Monday, December 1, 2014

Sagittarius Season Storytime and the Insanity of the Fascist Police State

One night in March 2000, I was driving to my job as a waitress in a pool hall in Regina, Saskatchewan. I had a green light, and as I went through an intersection driving north on Wascana Parkway, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked to the left and simultaneously lifted my foot off the gas pedal. That probably saved my life.

The next thing I remember, I was being helped out of my totaled car by a crying teenager and her male companion. She hadn't seen the red light and T-boned me at a fairly high rate of speed, hitting me at the left driver's side wheel. This then propelled my car head-on into a light post.

I was blacking out but remember mumbling to her that it was OK, that it was just an accident.

The next thing I remember was sitting in the back seat of a police car along with the girl and her companion. The girl was sniffling and calling someone on her cell phone. Then everything went white. I have no idea what, if anything, I said to the officers.

When I came into consciousness again, I was being told to get out of the police car. I was injured, blacking out, and confused.

I asked the two male police officers what I was supposed to do.

One of them answered, "Go find a phone."

I got out of the car and stood on the median. The cops drove away.

I was a young female at least two miles from the nearest public telephone or even the nearest home or store. It was dark. It was cold. I had no money with me. I had no cell phone with me. 

I had been abandoned - injured, going in and out of conscious awareness, and confused - by two members of the Regina City Police force in the middle of Wascana Parkway, far from assistance.

I don't like to think about what could have happened to me that night. I could have been beaten up or raped. I could have, in my blacking out state, stepped into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

What did happen that night involved a stroke of luck, a happy coincidence, or some sort of divine intervention.

A kind-spirited man had been working late in one of the darkened office buildings nearby. This was hours after the offices had closed, and it was very fortunate for me that he was still there. The man had just started driving home when he came across the accident. He asked if he could drive me to a phone and took me back into his office building so I could call a friend to come take me to the hospital.

Just two months before that accident, in January 2000, a native man named Rodney Naistus was found frozen to death at the Queen Elizabeth power station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - the largest city in Saskatchewan about a three-hour drive north of Regina.

A month after that, in February 2000, another native man named Lawrence Wegner was found frozen to death near where Naistus had been found.

Darrell Night, another native man, told police that same month that two officers had abandoned him in the same area on a recent cold night.

After these three stories came to light, they were connected by a Saskatoon StarPhoenix newspaper reporter to another native man's death in November 1990. Neil Stonechild had been found frozen to death in an industrial area of Saskatoon at that time after last being seen in the back of a cop car.

(Incidentally, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix was the newspaper where I had done my journalism internship just a few months prior to the accident. I finished in December 1999, a month before Rodney's body was found. I had been censored at the StarPhoenix while covering the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, Washington, and this censorship motivated me to leave mainstream media reporting.)

After investigation, it was determined that the men had been picked up by city police officers. They were then dropped off in isolated areas in dangerously cold temperatures and forced to walk back into the city. Some of these men made it back to the city. Others like Rodney, Lawrence, and Neil did not.

It turns out that this abandonment in sub-freezing temperatures was a common practise within Saskatoon City Police and very likely within Regina City Police, with incidents spanning at least a decade. This practise was so common that it even had a name: Starlight Tours.

This abandonment of vulnerable people on freezing cold nights was systemic. It was part of the policing culture in the major Saskatchewan cities. It was commonplace, accepted and allowed by other officers and by their higher-ups. It was even laughed about.

My abandonment was no more an isolated incident than Rodney, Lawrence, or Neil's abandonment.

By the time stories like these make it onto mainstream media outlets, they are systemic. They are full-on sociological themes.  

There is a culture of corruption and cruelty within the police forces. It is built right into the police forces. I know this because I have experienced it firsthand, just as many, many others have.

When I made a formal complaint to the police service about my abandonment, I was told that nothing improper had occurred. The response from the officer who replied to my complaint was, "It isn't our job to give people rides home."

I guess it also isn't their job to ensure that injured and semi-conscious accident victims receive care or are, at the very least, out of harm's way.

Because of the lack of care and medical advice I received after the accident, I had years of chronic pain from the whiplash I suffered. It still causes me problems to this day.

When I hear a story like the Michael Brown story, a young man murdered by a police officer, I am saddened, horrified, and then enraged at the injustice, the cruelty, the inhumanity, and the lack of value for human life. I am enraged that a human being's life has been stolen and that his or her loved ones will suffer so much pain because of that.

But I am not surprised.

I, a white woman, have also been on the receiving end of police misconduct and mistreatment.

I already knew about the culture of corruption within the police forces - because I had experienced it firsthand more than once. I knew about the abuses of power and the crimes that were committed, allowed, and then covered up by these police forces.

I knew about the Old Boys Club of the fascist police state because the Old Boys Club of the fascist police state had already decided my life was meaningless, too.

I know natives, blacks, Hispanics, and those of other minority races are singled out. I know their lives have far less value within police culture than rich, white people of status and power within society. I know this racism exists, and I know it is utterly repugnant and unacceptable.

But this is not strictly a race issue.

Michael Brown was gunned down by police officer Darren Wilson. Wilson shot to kill, firing six shots into the unarmed boy's body with the sixth and final shot through the head. Wilson committed murder, and now he is getting away with it. These are the facts, no matter how they are being justified by middle-class white people, by controlled opposition agents like Alex Jones, or by anyone who prefers to live in ignorance of what's really going on on this planet.

But I've seen white men gunned down in the exact same ways.

Sammy Yatim was an 18-year-old white man riding a street car with a knife in Toronto, Ontario in July 2013. The streetcar stopped, the other passengers got off, and Sammy stood on the streetcar with the knife, calling the 22 police officers that surrounded him "pussies." For that, Sammy was shot nine times - six times after he had fallen to the floor of the streetcar. As he lay on the floor of the streetcar, officers moved in and Tasered his dying body repeatedly. The incident was caught on video and can been seen on YouTube.

On August 11, 2014, just a few days after unarmed Michael Brown was shot to death in Ferguson, Missouri, 20-year-old Dillon Taylor - a white man - was shot to death by police in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taylor was also unarmed. He had been stopped by police when coming out of a 7-11 store. As Taylor pulled up his pants in order to get down on the ground, according to police orders, he was shot twice and killed.

These stories are, of course, just the tip of the iceberg as far as unjustified killings committed by police.

The level of excessive force in incidents such as these across the U.S. and Canada is a clear indicator: the police forces have gone insane. They are shooting to kill in situations that do not warrant deadly force. They have become paid and trained machines that do not sufficiently value human life. 

Let us not allow them to divide us along racial lines.

The injustices, injuries, traumas, and murders committed by the fascist police state affect and oppress us all. Every good heart, every good soul, cries out in grief and sorrow at the senselessness and viciousness of it all.

The injustice of Rodney's death, of Lawrence's death, of Neil's death, of Michael's death, of Sammy's death, of Dillon's death burns inside me. The rage at those deaths, the rage at a culture that lets institutional murderers walk free, is a fire that will never go out in me - or in any of the people who stand for justice, truth, and equality on this planet.

This is the fuel that drives me on, that moves my fingers over this keyboard, that motivates me to continue exposing that which is hurting and killing us.

These men did not deserve to die. Their lives were stolen by men who abuse their power and privilege over the people whom they claim to serve and protect. The lives of these men were stolen by the state, and their murderers - employees and enforcers of that state - are too often allowed to walk free, continuing the abuse. Just doing their jobs, after all.

The oppression, injuries, and murders brought down by agents of the state affect us all. The stranglehold of the fascist Global Government with its police and military thugs affects us all.

I saw a horrifying amount of tear gas unleashed by police on peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. I saw the use of a sonic weapon against peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri - a Long Range Acoustic Device that can stop a person's heart or cause permanent hearing and equilibrium damage.

But again, I was not surprised by this.

My articles that were censored by the Saskatoon StarPhoenix newspaper in 1999 outlined the early stages of the use of chemical weapons and excessive police force against peaceful protesters in Seattle, Washington.

In 2001, I was working as a researcher at CBC TV News in Regina, Saskatchewan and was again blocked from covering the Free Trade Area of the Americas protest in Quebec City, Quebec. There was an unprecedented escalation of police force at that protest, taking orders from the Global Governors, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police were being called in from across the country. Again, this had not occurred previously in Canadian history. This was most certainly news. But it was not news that the installed head of the newsroom wanted to have covered by me or by anyone else.

So I left that job. I traveled in a 15-passenger van with other protesters, driving all day and night to get to Quebec City. And when we got there, after peaceful marches showing our opposition to the privileged, behind-closed-doors meetings being held there, the riot police unleashed chemical weapons against us from behind a 10-foot chain link fence. Protecting their masters.

They used CS gas (a derivative of cyanide), pepper spray, rubber bullets, and a chemical-filled water cannon. Water cannons have taken protesters eyes out. They have thrown people 20 feet in the air. You can see footage of the FTAA protests on YouTube: Part One and Part Two.

When the protests were over, many of us were sick for weeks from the gas that we had inhaled through the apple cider vinegar-drenched bandanas that covered our noses and mouths. The females immediately got their periods, indicating that there was some type of hormonal disruption caused by the gas.

The use of chemical weapons and excessive force by police and military against peaceful protesters has now morphed into the use of acoustic weapons previously used only by the military in times of combat. You can read more about this in my August 2014 article: The Age of Aquarius: a New Era of Energy Weaponry Used Against the People

As police forces are militarized around the world, given weapons previously used only in combat situations to use on their own citizens, a grand-scale devaluing of human life is occurring. Instead of viewing individuals as human beings, precious to their loved ones, they are seen merely as combatants to be dealt with, including by deadly force. Policing culture has shifted away from the service and protection of citizens and toward a vicious battle or war against those citizens.

The police state of the fascist Global Government has officially been turned against the people.

And anyone who justifies Michael Brown's death is complicit.

Anyone who justifies the deaths of Rodney Naistus, Lawrence Wegner, or Neil Stonechild is complicit.

Anyone who justifies police cruelty, brutality, or misconduct, including against peaceful protesters, is complicit.

Anyone who justifies the abandonment of that scared girl, injured and blacking out, in the middle of nowhere on that cold March night is complicit.

The ignorant can and will continue to justify it all. This is what makes them feel safe and sound in their nice, warm homes at night.

But for those of us who know better, it is our obligation to speak out, to oppose what we see happening from the depths of our hearts and souls. It's happening to us, to all of us, and it's only a matter of time until everyone is directly personally affected.

There are good cops out there within this corrupt police culture, sure. But there is no such thing as a good cop who stays silent and goes along with this abuse. 

The spirits of those frozen men are forever mingled with my own. It is the raging desire for truth, justice, and necessary change that keeps me warm at night, that keeps me hot on their trails.


Donna F. said...

You are so, so right about this! I see it happening on another (non-astrology) blog I follow, where people who try to suggest that socioeconomic class is the real "target" and that all of us need to pull together, find themselves attacked as "insensitive" at best and...well, you can imagine what the worst is.

The self-proclaimed Powers That Be love this kind of thing, because if we "lesser-thans" ever joined together, their game would be over in a heartbeat and they know it. Hence the shock-troop tactics whenever we gather, regardless of how peacefully.

Willow said...

Yeah, I definitely see class as being the primary factor, as well.

I know natives, blacks, and Hispanics are proportionally more likely to be poor, but seriously...poor white folk are treated just as terribly as far as I can see and in my own personal experience.

TG said...

I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm definitely not 'for' the fascist police state, and what's unfortunate is that some officers are out there not-engaging in these kinds of behaviors (and probably trying not to involve themselves in that stuff either).

When I was a kid, I understood that one became a police officer in order to protect others. I actually considered becoming one myself.

Looking back, I realize that my interpretation of what a police officer is is... off by miles when I witness the police brutality on this planet.

And you're one strong Willow! So glad you're still with all of us.

Willow said...

I'm sure there are still many police officers who believe in serving, protecting, and doing a good job for the community.

Unfortunately, the overall culture of policing has become much more about control through fear and abuse. As police forces become more militarized, there is a devaluing of human life and a shift from serving and protecting to battling the citizens as if in war against them.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Donna.

But the problem is that these 'lesser-thans' are often not bothered (due to laziness, selfishness or cowardliness) to get together for any campaign until and unless the problem hits them personally.
They internally justify their passivity with statements to self like 'Oh those people froze to death only because they went out to the wrong place at the wrong time...etc.' followed by 'Surely i wont do that so it wont happen to me, so i wont bother etc.'
Campaigners therefore must start by gathering friends and family of actual victims.

Willow said...

I think it's also the rhetoric that has to shift from these "campaigners."

In Canada, the standard establishment take is very much "privileged whites vs. poor, oppressed natives," and that take on things is bunk. It isn't the whole story, and it doesn't get to the roots of these dynamics. There's a similar view in the States of whites vs. blacks.

These groups can be extremely callous when confronted with the facts that 1) not all white people are rich & privileged and 2) a lot of white people have been treated just as horribly.

Willow said...

I agree that most people don't seem to care much unless it affects them personally.

I guess all we can hope is that things get even worse until even the ignoramuses are affected and can't deny it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Let us not allow them to divide us along racial lines."

Oh, Willow, unfortunately, the corporately owned press does just that...pushes the hot buttons of racism, homophobia and misogyny.
Reading the comments section of mainstream media articles is like being witness to hate and fear on parade.

Of course Pluto in Capricorn is bringing the most toxic dregs up to the surface. If we are aware of it will we be willing to DO something about it?

The question is, will we act in time?
I am heartened to see others acting in peaceful protest and using their voices to say YES to peace and love and tolerance.

I am so sorry that you received such abusive and callous treatment after being injured in the accident.
I am glad that your intuition saved you...your gifts in the world are so needed!

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, I was standing in the aisle of a bookstore and a book fell off the shelf and landed at my feet. I smiled at the absurdity and committed to reading it. It spoke of Earth being a mining colony and that scripture and religious text could easily be interpreted as reworked mandates from alien imperialists. I took a deep breath and tried to accept it. I saw validity. I then matched some of my own theories. I feel that virtually everyone on the planet is some form of hybrid DNA specimen. The slave/religious mentality "takes" in people to various degrees. The dipshit fuckup cops that shoot people are little copies of their makers. They are idiot minions that just follow the bidding and psychological makeup of their cruel inhuman Creator. Created in their likeness (sound familiar). Notice how they love to shoot people of the Earth (feminine). Everyone keeps scratching their head over repeated police injustice. Um..duh, they don't give a fuck cause they ain't really human. No ties to the planet or purity or sanctity of life. It's a fucking cattle drive. Except Earth isn't a mining colony anymore, it's just a dopey prison/asylum. Why do you hear and witness constant threats to the planet at the hands of corps and gov? Because Earth is a used car to them, trash it.
I could go on a long long time but I will stop. I never thought I would be a whacky alien conspiracy guy but I am all in. You get over the sensational quality of it and it makes too much sense. They also feed off negative emotion. They incite us to "feed". Wake the fuck up, it's not about some bullies. No one is really in charge anymore, Earth is run on a copycat agenda of previous landlords. Our leaders are like headless chickens coasting on a potent endgame mix of sadist/slave DNA. Not a damn thing ISNT subterfuge. Oh gee whiz, do we think it's just time to really buckle down and educate or balance a budget or make people aware of whatever the fuck the red herring of the week is? You would impoverish, torture, rape, kill, etc, only
something you had no connection to. Something that was foreign to you. Sorry, many of you can't go here,
it's super scary so you write it off. I understand. But
I am a scorpio, bring on the muthafucking dark. Been there, done that. Keep bringin' it Willow, fuck 'em.

Willow said...

I don't believe they're all aliens. I think that actually lets them off the hook! A lot of these people are humans who have been manipulated into giving up their own souls by an inhumane system.

Police culture has some very strong herd mentality, and the militarization of the police forces is now teaching them that human beings are combatants to be dealt with, including by deadly force.

I think it's more violent brainwashing + herd mentality than anything else.

But I do think there is some strong anti-human alien influence within the power structures.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I can see your point. My focus was never whether they were actually aliens but how alien their decisions and machinations were. It calls for a clarification of what "human" is. When you speak of brainwashing and selling of souls, isn't the notion somewhat bizarre to you? Your writing boldly indicates your soul is the very last for sale.
My constitution is such that I couldn't sell my soul if I tried, it's a mortal mistake to do so. It's deep karma, timeless almost. Alien is the word that heals for me because this world has so many that are half-baked droids bred to consume and accept. Not my people! They scare me with their 44/2 dissonant linear reality. I am sorta waiting for them to leave. You write about Fukushima, why are you almost the only one? It is literally a global crisis. The standard human that I know would/should care, but they are matched by, what, a million who don't. Oblivious? Socratic shadows? Whatever. To me, lobotomies by design.
How could I be so fundamentally different to the world I see? How could your writing vehemently defy a global status quo and still make perfect sense? Well, my guess is that there is a planetary idiot patina/fairy dust
that robs humanity. What could it possibly be but alien, inhuman?

Willow said...

Yeah, I think it's a lot of things.

I agree, there is certainly a sort of "bad magic" being used to distract people and literally take over their minds with things that don't matter. Digital media frequency, social media, cell phones, digital cameras, etc. have now taken that up a few hundred notches.

And it could absolutely have alien origins - or an occult/alien combination.

I can see the possibility that people have been parasitized by some sort of alien energy or agenda.

I think it's been a gradual thing, moving people away from their own soul-level guidance (or consciences/morality), and we are now at a time when that connection is so tenuous for most people, it is easily severed or distracted from.

Then there is this iron grip of social acceptance where if one person steps out of the herd or speaks about anything that disturbs the herd, that person is ostracized and abused. So people stick with safe topics, mainstream topics, in order to protect their social positions.

They've been trained to look to the (corrupt and deceitful) authority figures rather than thinking for themselves. And there is just incredible intellectual laziness being fostered.

It's very alien to my way of being and thinking, as well, and I see your points.

Whatever it is, it knows every weakness and every disgusting trait in humanity, and it knows how to manipulate through those things.

The Fukushima situation really drives it all home. It's absolutely surreal to me how few people care enough to even educate themselves on the situation.

Jason said...

NICE rock em sock em post!

So many things going on at once. Lets see um,
I think my Mercury Pisces Pluto can do it.. lol Willow, went to Google earth, traversed the street you rode down. Did'nt, know it looked exactly like Colorado! Except for the signs, But I'm glad you found help and that there are some nice people in Canada to offset the bad ones. Probably passed by Willow Island, traveling north. Sounds like it could be a magical spot, lol.

Knew you mentioned this before, but actual, Freezing to death!?, Yikes, aside from a mid ocean drowning, that would be next on my list of things I don't want to die from. Id rather go by fire.

Cold- Seems so slow and torturous. Wears on you mentally, Kinda Like an Aquarian, at the last moment, your tricked into thinking getting rid of your clothes will "cool you off". But its a kind of Uranian trick, your nerves are dying, and its sub zero, probably not the best thing to do. I read the mind is overcome by a sense of euphoria. I hope so, seems a terrible way to die, for something thats so abundant.

Holding the frostiest time of the year, Its interesting to note that Aquarians are nothing nice if one of our core values are crossed. It's a wound to our sense of social justice, and we will cut off "one" for many. Like the frost bitten finger...

Been known to freeze out my mates, 7th house Aquarius. Eventually the Sun warms things back up, but ALWAYS with someone new. Who needs a sense of GOD in there life. All my mates are have been godless. My 7th house seems to never look back. A Always showing me more of myself, in relation to others A hilariously quirky trait of this house as you know.

So, I been studying where we went wrong, what aqua is not preoccupied with this? Its either Alien, or a mix ofor cause of Anti- Religion. A sort of- I AM GOD can get a lot of people in trouble. Therefore, I shall do what I shall with whatever I please, I dont like this race so we will kill that one, Ect ect ect. Pluto In Capricorn Secret Society Stuff...

Have been obsessed with the whole GOD, Fallen Angels, Devil, thing. I finally got the Bible this week in a INTELLECTUAL way. I mean, seems like its true, it foretold the future. So I do believe In that book. Do I believe that Astrology is bad, NO, being gay is sin? No, Magic, No.

Getting chummy with sprits that may have rulership over this world. Maybe, if its demon /alien based, I have no idea why the universe would allow it. Seems like using a cheat code for a game you JUST spent all your hard earned money on. Seems like it could be a made up story from Aliens or Fallen Angels, or, still, Im religously disoriented. Par the course with Uranus transiting in my 9th, and I hate actual puzzles!! go figure.

But the Draco Brain Parasite looked pretty scary. Whatever t h a t was... is not your kindergarden meal worm. Why DO the pharos have the same symbol attached to there head? I seen in nature parasites, ants for instance, a fungus controls them until they die, the fungus makes them overeat, then puts them the perfect temp and light climate for death- While the ant is alive of course, parasites for rodents, slows em down long enough to make the cat look like a nothing more than a wounded Leo.

LOL -just realized that could mean Lots of LOVe 2.

Anonymous said...

Willow, I wrote you two comments and you responded. I appreciate that. I want to mention a couple more things, then ask you the bottom line.

In 1954, the first Godzilla movie was made. It actually had a deep political message, as the monster was depicted as somewhat Shiva-like in nature. The Justice card of the tarot. Godzilla was born of the atomic blasts of WWII and the continued nuclear testing of the U.S. in the South Pacific. Japan had been defeated, decimated, and occupied after the war, and was coming to grips with a new passivity in the collective psyche. Cities were reconstructed, but the unspoken loss of life, land and ideology was the 800 lb elephant in the room, or in this case, the giant fire-breathing monster. Like an agent of Mother Nature,
Godzilla rose and went out of his way to demolish all the capitalistic symbols of Japan's new solemn era. Yes, it's only a movie, but somebody was sending a strong socio-political message thru fiction. Forget the 27 Godzilla movies that followed, this one said something. As Japan continues to corner the global market on vapid cuteness (Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth), they are still swallowing a deep and horrible secret. Unless you become conscious of it, and that is the gift of free will, karma is algorithmic and will repeat.

In my opinion, Fukushima exhumed the dead. Like Godzilla, Nature returned serve. Shit where you eat, don't value your only source of life, then don't be surprised if that source turns on you (literally right where you initially and thoughtlessly wounded it).

So, I ask you, are we all human, and those who don't care to study history are doomed to repeat it at everyone's expense? Or is there really some parasitic, negative energy that is piggy-backing humanity into fatal decision-making?

Willow said...

I think Fukushima was a planned event, intentionally set off:

Godzilla was likely "in plain sight" stuff.

Anonymous said...

I know this is might be a late but, I thought since you are a libra balance and all that, this video might be good.

Nice Cop buys Alabama woman groceries instead of arrests her for stealing 3 eggs.

Anonymous said...

An old Mike Ruppert article that got me wondering who insures these police departments. NYPD doesn't even bother with insurance, they just pay out settlements but what about the others like the ones in Willow's article?

"What happens then when a giant like AIG winds up insuring parts of the government or major businesses that violate your rights or break the law?"