Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Brand New Edition of...Cunts in the Comments Section!

I woke up this morning to a brand, spanking new candidate for "Cunts in the Comments Section." Joyous day.

Yesterday, I wrote about the first Fukushima-irradiated sailor from the U.S. Navy dying from cancer.

Today, I wake up to this gem from some random internet idiot:

"Sick... write more astrology stuff... thats your forte...

Like What does 29,29,29 Mercury in Cancer in the 8th house bode for one? AS a fledging student what house should I focus on for a career!!! Love!!!"

I'll tell you what's sick. People with that attitude are sick.

It is exactly people like this that I don't want reading my site. People who as "fledgling students" feel they can soak up the astrology here for free and then leave shitty comments when I do an important sociopolitical post. People who dry hump astrology for their own obsessive, navel-gazing self-interest.

"Me, me, tell me more about meeeeeee!"

Yes, let me discontinue covering the most important and least covered story on the planet (Fukushima) to give you free analysis on your career.

Let me discontinue my focus on an issue that affects every living thing on this planet so that I can focus my full attention on you and your birth chart and your career path.

There are a few things I'd like to come across loud and clear here:

1. People who dry hump astrology for their own obsessive self-interest can go fuck themselves.

2. Astrology does not like it when people dry hump it for their own obsessive self-interest.

3. People who soak up professional astrology for free and give nothing in return but shitty, eroding comments can go fuck themselves.

4. Professional astrologers do not like people who soak up their professional astrology for free and then leave shitty, eroding comments.

5. If you want analysis on your own life or chart, pay for a fucking reading, you cheap, ridiculous cunt.

6. I do not do readings for cheap, ridiculous cunts, though, so please do not request one from me.

7. For people like this: please know that your birth chart is not NEARLY as fascinating to others as you suppose it is. 


Anonymous said...


glad someone's finally said it.

all the best to you & with warm regards,

amita (a long time reader but usually never a commenter).

TG said...

Love you and your blog.

P.S. Speaking of "me, me, meeeeee":


Greg F said...

Perfect title, Willow. And your opinion of Missy 29,29,29 Mercury is spot on!

You are my Saskatchewanese Astro-reporting Guru-Girl and I always look forward to reading your new posts, no matter the subject.

And Fukushima DOES matter, even to all the sheep who don't want to know about it.

Jason said...


Did you have overgrown brain scan?
Does your head feel itchy?
Did you Awake to a pillow case full of slobber?
Roll out of bed and forget that toilet paper is meant to clean one end and no the other?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions. You may be suffering from a Latent or onstage case of C.I.T.C.S.

Here at WWA, we know C.I.T.C.S symptoms can be hard to deal with. Thats why we treat them with cutting edge Astrological Science.

Here are a few tips that might help.

*Closing the mouth entirely

*Being less of a Cunt more of a Carer

*Severely reduce time on the internet

Unfortunately this may not cure all, if the its still there after trying the tips. Come into WWA and let our specialists take a look. You may be suffering from an even deadlier advanced stage of C.I.T.C.S. That cannot be treated with the tips above.

In that case, a easily priced pay reading provides you with round the Clock Blog Care AND Willows inspiring sky transit reports.

Issues surrounding slobbering on a pillow can be scary to confront and difficult no doubt.
Seeing an Astrologer can help lessen, and even reduce symptoms overnight!

Constant refreshed and renewed blog pages... an archives section that any fledgling astronovie could send in a donation for.

Thank You

Willow said...

hahaha...thanks for the comments, Sane People of Earth! I'm so glad you're out there, even if your numbers are (relatively) small.

(Jason, that was priceless.)

Diane said...

Good to speak up on this post. Much too often no matter what blog there are comments left that are offensive in so many ways by way too many readers. The days of rich conversational exchange are constantly bombed by rudeness.

I always look forward to what you write and I along with many of your readers/patrons applaud your consistent championing our ongoing attention and awareness of what's going on most often being hidden from our eyes if it not for you bringing light to these grave matters. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Willow ...that is FANTASTIC!!!
Keep going are just too intelligent and informed for those stupids!!
Great energy!

Anonymous said...

You might be surprised to hear that we Pluto in Leo's love reading your posts, and especially this one. Thank's for sharing!

Greg F said...

I'm a Pluto in Leo (22°) and proud of it!

I know many Pluto in Leo people and a lot of us are interested in astrology and the recondite sciences from our early days in the 60's and 70's.

You are brilliant for your young years, Willow, and even an old 'sexagenarian' like me appreciates you. Ha ha.

I love you partly because you have a great BS-detector and speak your mind as honestly and bravely as my Scorpio/Sag Ascendant ever thought to do.

Keep fighting the good fight "Guru Girl!"

Anonymous said...

Damn. Go to it Willow! (applause) Unfortunately, these people are so blind they will never be able to see their own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

He started by calling you sick, and finished saying ''Love!!!''. He's not even a skilfful new ager. I've seen better than that. It's like if they're not even trying to hide themselves anymore. Cause' the irony of that comment is just way too much.

Willow said...

Just had some asshole tell me that I need to have sub-sections on the blog for whenever I want to write something non-astrological. On my own site. That this person more than likely reads for free.

And then the person told me I have too much inner rage.


Where do these idiots get off? Really, I'd like to know how that level of presumption and entitlement even gains roots.

Willow said...

OK, this same asshole now wonders why I put my site up for free if I don't want people reading it for free.

I don't mind people reading this site for free.

What I mind is people (like this asshole and the asshole mentioned in this post) reading this site for free and then leaving shitty, presumptuous comments.

What I mind is people reading this site and feeling that they have the right to dictate what I write or how I write it or how I present it on the blog.

Because no one has that right.

Seriously, is it that difficult to understand? I see a whole bunch of people in this comments section who seem to get it. Why not these other yahoos?

And you can stick the passive aggressive, New Agey advice to "heal myself" right up your arse, too.

Willow said...

And now this asshole thinks I will appreciate his/her input "when I'm older."


Nope. I'm never going to appreciate passive aggressive, presumptuous, entitled people who have no boundaries or respect for a fine establishment such as this.

So again...fuuuuuuck you.

Willow said...

I'm going to post this tweet from Matt Savinar, which I agree with 100%:

"if it wasn't for inner rage or intense alienation nothing cool in terms of art, literature, music would have be produced"

Anonymous said...

My dear Willow YOU ARE GREAT, INTELLIGENT AND YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL!! Screw them all jealous slobbering idiots that they not waste your time on them just delete, delete, delete those messages..



Willow said...

Aw, thanks, Rosalie! I don't know if they're jealous, but they sure do love to ride my butt. :-) I hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Yay Willow,
I'm so glad you bring these stupid, stupid comments into the light of day. I love that you are fearless, bold and protective when it comes to your work. Expose the whiners - it's their jealousy and pettiness that's the problem.
Thanks for all you do.

Turiya Bruce said...

I constantly have the new agers throwing their disowned neatly repressed and projected anger onto me cos i dare to feel it and let it have its say.
We are in danger of losing the whole fucking planetary existence here and people are still wanting to be all nicey nicey about people, politicians and corporate shmucks waering their heavy impervious "I have the right clothing on" attitude that is causing so much destruction it makes my heart break.Good for you please continue to speak up and out at those who have no sense or integrity as I will too.Thanks for your blog. It keeps me on my toes.

Willow said...

Thank-you Iris and Turiya Bruce!

Turiya, agreed. I think the New Age was purposefully designed as parasitic mind/spirit control so that people would let things go down the tubes, as they are doing now. The whole doctrine is about looking the other way.

Willow said...

And falsely accusing people, projecting the "dark" side, etc.

Anonymous said...

I love everything you're doing,
Willow. Our world is sick, sick, sick. The fact that you bring this information to people who may not learn about it otherwise is awesome. This is your house. You are free to shoot any who trespass and attempt to impinge on what's yours. Warrior Woman.

nancy said...

I like your blog, too. Always tells me something I didn't know. And, we really need a site that isn't more New Age garbage. I find that whole "movement" is not real--most of it. And, big time mind f*cking. I've seen it and it's pathetic.
Keep up the good work--refreshing.