Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Last Eff You From 2014. Happy New Year!

Well, we've had some fairly tense aspects to navigate this holiday season with Venus conjunct Pluto and square Uranus (December 21) followed by Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Uranus (December 24/25). If you got through the family gatherings and social occasions relatively unscathed without any verbal throwdowns or major mishaps, consider yourselves fortunate.

Now, we have a fairly charged fixed t-square forming for New Year's Eve, so if you thought 2014 would let up on us long enough for us to usher it out...surprise! Not exactly.

The Moon enters Taurus on December 30 (4:56 a.m. CST) and is in fixed t-square territory with Jupiter Rx in Leo and Mars in Aquarius by early afternoon on December 31.

The t-square formation is exact between 6:50 and 8:04 p.m., indicating that New Years Eve plans could be a little stickier and trickier and harder to bring together than hoped.

People with bodies or points between 20 and 22 degrees of the fixed signs are right in the cross-hairs of this one. 

Fixed t-square formations generally indicate the potential for frustration and thwarted will, and with anger planet Mars involved, we may just have to breathe and let a whole lot go, including any and all expectations for the night.

There is some potential personality friction and some social drama wrapped up in this formation, and the fixed energy will have people digging their heels in, squaring off. People who have a bone to pick with each other could cross paths in a somewhat incendiary fashion under these aspects.

The fixed t-square formation directs energy into the fourth leg at 20/21 degrees Scorpio. This is territory that karmic taskmaster Saturn has just left, so if there is any unfinished business there (especially emotional, psychological and/or sexual), you can expect it to be stirred. 

There's alllllways some sort of drama on New Year's Eve, and this year is no exception.

The potential for fixed angst continues into New Year's Day with the exact opposition between Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter Rx in Leo at 21 degrees of the signs at 1:49 p.m.

One good thing about this formation is that if we experience some sort of progress, resolution, or advancement as we close out 2014 and ring in 2015, it is progress that should last. We're grinding out some final issues as we say goodbye to the past year, and there are a few "dam break" moments possible. This is the type of progress we're grateful for right down to our bones because it has been so stubborn and so long in coming.

There is also a fated quality to this fixed t-square formation. Whatever happens (or doesn't happen) this New Year's Eve, it is sanctioned by the universe and "meant to be," as they say. The wheels are in motion, and we are just along for the ride.

Under the tension and potential frustration of this formation, if your New Year's Eve plans don't come together and you find yourself ringing in the New Year alone at home, cozy with a good book or watching the boob tube...I'd consider yourself lucky!

Under this formation, there will be people out there having a far worse time than you! You can bet on it.

Happy 2015, Willow's Web readers! I'll catch you in the new year.


Greg F said...

Happy New Year, Willow. Thanks for your instructive and inspiring words over the past years. Love you!

Willow said...

Thank-you, Greg F.!

Happy 2015!

Anonymous said...

love u 2 wily willow

Jason said...

HaPpY NeW YeAr!

Doing the same as last year, but hope to go out this time! Did exactly that last year, but still had a blast at home. Been a pretty tough past couple of years, we've had astro traffic jams for the past couple of holidays. Hurricane Sandy New Years turned out great.

Last year I remember just celebrating at home, as no Dj's were around I would want to risk going out for. This year its off to Space Ibiza. Related, but hardly! Lets see if they can bring the island feel for at least New Years. But I do feel this tension to get it all done.

At least Neptune is direct this Year. Ill be getting my party on as...Creeping Police State = EFF IT 2 me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Willow!!! Happy 2015 and thanks for all you give!!!
Great always.

Willow said...

Thank-you for the comments!

And Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and wishing you lots of love for 2015..

Big Hug from sunny San Juan,

R. Nunez

IfYouDontKnowYouBetterCallSombody said...

Looking forward to another year of WWA, best astro-blog on the net!

Willow said...

Aw, thank-you, IYDKYBCS! *sniff*

And thank-you, Rosalie! Happy 2015 to you in your sunny locale!

Jason said...

Made it there.. but there were challenges. First time I had to look for my stuff there. Had Mars Sextile Neptune helped me out, got a few things for free from two angels. Funny thing, my neighbor gave me a pill called Remaron since I could not get Ambien, no wonder the Universe did not want me taking that anymore! I took the remaron. It made such a smooth come down, Duh! I looked it up Ambien... is a depressant!

It's also used to stimulate hunger in anorexics. I ate like a king right after, which is un heard of. Usually it takes me two days to like meat. So I was making my come downs with Ambien especially harsh. This one was the best, so advised to take a anti- depressant after E for any other Mercurial Pisceans. The club was ok, sticky floor. Nice Music, but it was a little thrown together. Not a Ibiza feel at all. Not that I have been, but Ive seen youtube videos.

Onward 2015