Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Astro Round-Up

We have quite a few astrologically noteworthy things going on in the next little while. I've written longer posts on most of this, but here is the basic run-down:

September 14: Venus enters Libra tonight at 9:40 p.m. Central Daylight and heads into position within a stellium of Mercury-Sun-Venus-Saturn-Juno in Libra by September 25. Emerging as evening star, Venus becomes highly influential as the dispositor of all the bodies in Libra. We also experience a potent Libra New Moon September 27, which adds the Moon into the mix.

September 16: Pluto stations direct at 4 degrees Capricorn at 1:24 p.m.

September 17: Saturn enters new degrees of the zodiac at 17 Libra, officially releasing the retrograde cycle we've been chewing on since fall of 2010. By early November, Saturn has completed two-thirds of its transit through Libra with one retrograde (February to June 2012) left to go.

September 17/18: Juno in Libra conjuncts Saturn just as Saturn enters new territory.

September 18: Mars leaves Cancer and enters Leo at 8:51 p.m., finally moving out of energetic range of the Cardinal Grand Cross summer of 2011. This begins the discharge of the previous Mars retrograde cycle in Leo (which has lasted almost two years) ahead of the Mars in Virgo-flavoured cycle. Mars enters Virgo November 10 and kicks off a new Mars cycle with its retrograde in early 2012.

September 23: Autumn Equinox as the Sun enters Libra at 4:05 a.m.

September 25: Mercury enters Libra at 4:09 p.m.

September 27: potent New Moon in Libra exact at 6:09 a.m. with Mercury-Sun-Moon-Venus-Saturn-Juno all in the sign of the scales.

October 6-19: Venus moves through the degrees of its fall 2010 retrograde in Via Combusta Libra and Scorpio giving us a status report on how we're doing so far. We officially head to the Venus Transit and Venus retrograde in Gemini in May/June 2012.

Relationship cycles complete here as we're propelled into fresh territory and new partnerships. We're challenged to keep our balance, responsibly tending to the requirements of both as we move into position.


abluelily said...

having a venus ruled chart, with moon and asc in Libra, all i can say is YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow! I have been following your blog for two years now. What a wisdom here. (Feminin) discerning view, like we need, not the softy-rosy vision on the return of female intuition/power. Well, I have just one specific question in regards to what you mention in the September 18th paragraph: about this 2 year retrograde span of Mars in Leo. I don't quite get that. I'm not entirely devoid of astrological understanding, yet this one is a bit weird to grasp for my freshmanship in astrology. Do you mind briefly (re)explaining this Mars retrograde which is coming to a close. As my MC is there, I would really like to understand what has happened there with Mars ... Thank you, a lot. Your Belgian fanclub.

Willow said...

Hi, Anon 12:22;

Mars goes retrograde about every two years, and the sign it retrogrades in can be viewed as colouring the following two years as far as Mars-like activities (goals, will, personal exertion, self-direction etc.).

The previous Mars retrograde (Dec. 2009 - March 2010) was in the sign of Leo, so we've had that overlay going on.

We soon enter a Mars retrograde in Virgo (January to April 2012), which will shift the flavour from Leo to Virgo for the following two years.

As Mars crosses through Leo this September-November, it's a release of the previous retrograde period in preparation for the re-direction up ahead.

This is a post I wrote on it:

I'll write about it more once Mars moves into Virgo.

I hope that answers the question!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow. Yes thanks. I did not know it colors this area for two years, allthough I can see now why my MC has felt a warzone for THAT long :-/. Will be glad to have the 10th normalized in November...and to keep the Mars-span in the back of my mind during the process ... Good to know this.

Willow said...

Not all astrologers read it that way, but I do.


diastella said...

Hi, I have Mars conjunct Moon in Scorpio and I definately appreciate your following of the Mars cycle. Leo rising, so the past Mars in Leo has focussed me into my true and authentic vocation even travelling to a foreign country to study a course to re-educate and activate the very best of my talents. It is in the complementary health area and so I look forward to Virgo's refining the details albeit with some struggle and challenge along the way.
Thanks Willow, you rock!

Sherri said...

Aw yeah :) I got smacked down but I am such a Capricorn.

So to the universe I say:

Let's do this.

*grooves to "What the Water Gave Me"

misty mornin said...

Ditto, from another Cappy.
she takes a deep breath and dives.