Friday, February 15, 2013

A Modified Skies Pictorial for Winter 2012/13

All winter, we've had almost nothing but that flat white or grey-white blanket of cloud cover we all know and love. For a full month, we had completely white skies and thick fog, which is unheard of in Saskatchewan in the winter.

Now, the fog is mostly gone, but we have day after day of no sun.

This is one of the sunniest parts of the planet, usually. This is weather no one around has seen before in this area. Most of the days this winter have looked something like this:

When the cloud blanket does break up for a day or so, it looks like this:

I noticed this going on in both Calgary and Winnipeg when I lived in those cities. Chemtrails sprayed, cloud cover, no Sun for days. The Sun would peek out, and within a few hours, there were more chemtrails and then more cloud cover. At the time, I wondered if it were being done intentionally as mood control. Disconnecting people from the movement of the Sun and Moon, from what's going on in the sky. Now, I'm wondering if it is related to radar somehow or blocking surveillance.

Who really knows why they're doing this?

All I know is, it's extremely unnerving.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for speaking up on this & other issues, such as GMOs. I write this in east-central Sask., under yet another grey sky. Clear skies have been very rare, & brief, for a long time. Last summer we had many days of chemtrails followed by rain/storms, & humid heat. Crops were poor. Winter has been grey, heavy snow, & humid even when very cold.
Who knows what the agenda really is, but it's real, a fact many people simply cannot accept - after all, "they" wouldn't do that, would they??
Less sun = vit. D deficiencies & suppressed immune function, more depression (more sales of antidepressants?), improper plant growth, etc.
Perhaps it's in some larger interests to persuade people to leave the land, i.e. give up the family farm so big agri can take over. I don't know. I do know that the glorious skies I've loved all my life have gone gunmetal grey & untrustworthy, & that breaks the heart.
Keep talking about this, Willow, as shall I. We need a major collective wake-up.

Willow said...

Good to hear from you, east-central Sask!

Yes, we're no longer the Land of Living Skies, are we?

I do believe part of it is a concerted effort to break people's natural rhythms and connection to the elements, etc. And forcing independent farmers off the land so agribusiness can take over is definitely on the agenda.

I believe the flooding of the breadbaskets was done/is being done purposefully to drive grain/food prices up and make the derivatives schemes pay off. Also, control of the food supply, of course.

I think it's being done to break us down.

But there could be some radar-related reasons for this cloud blanket. As far as an "official" reason...

Unknown said...

We too are experiencing a constantly overcast sky downunder. This morn my ma got very excited to see blue sky and sunshine which unfortunately lasted only for the duration of her exclamation.