Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Crap-Cutting Libra New Moon Sets a New Tone in Relationships of All Kinds

We're currently in the Dark of the Moon in Virgo, ahead of an uber potent Libra New Moon within cardinal Grand Cross on Friday, October 4 (exact 7:35 p.m. CST) that will reverberate strongly throughout the weekend and into the beginning of next week.

As the Moon goes dark in practical, no-nonsense Virgo today, ahead of this "relationship changer" New Moon, pay attention to people's real, actual track records, what they do on a day-to-day basis, rather than to their charms, their glowing plans, or their stated intentions.

There are some subtle details we need to feel out here in the dark, ahead of the New Moon, and these details shape our orientation as we move through the New Moon portal.

We're at the end of the line as far as hoping and wishing and praying for things to get better. With all four cardinal (action, initiation, leadership, new direction) signs activated at the time of the New Moon, it's time to take action in relationships of all kinds - personal and professional. It's time to make things better. And that very well might involve leaving relationships that are no longer viable, healthy, or offering any true reciprocity.

Venus in Scorpio is the dispositor of this New Moon, the love and relationship planet in the sign of its detriment, and this is the primary influence over the energy and themes.

From a previous post:

"Venus is the planet that rules relationships. Scorpio is a sign that involves patterns ending. Hence, transiting Venus in Scorpio (September 11 - October 7) is a great time to end detrimental patterns in relationships of all kinds.  
Venus in Scorpio will suck the poison out of your relationship. It will reformulate things from the guts out. But your relationship has to be strong enough to withstand that process first. If it isn't, it will end, die, come to a point of completion. All Scorpio themes.

This is one of the reasons Venus is so uncomfortable in the sign of the scorpion. Venus is about love, beauty, relationship, mutuality, shared enjoyment. Who ever wants to see a love relationship die? Who ever wants to dig up issues that could bring about your relationship's demise?

With Venus in Scorpio, however, there are some underlying issues, some imbalanced energy exchanges, some true feelings being swept under rugs, and if these are ignored or denied for long enough, they start to undermine the entire foundation of the relationship.

This is what Venus in Scorpio knows, and this is why Venus is so intent on getting to the roots of the matter during its time in the sign of the investigator.

There's more to our relationships than meets the eye when Venus is transiting Scorpio, as it is now, and we have to penetrate these hidden layers, releasing pent-up energy, suppressed emotions, and convoluted relating patterns - or deal with a slow, potentially-painful relationship death.

These are life-saving efforts being applied by Venus in Scorpio in relationship now, but these efforts could also kill our relationships. This is the razor's edge we walk between life and death, sustainability and collapse, when planets are transiting Scorpio."

This is a true "cutting the crap, cut to the chase" New Moon, and it falls in a sign that generally needs help cutting the crap - charming, congenial, smooth-it-over Libra!

A square to Pluto, an opposition to Uranus, and a Scorpio stellium should be just the ticket for getting down to brass tacks, however.

In addition to dispositor Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node are transiting Scorpio, creating a concentration of energy in the sign of deep, dark, underlying power dynamics.

Wherever you're fed up, over it, or tired of the crap in relationship, that's where this New Moon in Libra opens a door. Use it.

"If you're giving way more than you're receiving in your relationships, it's time to either a) reformulate or b) make a clean relationship sweep, withdrawing your energy, talents, and skills from unsatisfying relationships that lack true reciprocity."

The square between the Libra Sun and Moon to Pluto in Capricorn forces our hand. To continue in these same dynamics would be death. It would be insanity.

The opposition to shaking-things-up Uranus in the sign of self, Aries, provides a shot in the arm for relationship-oriented Libra, a sign often afraid to be on its own. A sign often pathologically afraid to be on its own.

With so much Scorpio influence, we're digging down to the emotional attachments and psychological patterns the keep us stuck, stifled, and unfulfilled in relationship. This is potentially fearful territory. We're required to address some very hot button issues here, issues that, yes, could bring certain relationships to an end, rather than just the relationship dynamics.

But the Uranian writing is on the wall: it's a thousand times better to be on your own, standing alone, independent now than to remain in an untenable, crap sandwich relationship.

The Piscean-era relationship ideal of constant and perfect union-communion is giving way to something more realistic, something more aligned with the times.

Recall that aggressive malefic planet Mars will soon transit Libra for almost eight months (December 2013 to July 2014). Libra is a sign that Mars does not like to be in all that much, and this transit will be bringing the angst to our relationships if we've chosen to look the other way and keep things lovey dovey, sweet-as-pie.

Anything glossed over and any anger left unaddressed at the time of this New Moon will be coming up again during that Mars in Libra transit, which activates cardinal Grand Crosses over the course of the transit and retrograde, including the exact one at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs in April 2014.

With Mars in Libra for eight months within Grand Cross, we're going to have to fight for the types of relationships we want - personally and professionally. We're going to have to fight for more fairness, kindness, reciprocity, and balance in our relationships. And this battle is much easier if we're proactive every step of the way, including at this potent, potent Libra New Moon.

The Moon enters lovely Libra tonight at 10:00 p.m. CST.

The New Moon falls at 11 degrees Libra at 7:35 p.m. tomorrow, October 4.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 3:33 a.m. on October 6 and conjuncts Mercury, the North Node, and Saturn that day.

Venus enters more buoyant and optimistic Sagittarius around noon on Monday, October 7, providing a little breather from the intensity of the transit through Scorpio.

The Moon will enter Sagittarius at 7:21 a.m. on October 8 and conjuncts Venus in Sagittarius at 8:56 a.m., giving us a moment to digest the ultimate relational truths coming out of the Libra New Moon.


Sofia said...

Hi Willow great article once again Wendy Davis just Announced today she's running for govenor

LB said...

As always, thanks Willow. This New Moon is conjunct my 2nd house Ceres -part of my chart's Mystic Rectangle- and my relationship to food, the environment (GMOs, Fukushima, etc.) and anything consumed or purchased is rapidly changing.

In addition to advocating for universal health care (HR 676) and sparing cuts to necessary programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps here in the US, I've recently become way more interested and involved in Fair Trade and how in a global society, our purchases can have a profound effect on other people and environments in distant parts of the world.

Right now, slave-free, Fair Trade or ethically produced organic chocolate is on my mind, as is making more people aware of the connection between child-slavery and mainstream chocolate, then encouraging them to talk about it, especially as Halloween approaches. Most people I talk to -even the ones who already support Fair Trade- aren't aware.

I'm also trying to figure out affordable ways to shop for some of our non-GMO food items at places other than Trader Joe's. It's never been ideal, but after reading this article about ConAgra's purchase of Ralcorp (one of TJ's main sources for their private label organic and/or non-GMO products), I'm even more concerned:

jason said...

Mars R will be affecting my
3rd 6th and 9th houses.
No planets but pluto in the 3rd.

Im sure ill be busy even with them empty-
I remember the last one vividly. in Leo, smack
on the ASC. opposing my 7th
What a winter!

I did not ask for roller coaster stomach
heart ache vibes but I got em. Getting
a little vertigo just thinking about it.
So glad thats over.

Willow said...

Go Wendy!

That's truly exciting.

Yeah, chain store organics are pretty suspect, LB. Whole Foods and their "co-existence" policy with GM alfalfa? Not to mention the secret corporate owners. It's over!

I don't know much about the connection between mainstream chocolate and child labour, but I guess it makes sense since it's sort of like the coffee trade.

What are some brands that are non-slave?

LB said...

Divine and Equal Exchange are good ones; both give a portion of their proceeds back to the farming communities. Here's a link, which explains the connection between chocolate and child slavery and how we can make a difference. Up until recently, I wasn't aware either:

Here's another link to a very extensive chocolate list I've been recommending, and not that it'll help me (my phone is dumb), but the list is also available as a free application for smart phone users:

While I'm linking, have you seen the lists offered by The Non-GMO Project? For those of us who don't have good access to Farmers Markets or are uncertain when we shop, their list of retailers, products and restaurants comes in handy sometimes:

Greg F said...

As a Venus in Scorpio native, your words have an extra sting of truth, Willow.

I think it has given me the detachment to be comfortable in my own skin - living alone and still being happy.

Very good article, plus news of Mars in Libra is a wise warning of the new year to come.

Happy Rocktober, Willow!