Friday, September 23, 2011

Upcoming New Moons in Libra and Scorpio - More Spice Than Sugar For the Next Two Months

- New Moon in Libra September 27 Square Pluto in Capricorn -

The New Moon in Libra September 27 is exactly square Pluto in Capricorn within tight cardinal t-square formation, and this isn't the sort of "everything's nicey nice" Libra that a lot of astrologers talk about.

This is more like my version of Libra. So I'm actually happy that this New Moon is (potentially) such a bitch.

The squares to Pluto indicate there are things that have been sliding by in the collective that can no longer be glossed over. The Plutonic buck stops here, and this especially relates to social dynamics within workplaces/work structures.

This is the energy of dignified human relations and social justice squaring off with corporatized, commodified channels of existence - the McLives being sold en masse. Also opposite Uranus Rx in Aries, this is the difficulty of interacting and connecting as distinct human beings within mainstream structures that work to shape us like clay into more mechanical, roboticized, conditioned, segmented and isolated versions of ourselves.

Mercury in Libra, exactly opposite Uranus Rx in Aries, is closely conjunct the New Moon. The idea of what's right squares off with a "way things are" that is anything but. The pressures of maintaining a semblance of sanity and humanity within mainstream McLife channels are making people crack a little around the edges. Over a long enough timeline, maintaining becomes impossible. Expect some Plutonic meltdowns if people have been chronically making nicey nice when they should have been digging heels in on certain issues.

That said, the Sun entered Libra this morning, marking Autumn Equinox. The focus is on keeping things balanced, so if you can keep things socially smooth and harmonious without compromising yourself, by all means, do so. Grit your teeth and do so. In most cases, you'll be happy you did. Just don't falsely believe you have the power to hold back the force of Pluto when it's determined to destroy phony, manipulated and ultimately useless social constructs. When the Plutonic wrecking ball has been unleashed, it's best just to step well out of its way.

The Sun and Moon form the New Moon conjunction at 6:09 a.m. CDT exactly square Pluto at 4 degrees Libra/Capricorn, just past an exact opposition to Uranus Rx at 2 degrees Aries. The New Moon also happens within a large stellium of bodies in Libra, including five planets (Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn) and one asteroid (Juno).

As mentioned, this New Moon position indicates that certain situations have been simmering for a while now. Beefs have been building, false friends have been gathering, bullshit has been accumulating, and snipey words have been slung under the protection of social gloss.

Brad Pitt is taking pot shots at Jennifer Aniston in the press, saying his marriage to her made him a boring person. (Um, Brad, you were fully boring pre-Jen, and you're even more boring as Brangelina. Also add "complete cad" to the list.) Insufferable Brad Pitt ex-girlfriend Gwynnie Paltrow is pissing off the non-mother women out there, saying her kids were what gave her a "real life."

(I wish I could really roll with this stuff like Mikey K from, but I don't want to deal with the comments, so I'll leave it to him...)

Libra also relates to high society life, and these oddly, inexplicably celebrated members of society reflect back to us the strategic positioning of the planets at this time and the incendiary value statements people are using to reinforce their positions. The North Node in Sagittarius disposited by Jupiter Rx in Taurus has us discovering (in pleasant ways and not) what people really value, what they really think, and what their true guiding philosophies through life are - and if people aren't careful with the Taurean boundaries, shooting their mouths off will get them into trouble.

See all those Libran soul mates (Juno), together or not together, in various states of relation to each other, working stuff out? Just wait until Juno hits Scorpio in late October - that's when things will be really juicy.

Things aren't quite right, aren't quite fair, aren't quite balanced, though most have been pretending they are (a Libra trick), and this New Moon square Pluto starts to bring things to the surface ahead of Scorpio season next month.

There are some potential air-clearing pissing matches a-brewing as the personal planets in Libra move through these squares to Pluto and then enter the crackly Via Combusta zone to conjunct both Saturn and Juno. The Via Combusta is an area of the zodiac (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, excluding 23 and 24 degrees Libra) also known as the burning path or combustible way, and the personal planets transit this zone until the end of the first week of November. I wrote about the procession into the Via Combusta and the conjunctions to Saturn and Juno here: Juno Conjunct Saturn in Libra Starts the Autumnal Procession Through the Via Combusta

At the time of the New Moon, Venus is at home in Libra and has just cracked into Via Combusta territory at 15 degrees. Venus in this position provides a crucial layer of influence as dispositor of all the other bodies in the sign. Venus is also on its way to a heavy, maturity-requiring conjunction to Saturn in Libra September 29 and a frictional, good girl/bad girl conjunction to Juno October 1. Things are made uncomfortable for us at this time, forcing a purge of relationships and relationship dynamics past at the same time as we forge ahead into the new relational cycle indicated by the New Moon. Out of it, we take broad, new, Saturnine steps as we find new social position for long-term success.

This Saturnine progress as far as putting a new relational foundation under us necessarily speeds up now that Saturn has hit molten lava in the Via Combusta zone. We have to take bigger steps here and move a bit more quickly and bit more often than is fully comfortable under the weight of Saturn.

We have to fight our way through this New Moon opening - for this new relational beginning, this relieving new balance.

The Libra New Moon opens into a first-half fall that is highly charged, highly frictional and highly constricting. We have to move. We have to make a change and take a chance on something that will sustain us over the long run, beyond the same-old, same-old karmic relationship loops and cycles. The fight at this New Moon involves the commitment to a full-scale morph out of old, deadened relationship constructs and brittle dynamics past - or at least out of as many layers as we can shed at this time without cutting too deeply.

These are some spicy, combustible times, as usual, but the social friction is useful and necessary to propel us into proper position for long-term success. Saturn is in brand, spanking new territory in Libra, clearing two-thirds of its transit through the sign by early November, and a lot of progress is possible under these pressures.

We head through Balsamic Moon phase over the next few days as the moonlight fades to black.

- Via Combusta New Moon in Scorpio October 26 Conjunct Juno -

The New Moon in Scorpio October 26 deepens the process. Things move from the social to the energetically alchemical, and a big part of the process moves out of our hands.

The New Moon (2:56 p.m. CDT) is in full-on Via Combusta territory at 3 degrees Scorpio, which will be tightly sextile Pluto in Capricorn. The New Moon is also conjunct soul mate asteroid Juno, newly in Scorpio at zero degrees. Venus and Mercury will be closely conjunct each other at 21 and 20 degrees Scorpio respectively. This is certainly a New Moon with an edge.

Sextile Pluto in Capricorn, it is an energetic precursor to the upcoming period involving the Saturn in Scorpio - Pluto in Capricorn mutual reception (October 6, 2012 to September 18, 2015) and brings us into the tone of that time period - deep, soulful, serious, pragmatic, no fucking around.

This Juno-vibing Scorpio New Moon opens into the knowledge that finding a "soul mate" is only the beginning of the work. We're in some thorny, collectively karmic relational territory these days, and there are plenty of knots to be worked out ahead of your standard 'utter soul union bliss.' Aspects of unbalanced power dynamics are perpetuated through our interactions just by virtue of us being on the planet at this time, and we're challenged to consciously work them free together.

The relationships that deepen coming out of this Scorpio New Moon conjunct Juno have to be right, no doubt about it. We still have some time under Saturn exalted in Libra to get the balance right, but under Saturn in Scorpio, our energy will be restricted; our resources will be limited. Heading into Saturn in Scorpio, we cannot afford to take losses (including emotional/energetic/psychic losses) or to make bad judgement calls as far as the integrity and abilities of the people with whom we enter partnership.

It will not be easy to get ourselves out of the wrong partnerships, and it will not be easy to recover from the wrong mergers of resources and energy (particularly sexual energy) from here on out.

This is not to be a downer - just being Scorpionically straight-up about the times and dynamics ahead.

The extrication processes during Saturn in Scorpio are more likely to be difficult: turbulent, protracted, nasty, even so enervating and devastating as to be deadly. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Make firm decisions about the people you have in your life now, and don't compromise your standards. Being a highly popular social butterfly spreading yourself over multitudes of acquaintances isn't going to mean much during Saturn in Scorpio. Only the relationships that truly pay dividends, soul-deep, are going to be worth the energy. Keep only the people you're absolutely sure about, and even then, work to create proper boundaries for all members of your social circle - including yourself. Good fences make good neighbours, especially under Saturn in Scorpio.

A major relational difficulty here is that with Pluto transiting Capricorn, the way things have been set up is corrupt. It no longer works. It never really did. The hierarchies are illegitimate. There is a detrimental power imbalance between men and women and the masculine and feminine energetic interplay. On a very many fronts, things are just plain wrong, and we have to change the course. All this must be consciously and mutually dealt with as mergers - business, love or otherwise - come about slowly and carefully, with full respect for the intricacies involved and the deep pitfalls to avoid. Trying to bring these combinations together fully before the power dynamics are reworked and the timing (Saturn) is right will only create more hurt and distortion.

In love, this involves creating right sexual relationships (Scorpio) with mutually held consciousness of the prior and current misuses and violent abuses of sexual energy. This especially involves abuses of women and the domination and control of feminine sexual power and knowledge. It also includes the damage done by the "too much, too fast, too often" mainstream sexual culture of the day. These misuses and abuses have become so energetically ingrained, hidden and accepted through millenia of cultural reinforcement that it takes pristine focus and awareness within a sexual partnership not to repeat the dynamics in some form or another.

People are being kept from their full sexual power by false, mainstream-media constructed versions of sex, sexuality, beauty and attraction. But Scorpio is a sign that has the ability to make sex and the energetic interplay between people sacred and purposeful again. Issues start coming to the forefront out of this New Moon that will be on our plates during Saturn in Scorpio as far as the hidden energy exchanges between the sexes (and between those of the same sex).

The currencies of sexual, emotional and psychic energy as well as masterful Scorpionic healing abilities require conscious re-valuing and re-working, one interchange at a time.

We'll be working diligently on these intimate and highly complex issues throughout Saturn's transit of Scorpio into September of 2015.

In light of the complexities ahead, the decisions we make now must come straight from our souls, right from our core truth with no fibbing around the edges. There is very little margin for error now and there is a decreasing amount the closer we get to Saturn's ingress of Scorpio.

Allow the Scorpio New Moon October 26 to take you deeply into your intuitional guidance, the still place inside that already knows how the whole map has been laid out.

And don't be afraid. It all comes out OK, even if it doesn't.


Deb said...

It's a celebrity site that does anything but glorify celebrities.

I'm a little nervous about this new moon. Just a little. You've hit the nail on the head.

Anon and Ever said...

I do agree, too spicy perhaps...

EffOffIdiots said...

Willow, someone impersonated me on another site over the weekend. Granted the "mystery" was solved but still. This person tried to create a nasty rift between me and someone I trust (and who trusts me).

"Beefs have been building, false friends have been gathering, bullshit has been accumulating, and snipey words have been slung under the protection of social gloss."

Yep, we definitely have some ugly people working the scenes right now, apparently politically (as in my case) and socially, trying to destroy good relationships.

And you're right as well about people splitting at the seams-- saw a little of that just before the weekend came around, and it wasn't pretty.

I'm very, very interested in seeing how this week plays out. Got myself a new weapon to play with and everything...

Great work!!

Anonymous said...

I learned from this blog entry (and one of the links in it) that I have merc-saturn-pluto natal stellium in the Via Combusta region of Libra. And yes, I will be experiencing my Saturn return there, oh, about now. How neat and exciting!

Anonymous said...

I used to partly live next door to Ms Palt'row and Chris in London, until a member of the family sold the house to her for megabucks. (the ' is to fool google searches).

They already owned the whacking great six-bedroom house next door, which they'd turned into a fortress with electonic gates and high walls to keep the common herd at bay; and they also own the house on the other side, which they'd already bought to house 'the staff'!

But they needed ANOTHER six-bedroom house, which they gutted, just as they'd gutted the first one - destroying the only two complete original Victorian interiors in the road in the process. Normally these four-storey houses are lived in by at least two families, or have been turned into four flats - but one of these huge houses wasn't big enough for Gwen, Chris and their babies.

They said they wanted the adjoining house so that 'nobody could overlook their garden'! £3 million, because you are so precious and special, other people can't be allowed to look down at you...

It makes me LIVID that these huge family houses are taken out of the housing stock by these spoiled jumped-up celebs. I'm amazed the Council - a Labour council at the time - permitted it. And we wonder why 'ordinary' people (like me!) can no longer afford to live in London...

Come the revolution...!!

Willow said...

EffOffIdiots, yeah, these astro energies will definitely involve some nefarious people pulling off some eroding and nasty deeds - as we're seeing. Things bubbling to the surface. Glad you got that situation sorted out. The internet is a quagmire for that kind of stuff. Ugh.

Anon, 9:32, yeah, "celebs" are really just too much to put up with on top of everything else on this planet, aren't they? Just so obscene and ridiculous. (Especially Gwynnie P. Everything that woman does or says is like sand in my underwear.)

"Come the revolution...!!"


Willow said...

Ah, yes. And my own little UK cyber stalker just left a comment saying that he was going to "make me hate him like no one I've hated before" if things pan out the way he wants them to.

Gotta love that Via Combusta, I tells ya.

NotADoucheBagusExtremisBritanias said...

your stalker sounds like the fat guy with the ass crack showing who gets kicked out of a restaurant and yells "you're gonna hear from my attorney!"

Willow said...

hahaha...yeah, if fat ass crack guy also flashed the waitress on the way out. Ick.

Alicia C said...

come the revolution.... though it will not be televised:

'The revolution will not be brought to you by the
Schaefer Award Theatre and will not star Natalie
Woods and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia.
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal.
The revolution will not get rid of the nubs.
The revolution will not make you look five pounds
thinner, because the revolution will not be televised, Brother" (IE will not be nicey-nice Libra)

Deb said...

I needed to come back and praise you for telling it like it is about Libra :). Seriously, I'm so over the "Libra wants to look pretty and be nice and idealize love all day" song. We're a lot, lot tougher and smarter and wiser than most would like to think...

Though maybe underestimating Libra works to our advantage? Hmmm...

Judge Judy = New Yorker, all Brooklyn. I heard she has five planets in Libra. Try and get one over her, I dare someone.

:) Deb

savia said...

Yet another reason to shut down my online dating profile for the next while...

Thanks for the wake up call, lady. Looks like it will be an interesting ride over the next while. But I'm a Scorp, so I know I can handle it.

Willow said...

You totally can.

But yeah, it's some tricky navigating right now. Tricky enough with just the people we currently have in our lives, let alone trying to add in new ones.

Should be more clear by December, I'm thinking.