Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saturn Retrograde in Libra Opposite Sun in Aries and A Watched Pot Never Boils

From a previous post: "The Sun in Aries opposes Saturn Rx in Libra April 15, and the relationship re-structuring going on has to accommodate our whole blazing selves, or it might as well be scrapped."

This is the case, pretty babies, and there's no getting around it.

As the Sun in Aries pushes into an opposition to Saturn Rx at 26 degrees Libra April 15, the asteroid Vesta and true Black Moon Lilith placement form a conjunction at 23 degrees Aries, also opposing Saturn.

The soul-level investment here is in being ourselves and being true to ourselves within relationship right down to the last, rough edge. Honouring individuality beyond what the constructs of the relationships say. Honouring our fight and our scrappiness and our will to survive, even when those things are seemingly down to their last embers at this, the end of the astrological Piscean era.

This is the flame we won't let die. This is what we bank on. In Aries, our money's on us.

The investment here is in going deep into ourselves, loving every last secret corner where the shame, hatred, rage, grief, and deviation from the norm live. This is our fuel, what keeps us sharp, what edges the competition. Fighting for ourselves down to last breaths. Fighting to be true.

It's an investment in only those people and those relationships that can contain this version of you, the whole version - no fibs, no lies, no cheating around the edges. This is the exertion of whole self, all chambers firing, and we stretch right out into it with these oppositions. Standing up when we have to. Letting fly when we have to.

Black Moon Lilith and Vesta are here to make sure we don't compromise ourselves detrimentally one iota, that we don't try to squeeze ourselves into a relationship two sizes too small, that we don't attempt to dull any of our feisty edge or whitewash any of our colour as Saturn tries to convince us that we're running out of time, past our prime.

There is no moment but this moment, and every day, in every way, we're getting better, truer, stronger. This is what Black Moon Lilith and Vesta are whispering, together, in our ears as we bloom into weird and wild Aquarius. Invest in yourself, in this moment. This is the most important relationship you'll ever have.

The Aquarius Moon sextiles the Aries bodies/points and trines Saturn retrograde in Libra on April 15, the day of the Sun-Saturn opposition. We're willing to set ourselves apart, to risk it. It's the refusal to be anything but ourselves, the refusal to be dimmed or dulled that re-builds the world.

The Moon continues on its way, meeting Vesta in exact conjunction in late Aries April 20 with both bodies in exact opposition to Saturn Rx in Libra. The themes continue.

Saturn retrograde in Libra reminds us that, when it comes to relationships, a watched pot never boils. The worry and heaviness and sense of arduous delay brought to the topic of relationship by Saturn dissipates only when we're too busy doing our own thing to concern ourselves with it.

And all this Aries opposing gives us the perfect opportunity to stop watching. Stop waiting. Just go.


Anonymous said...

Hooray. Great description of my life and its dimensions as we speak. Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, really loved the interpretation, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Willow - the voice of reason. I am trying really hard to follow said advice above - it's tough! Zoning out into the joyous madness of it all is so tempting but would be ultimately self-destructive. The lesson at this point in time I need to learn is very clear.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. In this case I feel like this relates to my relationship most under 'development'...the one with my 21 month old. I know that when Libra talks about relationship it is the 'significant other', but my husband and I are pretty solid and are very much the ones with whom we can be ourselves. But our relationship with the little one is suddenly full of small standoffs, sizing ups, and negotiations. I'm holding out for a relationship based on authenticity, even at this age.

Anonymous said...

Lilith wasn't whispering she was singing loud and clear! A great post.

lux said...

Once again, disturbingly spot on. Thank you.