Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HAARP-icane Sandy Comes Ashore Under the Blood Moon and Mercury Square Neptune

Hurricane Sandy has caused widespread flooding, downed power lines, billions of dollars in property damage, and at least 30 deaths along a huge swath of the United States East Coast. The main part of the storm cell came ashore October 29.

The storm has shut down the city that never sleeps, New York City, as well as the New York Stock Exchange and the United States presidential race.

This storm came ashore under a Full Moon (referred to as the Hunter's or Blood Moon) when tides would be high. It also came ashore under a Mercury-Neptune square, indicating a certain fogginess or deception related to details and disseminated information. Neptune is the God of the Seas. Mercury is the winged messenger, including media.

The mainstream media is showing stories of the flooding and damage. CNN reporters are right out in the wind and floods, showing us how "in the thick of it" they are. How committed to the story. But none of them is mentioning the pink elephant issue that the alternative, internet-based media will be picking up on.

HAARP frequency was at a maximum along the U.S. East Coast at the time of the storm.

HAARP is the acronym for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. There is a major HAARP project located in Alaska, with a number of other ones around the world. The stated purpose of this program is to study the earth's ionosphere in an effort to improve radio communications and surveillance.

The unpublicized effects include mood control through electromagnetic frequency changes, as well as weather modification. HAARP frequency can be emitted in a pulse or continuously, and different frequencies have different effects.

On October 28, just before Sandy reached land, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the British Columbia coast, which is a rare occurrence. Along with hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes, heightened HAARP usage is associated with earthquakes. The electromagnetic frequency propelled into the ionosphere ricochets back down into the Earth. At a high enough frequency for a long enough duration, instability is caused, resulting in earthquakes. You can see an explanation of that here.

A site called Dutch Sinse follows storms and associated HAARP usage, providing radar photos and information. The site documents a "microwave anomaly" associated with Hurricane Sandy that was also associated with Hurricane Irene, which struck the same area of the United States East Coast late last August, just after the Virgo New Moon.

Many who are strongly hardwired to weather and to the cycles of nature have been aware for a while that something is up with the weather. Much of it no longer feels natural at all. This isn't "Mother Nature getting revenge." This is man-made manipulation and direction.

The mainstream media has been calling this hurricane "Franken-storm" due to the proximity to Hallowe'en (another big occult symbolism day). I would say they don't know how correct they are.


Anonymous said...

I heard about that, supposedly they first started messing with the weather in vietnam to make the monsoon season last longer and hypothetically make it harder on the viet kong, coincidentally, it backfired and only helped them and really hurt us, considering they were used to the weather and we were not, scary stuff, scarier still is that means its all planned, which makes one wonder why this was planned right before a presidential race, or if these things really are rigged

Anonymous said...

I don't believe man has that much control over anything, despite what some people would like to believe (and would like others to believe, lol). These storms are natural, but not at all well understood.

I like to look at all the other things that are happening whilst everyone is distracted. Such as Proposition 37 in California. That would require proper lableing on GMO foods... oh, and what are other counties up to as well...

Willow said...

I wouldn't like anyone to believe anything. I'm writing about my own findings, which will be helpful to other people who are looking for related information.

I've covered Prop 37 on the forum, and I do a lot of work on GMOs on the blog.

Believe me, I'm not distracted.

Willow said...

Yes on Proposition 37: GMO Labelling in California


At The Wicked Web

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous "I don't believe man has that much control",

Here is one of many websites that will cause you to doubt your beliefs on weather manipulation: