Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Mercury-Weighted Jupiter Station As Mercury and Saturn Form an Anaretic Libra Conjunction and Enter Scorpio

Photo: Willow 

Jupiter stationed retrograde at 16 degrees Gemini this morning and will remain in retrograde motion until January 30, 2013. The expansion and broadening of horizons we've experienced since June 2012 have come to a stand-still, and we now go back over areas of growth, particularly related to society, neighbourhoods, siblings, ideas, networking, social cross-pollination, and communication.

Stationing Jupiter is disposited by Mercury forming a conjunction to Saturn at 29 degrees Libra. This Mercury-Saturn conjunction at the tail-end of Saturn's transit of Libra (exact tomorrow morning at 3:44 a.m. CST) colours the Jupiter retrograde.

The brakes have officially been applied to information exchange, networking, and daily conversation. Big ideas stirred by the Jupiter station are now stuck in limbo, potentially leaving us with mental wheels spinning. Caution and a wait-and-see attitude are favoured, though these are difficult to put into practical application with big, bold Jupiter so potent in the atmosphere.

Mercury is our dominant body at the moment, dispositing the Moon, Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter, and Vesta in Gemini, as well as Venus newly in Virgo. It's a Mercury-weighted scene, and this makes what we think, type, and say highly influential - both for success and downfall.

Be careful about moving forward with new ideas, conversations, and information interchanges over the next few days. Saturn is in the very last bit of its transit of Libra, and things are highly weighted. We have to put into practise the new maturity, the new standards and boundaries, and the new understanding of relational timing we've learned under the Saturn in Libra transit. We're challenged by the last bit of relationship structuring here, putting the final touches on relational frameworks that serve as a foundation for our next 29 or so years. Our mouths and typing fingers can make or break.

There are certain ways to advance the scene through interaction, but opening the wrong line of conversation at the wrong time can hit a discordant note, putting us on a less solid footing than we would like. This is particularly the case with Mercury entering Scorpio. There is a tendency for people to want to relieve themselves of the pressure of the Mercury-Saturn ingresses by blurting it out, getting it out of their systems, speaking on the spicy, charged taboo points, passing the bag for someone else to hold.

This won't be successful.

Go out strong. Don't allow yourself to overstep your verbal or mental boundaries, and don't allow anyone else to overstep theirs in relation to you. If the outlet is not there, don't force it. If in doubt, hold your tongue and your typing fingers.

These themes are strong into mid-October.

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Willow said...

My neck has been stiff for a week, and I was wondering what was going on astrologically that might indicate that.

Jupiter stationing Rx in Gemini disposited by Mercury-Saturn explains the energy quite well!

Edi said...

I'm nearly needing to sew my lips shut and chop off my fingers to cope under these stars.