Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Hermit Full Moon Attempts to Keep the Irritation Factor Low Within Mutable T-Square

We're heading to a Virgo Full Moon at 7 degrees this weekend (exact Monday afternoon). This is an earthy and humble Moon. No fuss, no muss. But it falls within exact mutable t-square with Jupiter in Gemini and the Sun in Pisces (conjunct Chiron), and this kicks up the potential for more activity, hype, and irritation than Virgo would generally prefer.

The hermit is forced into the fray.

Because of this, we require stronger than usual emotional, mental, and psychic filters, combating annoying conversations, too much information, and issues overload under an ongoing Jupiter in Gemini - Chiron in Pisces square.

Under these influences, we'll be tempted to stick a finger in every pie, to offer an opinion on every subject, but this is not advised.

This Full Moon in Virgo says: Stick with what works. Stick with what inspires you. Stick with the work that gives you the most satisfaction and efficacy. Discard the rest. Let it dissolve into the ethers.

Under the influence of the Sun-Moon-Jupiter t-square and with a stellium of Chiron-infused planets in Pisces, our heartstrings, our compassion, our sweetness, our naivete, and our spiritual egos can all be played to detrimental and draining effect now. Keep your eye on the old school Piscean draws, and steer clear.

At this Full Moon in Virgo, our work is done in certain respects. We've fulfilled certain roles in the ongoing hardcore transition of the ages, and this is a good feeling. Allow this Moon to illuminate a job well done, as well as the next angles coming into play.

Opposite Chiron, this Full Moon illumination provides some last necessary details as far as work and health. The last pieces of the puzzle are coming together as far as what is injuring and sickening us on this planet. We're understanding our own context within sick systems, institutions, and structures, and we're piping up from our own perspectives, aware that the individual can only do so much to combat the layers of toxicity to which we're being exposed on a daily basis.

As much as the New Agers would like you to believe it, we are not creating ill health with negative thoughts and beliefs. Ill health is being created for us. And if we aren't directly addressing the sources of the toxicity being laden on humanity and on life on this planet, we aren't in a position for healing. It's as simple as that.

This Virgo Full Moon wants us in a strong position for healing. So we stand back now and allow this Full Moon to illuminate the details we need to heed as far as achieving and maintaining health in an increasing toxic environment. We allow this Moon to provide the last connections that draw us together in this struggle.

We are still under the influence of a Mars in Virgo cycle, kicked off during the last Mars retrograde period in early 2012. As Mars is currently transiting Pisces, this Full Moon offers us a halfway checkpoint and progress report. It shows us what we're doing right, as well as what we need to refine or bone up on a bit more moving forward. Pay attention. This is subtle and potentially overshadowed by that opinionated loudmouth Jupiter in Gemini.

The current stellium in Pisces also indicates a tendency to gloss over the details, but we do this to our own detriment now.

Under a Mars in Virgo influence, we have to proactively fight for our health. We have to take an active, rather than a passive, role in health matters. A proactive role. And this goes against all our societal training, which would like us passive, complacent, swallowing their pills.

This Moon gives us the emotional support to tackle those last work and health loopholes that could cause problems for us over the long term.


Lea said...

Thank you, Willow. This piece is so apropos to everything I have been processing, enduring and moving forward to Change. The intensity for me right now makes it hard for me to see the forest for the trees and the trees for the forest at times, and this post has come at one of the very ACUTE times for me. And reading it brought everything into focus and perspective for me again. Not only is reading your columns informative, educational and entertaining (at times :) ) but also for me, down right crucial for me to know what to be paying attention to as I traverse what seems to be a maze at times, but is really, after seeing it through your perspective, just a side street, and you point the way back to the highway. The Jupiter in Gemini can really kick my ass (or others through me) often and I am so grateful to be reminded by you to "stifle it>"
Smiles and a hug.

Anonymous said...

This full moon falls in my tenth house home to natal Saturn. Having just lost my job, is this a moon that will heal that hurt(it was REALLY unexpected) or the end of one career and on to the next?

Willow said...

Thank-you, Lea! I'm really happy to hear that because the current transits have been uber harsh as far as clarity and finding the right words. (As I'm sure you are experiencing, also!) Yeesh.

Anon, I don't actually do analysis of individual charts outside paid readings, but my feeling is it will be a healing point as far as how you feel and your perspective on the whole thing. There's some emotional movement with this very mutable Full Moon!

Liz said...

Thank you so much for this, Willow! And also for your comment to anon, which is helpful for me too. Good luck, anon, know how it feels!