as the sickening behavior seen in the comments sections grows, and spreads.”
“Sure there are plenty of dumb, partisan commenters, but there are also many interesting, intelligent ones. I often learn more in the comments than from the half-researched stories you regularly publish. Why don’t you just ban the “few bad apples”? …… Anyway, this is a dumb, short-sighted and frankly arrogant decision and I’m sure it will cost you readers. But it will avoid you having to face all the fact checkers who use the comments to point out all the obvious errors you publish. Is that your real goal?” conclusion: comments - take em or leave em. MOst of them are bollocks, anyhow

Sometimes Nice said...

btw if you'd had the forum that last comment coulda gone on there instead of here where it's prob a wee out of place :D

Jason said...

Lol, I feel guilty being the lowest paying honestly.
Your work deserves more but, waiting for the Planetary pile up in my 2nd in 2015.

Willow said...

Yeah, I don't really need any commentary on my articles. I would do the same writing with or without the comments, and sometimes it would be better for my overall peace of mind to close them out.

I obviously enjoy interacting with people who I feel add something to the site, but there are many highly-distracting and abusive comments that come in here, as well.

I'm always about 51%-49% on whether to keep the comments sections open, and I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but I do respect any writer's right to close commentary.

Willow said...

And yes, there are professional shills who are paid to be oppositional and abusive, and a few have shown up here over the years, including on a DU article I wrote at the very beginning of this blog.

Willow said...

No way. Never feel guilty about that.

Feel guilty if you are reading this site for free and then leaving abusive or eroding comments for me.

Feel guilty if you are one of the people pitching an overly-entitled fit because I'm charging for articles at all.

Those are the people who should feel bad (and they won't).

Definitely not you, Jason!

Jason said...

No one has been as brave in All the Astrological writing I have seen, and I think I have seen it all..

NO one, it stung being expelled from the other blogs for breaching similar topics, but was the best thing ever.

I gave my HASA Caseworker your site today too.

We talked about controlled opposition. And I told her you set me straight with that. And a lot of things my fledging 7th house Sun was kinda weak on.

I hope to get a reading or just shoot the breeze with the money I get in 2015 for an hour, I want to interact with you on skype or something u can see my teenie tiny APT lol.

Yea always loved comments sections, I learned way more on corporate news or health in the comments. And I find it a intellectual turn off to go to a news site read and find no comments section below.

Willow said...

I love intelligent comments sections, too. A comment that hits it bang-on will literally restore my faith and give me the energy to continue. So that's one reason I want to keep the comments open.

Also, all the beautiful, amazingly smart souls that comment here. Y'all are the best, seriously. It makes me feel less alone in the world!

But I can't stress enough how distracting and unpleasant it is to get asshole comments. It's really shitty.

Thanks so much for the compliments, Jason. Will talk in the New Year. I hope you get a windfall of cash! You deserve it.

Willow said...

And Jason, I have been fooled by controlled opposition at times, too. I think almost everyone has.

You have to be fooled by it and then work your way out of it so that you can see what's going on (and then sniff it out right away from that point on).

New Age got me for about a year when I first started getting immersed in astrology. But then I was like, "Waaaaaaait a minute! This is a bunch of bullshit."

So I figured the game out and wrote about it so other people could do the same.

Anonymous said...

edAssholes will prevail. Your cheap in comparison to other astro sites. You probably use the free info from other sites to calc your writings. Other sites offer free access with options to buy other things. That's what I mean. YOUR CHEAP ASSHOLE. Your gift comes with conditions. And that's bullshit

Willow said...

I sure as hell DO NOT use information from other astrology sites, dickhead. (They often use mine, though.)

What's generated here is 100% Willow's Web Astrology analysis.

I don't read other astrology sites, and I own my own astrology software to calculate charts.

See? This is the dickhead troll who shows up here.

No one would want to deal with this assfuck on a daily basis.

I'm actually extremely generous, and my readers know it.

And just to make it clear, assholes like you are NOT welcome at my site. You come here and you comment here against my will.

This is a business. It always has been, and it always will be.

People who feel entitled to free services from me really need to get their heads out of their asses.

Willow said...

This guy really gets his nuts in a knot over what goes on at Willow's Web blog, though.

Pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

That troll should get off your site, break up with his sister and get a job. Hey troll, here is your weekly forecast: the asteroid Limp is squaring your penis all week, act accordingly and shut your hole and turn off your poisoned mind.

Willow said...


Priceless astro forecast, there, Anon 3:34. Thanks for the update!

Willow said...

Now Limp Dick is being racist towards me, claiming (because I'm a white woman) that I'm "living on someone else's land."


The people who regurgitate that one don't know anything at all about "white" history. All they know is the "whites versus natives" propaganda promoted by the establishment.

For these ignorant souls, I will explain something I've explained in the comments section of this post:

Many "white" people (we all come from different places and different tribes, as well, but are grouped in homogenously as "white") did not come to this country - or to the United States - of their own free will.

They emigrated from their own countries because they, too, were forced off their land. Their options were 1) emigrate or starve to death or 2) emigrate or work 14 hours per day as a slave in an urban factory, living in bug and rodent-infested, damp, cold, substandard housing while watching your children die early deaths.

Poor and working class "white people" were not left with much of a choice.

Many white people currently live in housing no better than reservation housing. The difference is, the white people had to pay for the privilege of a roof over their heads.

Save your big song and dance about "white people are the oppressor" for someone who doesn't know the truth. Y'all won't be getting that crap by me.

Any group that thinks violent oppression by the establishment starts and ends with it is in a sad state of ignorance...

Educate yourselves.

Anonymous said...

your ratings will drop now cause you sound pretty ignorant - very ignorant about who lives in substandard rodent invested housing in your backyard!!- you must be one of those people who according to a cbc poll would not want an aboriginal as a romantic partner or as a neighbour but okay to work with... if that ain't discriminating I don't know what is... as I said your ratings are dropping... and post what I say for all to see not just your swearing comments... as you said CUNT... THOSE WERE YOUR WORDS ... YOU USED THEM FIRST...your FILTHY MOUTH IS TURNING PEOPLE OFF BUT YOUR CLUELESS... HENSE YOUE DOWNFALL

Willow said...

Sure, Limp Dick, and what about the many white folks (or other races) who are living in similar conditions but don't have a CBC report telling the world about it?

You miss my point entirely.

Your original racist point was that I, as a white woman, am "living on someone else's land."

And who's the ignorant one here?

If you don't like cursing, GO ELSEWHERE! Please. I would love for you and anyone who has a problem with me to GO ELSEWHERE. But, unfortunately, you don't.

Seriously, what's your problem, Limp Dick? Neither the left hand nor the right hand are working for you anymore?

Try picturing your sister naked. That might do the trick.

Oooooh, what a foul mouth I have! Now people aren't going to read my blog.


Give me a break.

It's pretty rich that you're lecturing me about swearing considering the poisonous, curse-laden, and abusive comments you have left on this blog for OVER A YEAR now.

And all left as "Anonymous." You don't even have the balls to sign a handle to your crap.

You might get a yuppie full of "Manufactured White Guilt" to fall for your song and dance.

Not me.

Now, fuck off.

You have serious problems, and this blog is the least of them.

Willow said...

“Paid Russian shills, paid Ukrainian shills, obsessive partisan hacks from both sides of the isle, racist invective on any stories to with Ferguson and/or Black Americans in general, and you wonder why they are getting rid of comments?? Why maintain a trash heap? Expect to see more news sites follow suit as the sickening behavior seen in the comments sections grows, and spreads.”

You are seeing this phenomenon up close and personal on Willow's Web blog!

This guy has to be either a paid troll or just straight-up obsessed with what's going on on this blog.

How would any sane and balanced human have the time or inclination to leave poisonous comments on a random astrology blog on a regular, sometimes daily, basis for six months and counting?

Willow said...

And let's just investigate what Limp Dick is getting his nuts in a knot over...

From way back in June 2014:

I challenge anyone to explain to me how the commenter in that post was NOT being a cunt.

Seriously, that comment is pretty much the dictionary definition of cunt-like comment in my books.

And I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

Willow said...

(I guess it's only been six months since LD started gracing me with his presence in my comments section. Feels wayyyyyy longer.)

Jason said...

Who knew so much of the new European workforce is Paid Shill Commentator.

Anonymous said...

See your exaggerating and I'm not a limp dick. But if I was you'd still be bashing me for my comments that did begin genuinely. So in response to your latest rant... From one cunt to another... Go blow one

Willow said...

Yeah, Limp Dick, your comments started genuinely, all right!

Daily harassment calling me a cunt, asshole, mocking me during a flood of my town, telling me you hope I drown, calling me a cheap cunt when I charged for articles, accusing me of using other astrologer's information, and then most recently making racist comments toward me.

You have been an abusive piece of shit from the first day you posted here, so SAVE IT!

As always, you are NOT welcome on this blog, and you are not welcome to comment here. No one needs the garbage you are spewing.

Anonymous said...

May I remind you you started swearing at me first for no good reason. Your a hothead your the one who said cunt asshole and I wasn't the one to say go drown that must some other person insulted by YOU FIRST. So youse you brought this on yourself. The end

Anonymous said...

So when you give us some scraps of astrology wisdom? I think you enjoy ranting and the prase of course which at first I thought you deserved but then you just got nasty FIRST so I gave you as good as you gave me... Go figure

Willow said...

No good reason? Oh, I had a very good reason, dickhead. Your comment denigrating the people suffering from the Fukushima crisis because "Wah, wah, wahhhh, I want free astrology!"

And I still have a very good reason for cursing you out. Six months of harassment from a petulant little piece of shit like you.

I've written this blog for 7 years. And you come scrounging around here wanting free astrological analysis. You're unbearably pathetic.

Find another astrologer, Limp Dick. You are NOT welcome around these parts.

Willow said...

And nope, it's been you, the snivelling little piece of shit in my comments section the whole time.

I believe your words were something along the lines of "I hope you can swim, wet cunt."

Nice try playing the victim now, though, dipshit.

Let's remember that YOU are in my house here, not the other way around.

Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

What?!... Then I guess I can say Hey...your still on my land!! Get the fuck out... go back to your country and swear at yourself there!! LOLOLOL

By the way, where is your country? Bet your not gonna tell us eh?

Anonymous said...

what no more posting my comments? Does my words ring true now so you'll only post your rant again isn't that selective ranting on your part. Your not as far ascending as you have been assuming you are, are you???

Willow said...

Oh, I'm happy to post your lunacy here for all to see. I'm glad my readers have a chance to see how insane and vile you are.

You don't know shit about shit, boy.

Go find a (much) dumber crowd if you want to get any play with the verbal garbage you're spewing...

Willow said...

Oh, and for anyone who's wondering, this would be a classic example of racism by native people against whites in Canada.

Racism against white people is alive and well (including on this blog), but of course, most people won't call it out because it isn't politically correct to do so.

Racism against white people doesn't exist, right?


Anonymous said...

You are hanging yourself out to dry Ms Web. Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Willow said...

Yeah, you wish, Limp Dick.

The difference between the readers of this site and the readers of most other astrology blogs is that the people who come here aren't afraid of the truth.

And just how am I being deceiving?

Just a hot tip: You should know the full quote you're using before whipping it out to sound all learned and dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to say Happy Festivus to Willow and everyone. And I think we all are due some Festivus Miracles, after enduring 2014. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Willow, and to your band of smart, cool readers!

There's hope for this planet, thanks to all that goes on here. Keep on rockin' in the free world! Sending you every good wish for 2015 and beyond. Illegitimi non carborundum!

Willow said...

Happy Festivus!