Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knowing When to Turn the Tap On and, More Importantly, When to Turn it Off

Mercury enters deep, dark Scorpio on September 29 (6:38 a.m. CST), and our mind, our communications, and our connections are filtered through the penetrating, unwavering gaze of the scorpion.


Mercury in Scorpio wants to see what lies beneath the surface. It wants to know what's really going on. It wants some validation for that sick feeling in the pit of its stomach, for the crawling of its skin, for the tingling spidey sense. Mercury in Scorpio is a researching mind, an uncovering mind, drawing uncomfortable tidbits of information up to conscious awareness for integration into the broader scene.

The festering stink-pile of corruption and lies on Planet Earth is one of the prime targets for this laser mind, this Mercury in Scorpio. And there can be no doubt, really, about the state we're in on this planet. We're teetering at the point of no return, led there by generations of materialist mass murderers masquerading as our leaders. We're close to the point of energetic impossibility.

And let's not be silly about this: we'll be making some life-or-death connections throughout this Mercury transit of Scorpio (September 29 - December 4, 2013). It's that serious. Messenger planet Mercury has some reality-based information that we must digest over the course of the transit, and it's in our best interests to heed every last squirmy detail.

Mercury will retrograde in the sign of sex, death, birth, healing, X-Ray vision, and hardcore soul drive from October 21 to November 10, travelling backward in the zodiac from 18 to 2 degrees Scorpio.

This is the third and final Mercury retrograde of 2013, all of which have been in water signs.

As Mercury transits Scorpio, it will conjunct the North Node and Saturn three times, reactivating the obscenely powerful and intense Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction, which occurred at 8 degrees Scorpio on September 17/18. That conjunction occurred exactly sextile stationing and inky-potent Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn, which turned direct September 20.

Those unaffected by the intensity and energetic demands of the week of September 16 - 22 were fortunate. There were exhaustion, breakdowns, meltdowns, and acute stress involved. At the end of our ropes and beyond. We processed a massive amount of energy through our bodies and through our relationships during that week - and we're still processing it. We'll be processing the energy of that week and integrating its lessons for some time to come, including during the transit of Mercury through Scorpio.

We set a whole new, soul-driven tone in human relationships that week, and it was no joke. The way energy is distributed in our relationships, the underlying power dynamics, the allotment of that precious, supportive, soulful Scorpio energy are all under a state of reconstitution and reconstruction, continuing with the Venus retrograde in Capricorn at the end of the year (December 20, 2013 - January 30, 2014).

With restricting Saturn involved, we had to pull the reins in on a number of relational fronts. To continue in the old dynamics brings depletion.

We're working with restricted energy, particularly emotional, psychological, sexual, and psychic energy. At times during the transit of Saturn through Scorpio (into September 2015), this will be severely restricted.

We need to invest our precious time and energy oh-so-wisely now in order to make it through the next couple years successfully.

So heading into autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, we went through a very extreme Pluto station, a very extreme Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction, and an over-the-top Harvest Full Moon in Pisces.

We now get a little breather with the Sun in Libra working to rebalance our upset energetic systems.

But it won't last long.

Mercury enters its retrograde shadow at 2 degrees Scorpio on October 1, just in time for the Libra Sun to enter a cardinal Grand Cross formation ahead of the Libra New Moon October 4.

In other words, kiss that harmonious Libran equinox breather goodbye, and prepare to play your 'A Games.' If you were expecting an easy breezy Libra season, you're in for a surprise...

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What is Mercury retrograde?


Jason said...

People keep dying on this planet if they keep denying what we know. They keep being poisoned, body and soul, drip-by-drip.

They have to know this to have even a fighting chance.

+ the two paragraphs above it.

My Natal Uranus Mercury Square cried a little inside when It read that. Since I will have the New moon in my 3H of communication, I always burned to understand- Why not now? Whats wrong with now? my aquarian SCoMn identity trying for some more love, some more understanding, some more depth between all of us, of whose keeping us down and how. Thank you so much willow. I dont know if I can be totally on time-but you really struck my piscean mercury in the poetic way it needed..
along with the universal signatures.. I feel as if Ive left the most amazing surgery.. How did you do that.? I never got that at other astro blogs. :)

What a odd quirk and challenge the universe presents that this takes place. But for the love of my fellow man and women I am up for the challenge.
Being A CPS kid and not ever having any parents or uncles aunts or grandmas I can see why it took me so long to realize.

Willow said...

The love of our fellow humans is one of the strongest motivators! Keep up the good work, Jason.

Willow said...

And I also have to say here that I'm sure one particular astrologer is going to be very interested in what I've delineated and analyzed here.

Fuck off, lady.

Generate your own astrology, or get out of the business.

Greg F said...

"Honour the power of the information you contain - information that would make most people on this planet crap their pants."

With my natal Mercury in Scorpio (11 degrees) this article has my name on it in 120-point letters. Add to that my Scorpio Venus square Pluto in Leo, and it's the old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times" for the next few months.

I love you, my Plutonic Saskatchewan friend! Thanks for the awesome articles you share with us.

AnonGirl said...

Your blog is like good wine, it only ever gets better! This was a really relevant and useful piece; I've already re-read it a couple of times am I'm sure I will again through October and November. I've sensed the things you wrote for some time now, and seeing it distilled and analyzed so thoroughly brought needed clarity.

Excellent work!

AnonGirl said...

And on the other hand, that other lady's blog is aging like milk....

sarah said...

"Information is power with Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Saturn. And the timed release of that information - to only the right parties - is a big part of that." Wow, this is already so true for me. Maybe it's the fact that mercury hits my late in libra pluto before it enters scorpio. a preview. I was offered a great opportunity recently and I'm afraid of arousing jealously. I want to brag about my success to a colleague who put down my work but I don't want to be the asshole. Time to check my revenge fantasies. There are more important things to work on.

Anonymous said...

You go Willow...and yes fuck off lady nobody needs the crap you put out! Having said that I repeat you keep me sane. Love, love you should come down to the caribbean and visit so you can see the exquisitely blue and beautiful beaches we's easier on the soul living down here.

Willow said...

Thanks for the comments, all. They're like healing balm! heehee

"I want to brag about my success to a colleague who put down my work but I don't want to be the asshole."

I hear that, sarah.

I spent the morning scrapping with a National Farmers Union member who insists on following the lead of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) on the GM alfalfa issue.

They refuse to get any action going on in the prairies or any broader public education. They're keeping the message Ontario and farmer-centric, which just doesn't work for increasing public awareness among average, non-farming citizens.

And when I told the Farmers Union lady that CBAN was actually using information from my GM alfalfa primer to broaden its message, the chick literally scoffed at me.

And this is EXACTLY what went on!

I contacted the CBAN lady earlier this year, and she told me she was "bad at explaining to the public why they should care" about GM alfalfa.

So I sent her my primer and other information explaining why they should care.

And she started using that information in her communications on the subject.

But can I get any cred from these people? Noooooooooope.

If you don't have a paternalistic, overly bureaucratic institution to belong to, you're a nobody to these folks.

Sooooooo unbelievably insulting to have my writing used without any credit whatsoever...and then to be scoffed at!


I'm at the "could give a fuck" point on this particular Moon opposite Pluto day...

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network is not the ultimate authority on this issue (there is no ultimate authority on this issue), and they should not be controlling the message.

Ugh. So vexing.

Willow said...

Sorry for the TMI, but this has been one pissy morning in the Willow web!

Anonymous said...

You can Never be TMI w me.
im Pluto Uranus Jupiter Moon- Mercury.

Its cool to interact with a astrologer who is involved in humanitarian efforts past chart readings.
Willow goes out and makes things happen!
Im only jupiter-mars. lol.

I have to join the forums, totally feel safe and always inspired here. If I can squeeze some life blood out of my upcoming Jupiter Venus transit. Im gonna Donate.

Whats a few days without a piece bakery cake? really.

Ok turning it off now :)

Liz said...

Thank you so very much for this, dear Willow. And for this, "As Venus transits Scorpio now and into the first week of October, activating stationing Pluto in Capricorn by sextile, it's time to take a good, hard, proactive look at the state of your relationships ahead of the retrograde" (well, for all of the piece, not just the quote!). You describe so well what I'm living through right now, and you give such support with your words. That week from 16th - 22 September was one of the most stressful I've lived in a long time, and it's still (as you say) going on. You are really extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

"We processed a massive amount of energy through our bodies and through our relationships during that week - and we're still processing it. We'll be processing the energy of that week and integrating its lessons for some time to come, including during the transit of Mercury through Scorpio."

Thank you for this

Anonymous said...

Hey Willow:

I've been out of the loop for a few weeks. Lots to talk about astrology-wise. But I won't.

I'd rather say "Love the new mug shots!"


PS: How's the new apartment treating you?

Willow said...

The apartment is good!