Saturday, November 16, 2013

Note to WWA Patrons

Willow's Web Astrology patrons are supporters of this site. They receive full articles that are available only as excerpts on the main blog. They also have access to a few other extras throughout the year.

Patronage payments are recurring, meaning they will automatically come out of your PayPal account either once per month or once per year, depending on the option chosen.

If you do not want to make recurring payments, you must cancel those payments from your PayPal account.

Otherwise, the amount will come out on the specified date(s).

For more information: Willow's Web Astrology Patrons


Anonymous said...

Hi Willow
Do you offer the option of paying a one off flat rate for 12 months worth of subscription?

Willow said...

You would just pay the subscription amount and then cancel the recurring payments. That will make it a one-time payment.

Or you can send the amount of the subscription to my email address as a one-time payment.