Monday, November 4, 2013

Mercury Stations Direct in Scorpio: Yanking Detrimental Mental Patterns Out From the Root

Mercury retrograde has just started slowing to station direct on November 10 at 2 degrees Scorpio (3:12 p.m. CST), and we're picking through trigger-happy conversational minefields all week.

Even the lightest of comments can hit raw nerves now, setting off reactions we may not have intended. Watch your tongue carefully.

That said, there will also be plenty of people intentionally trying to get under our skins. Slough those buggers off right away, and back out of any exchanges that seem to be heading into the trigger-happy danger zone.

We have to police our own thoughts and communication this week, maintaining tight boundaries.

When messenger planet Mercury is in Scorpio, the messages we're receiving can be uncomfortable, traumatic, or even devastating - especially with Chiron stationing direct in Pisces November 19. But these potentially difficult messages are ultimately also empowering, liberating, and consciousness-raising.

The information we're picking up and picking through can consume our minds now, creating scenarios with intrusive or obsessive thoughts. Fixed sign Scorpio takes us under and then holds us there until things really sink in. Some highly irritating and oppressive thoughts have been preying on our minds during the transit of Mercury through deep, dark, emotionally-dense Scorpio, which began September 29 and ends December 4, and these thoughts can increase in intensity going into Sunday's direct station.

To offset the mental depths, reel your brain in, and bring it back from the brink. Meditation, exercise, and good, solid mental discipline all help our cause. We're drawn to intense and even painful subjects now, but we have to keep our minds out of the bottomless pits.

There are some potent exchanges and connections in the works this week and next. The energy of the Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction of September 18 is being stirred yet again as we continue to wrap our minds around the intensity of that time and what it meant for us.

Connections and conversations over the next weeks hit release points, liberating our minds and our emotions from some long-term oppressiveness, but we have to stay with it right to the end and have those squirm-inducing conversations in order to reap the rewards and find relief. 

During this Saturn-infused Mercury transit through Scorpio, we're working to get out from under that which oppresses us, severing ties to it, but it's going to take all our awareness and courage to do so.

We have to speak up over the next weeks about hidden energy dynamics that aren't right in our lives. We need to extricate ourselves from scenarios that put us at a disadvantage. And we have to allow time for the full realizations to rise to the surface of the conscious mind. Be gentle with yourselves and others, but be ruthless in the areas being drawn to your attention.

What intrusive thoughts do you want to eliminate? Whose opinions do you want to delete? What media and information sources do you need to get rid of? Are there perspectives that have undue influence over you? Anyone's crappy comments that have stuck with you for far too long?

Merc Rx in Scorpio is asking us to take action on all these fronts.

This week is great for getting to the bottom of detrimental mental patterns and yanking them out at the roots.


Cloudia said...

Very relevant to the Marriage Equality fight unfolding at our state capitol right now.


ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Anonymous said...

So spot-on and empowering... Thank you, Willow.

Anonymous said...

So many damaging obsessive thought patterns to root out. On another note thank you for not publishing a recent comment I made with my full name attached to it! That caught me off guard and I appreciate you honoured my privacy.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this week has been awash with suicide for me and my 14 year old child. The week started with news of my child's school friend being admitted to hospital following a suicide attempt (15 year old boy). Unfortunately (following suicide attempt) he has suffered significant brain damage, had a cardiac arrest on monday. I have prepared my child for the worst.
On monday I lost a patient of my own (I am a nurse) again - to suicide. This had been building for several days...on monday the woman concerned was successful in ending her life. It's only wednesday, but it really feels like a week of death. Heavy.

Willow said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Anon 5:12.

Yes, this much Scorpio energy, along with Saturn (heavy), has a strong "can't take it anymore" theme, especially with stationing Chiron in Pisces stirring feelings of intense hopelessness and psychic overwhelm.

Knowing the astrology could really help people right now. I wish I could reach the people who need it so desperately.

Willow said...

I wonder if I should start posting Suicide Alert posts when the astro atmosphere is particularly that way?

Greg F said...

I'm sure your Suicide Alert posts would be helpful, but considering Uranus-square-Pluto is only half-over, you might just as well make it a permanent banner for the next few years!

Anonymous said...

Hello Willow,
5:12 here...yes I would find it useful to incorporate in my line of work. I have often used your work - and some others as a guide. Have also encountered colleagues whom I know are 'aware' and will often make a subtle remark here and there..."this one is a left handed Scorpio" (in relation to patient handover).
I'm a Pisces sun so really have to fight against myself when events unravel like this. Boundaries are essential and allow me to observe 'the important stuff' without being polluted or diluted by the toxicity and drama.

AnonGirl said...

The alerts would be great IMO. The sky hasn't been friendly to people I know either. :(

Willow said...

The Uranus-Pluto square is often just percolating beneath the surface.

The real issue here, I think, is the fourth exact square Nov. 1 combined with the pile-up in Scorpio (including dreaded Saturn) and the Chiron station in Pisces.

There are times when the universe heaps too much upon us, and this is one of those times.