Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Fukushima-Irradiated Sailor Dies

The first Fukushima-irradiated soldier from the USS Ronald Reagan, Theodore Holcomb, has died - of synovial sarcoma on April 26, 2014. He was the father of a 5-year-old girl. 

The USS Ronald Reagan was employed in a rescue mission immediately following the earthquake, tsunami, and meltdowns at the Daiichi nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan in March 2011. They were sailed right into the situation, were never given protective equipment or verbal warnings, and were exposed to massive levels of radioactivity. The sailors drank and bathed in contaminated water and sat under contaminated snow for two days as they were fried with radiation.

You have to ask yourself, how is that even possible? How did a U.S. naval ship with radioactivity-detecting equipment allow such a travesty to occur?

Now, more than 80 sick and dying sailors have joined a class action lawsuit against the Tokyo Electric Power Company. They should also be suing the U.S. Navy.

Thyroid problems, loss of limb use, leukemia, testicular cancer, and unremitting gynecological bleeding are just some of the radiation-related illnesses sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan are now suffering. 

Immediately following the initial disaster, the USS Ronald Reagan sailed around for weeks, too radioactive to be accepted at multiple ports. 

But inexplicably in August 2013, a San Diego Chargers NFL play camp put on for the children of U.S. Navy sailors was allowed onboard the USS Ronald Reagan, despite the fact that it is radioactively contaminated.

You can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the recent US Supreme Court ruling (7-2) in favor of CTS Corporation has anything to do with setting precedents in this regard? Not that there isn't already a long, sad list of individuals/citizens/ordinary folk getting sold out in favor of corporations and banks.

This quote from Justice Ginsburg in dissent is showing up in a lot of stories on the CTS case:

"The Court's decision gives contaminators an incentive to conceal the hazards they have created."

Really scary in light of any suits against Tepco. For Americans, anyway. I don't know the situation in other countries affected.

Thanks for posting this, Willow! There's no real coverage of these issues, of course, when the contaminators own or buddy up with MSM.

Willow said...

Anon 8:01 p.m.:

Well, as a professional writer and astrologer, I ask you to...FUCK OFF!

"Sick"? "SICK"??

I'll tell you what's sick - your attitude is sick.

It is exactly people like you who I don't want reading my site. People who as "fledgling students" feel they can soak up the astrology here for free and then leave shitty comments when I do an important sociopolitical post.

You are certainly a student. Go wise yourself up somewhere else.

Anon 11:58 p.m.: I'm not sure. Have not heard of the case but will look into it.

In most cases, I know the standard method is to keep the class action suits tangled up in the courts until all the plaintiffs die. Likely the strategy here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow, Sorry you've had to deal with sludge in your comments. (I wonder if some paid trolls are at work here.)

In connection with sailors being able to sue--a quick search turned up the situation at Camp Lejeune, NC. I hadn't heard anything about it, but it seems contaminated, toxic water was responsible for serious illness and death at the Camp. It's been going on for years. Camp administrators were aware of it from the beginning.

There's a website if anybody wants to look further, tftptf.com

Recently, federal lawyers are trying to get lawsuits dismissed, that claim the toxic water has caused childhood cancer and other illness. There have already been federal rulings against local homeowners, who were attempting such lawsuits.

The critical point with radiation sickness, of course, is that it keeps on giving, and contaminating the ocean means that the whole planet now lives in a toxic neighborhood.

So thanks for tackling this issue, in spite of narcissists, trolls, and such.

TG said...

*Really nice of someone to tell you what your "forte" is, too, Willow.*

(That was sarcasm.)